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Sheee - Haven't you gone on a successful date? That's what you have to do now


If you also find yourself sitting and waiting for you to contact you on the app, it might be time to move forward and start producing your reality - tell us who you want to go with and get your sentence ...

Haven't you gone on a successful date? That's what you have to do now

If you find yourself sitting there waiting for you to reach out to you on the app, maybe it's time to move forward and start producing your reality - tell us who you want to go with, and get the best opening sentence to start a conversation with

Sheee system with OkCupid


Let's put it a second on the table: Women can totally (and should) start with men, and nowadays with apps and dating sites, it's even more accessible, and much less difficult than having to go to someone on the street. Now that we've put it on the table, how do you get started? What do they say? After all, if it was up to us, we would start the conversation from the middle, but it is impossible.

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Starting with "hi" or "what's going on" is the least good option, as there is no good way to advance the call from there. If you start a conversation like this, you are basically dropping off on the other side to take this "hi" and create an interesting and engaging topic from it. Not only is it difficult, but it is missed, because his response will draw conclusions about him and decide if he is fit for a date, when in fact this conversation is more likely to be a dead end because of how it began, and it's a shame.

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In some apps, it's a little less complicated because, for example, the Okay-Cupid algorithm matches you guys by matching the answer to the question, so there is an initial filtering from the app. If the match rate is high then there is probably something to talk about with the guy and just have to find the right topic. Instead of being lazy, it is better to start with a yeast sentence to discount, or let the person on the other side tell about themselves, because at the end of the day, that's what we want to hear. Because we're not in a job interview (although sometimes it totally feels that way), the important part is to find a cool, interesting and promotional opening sentence - one that lets the other person speak without being bored, and gives you information about the person without asking him banal questions like "So what are you doing in life? ? ".

How to choose the right sentence? It already depends on what your ultimate date is. Plan the perfect date, and we'll tell you which sentence you should start the conversation with in the app:

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