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Honorary Doctor of Laws cannot be awarded indiscriminately


He Junyao, a legislative council member who revoked his honorary doctorate in law from his alma mater, Anglia Ruskin University (ARU), was awarded an honorary scholarship by China University of Political Science and Law

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2019-12-12 11:54

Last updated: 2019-12-12 11:55

He Junyao, a legislative council member withdrawn his honorary doctorate of law degree by his alma mater Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) in the UK at the end of October, was recently awarded an honorary doctorate degree by the China University of Political Science and Law. He described it as "a return" justice". He Junyao ’s change in perception of the gain and loss of honor is a personal matter, and no one else can belittle it, but just as he rebuked his alma mater for revoking his honorary degree is politicized, this time the University of Political Science and Law is also difficult to get rid of political operations. From the perspective of public opinion in the Mainland, It seems to regard two things as "political hedging." As a cradle for training legal talents in China, the University of Political Science and Law is very unwise to deal with matters that should be treated solemnly and cautiously. It also conveys the wrong message of the solemnity of the law, which is inconsistent with the Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee on governing the country according to law The spirit of decision.

China University of Political Science and Law awarded He Junyao an honorary doctorate. (He Junyao facebook)

The University of Political Science and Law awarded He Junyao a degree, claiming that he has made outstanding contributions and achievements to the legal profession. As far as his professional field is concerned, He Junyao has been the chairman of the Law Society of Hong Kong. He does have a lot of weight, but whether it is enough to get this honor, the legal profession has its own opinions. As far as society is concerned, the evaluation of whether the recipient is worthy of the name will inevitably focus on whether he has exerted his professional status to promote public welfare, whether his conduct meets social moral requirements, and even becomes a model for the public. For universities, awarding honors is bound to bet their own reputation. After all, if the recipient's morals go wrong, it will be difficult for the school to get out of touch. Regardless of Chinese and foreign universities, there is no need to measure these criteria when assessing honorary doctorates. Awards and revocations must be prudent, and it should be avoided to get involved in political issues.

He Junyao is now a high-profile figure in Hong Kong society, and even beats Chief Executive Lin Zheng Yue'e to become the top person in this year's Google search list. However, the irony is that this "first" is not glorious, but because he, as a public political figure, has repeatedly made excessive or even morally inconsistent with social expectations, and has been criticized. It is for this reason that the honor awarded by the University of Political Science and Law is doubtful whether it deserves it. Even in terms of political judgment, this approach will not only fail to achieve the expected results, but will also be self-defeating. This will cause Hong Kong society to prejudice against the University of Political Science and Law and to the level of Chinese legal profession it symbolizes.

Objectively, He Junyao loses an honorary doctorate degree, which is closely related to his words and deeds in the anti-revision storm. Although he often condemns the violence of anti-revision demonstrators, he actually advocates violent confrontation and political struggle. On July 21, a large number of white-clad men chased anti-revision demonstrators and ordinary citizens at the MTR station, which caused an uproar in the society. However, he praised the attackers for "guarding the family" and declared that they would not "separate from them." He also issued radical remarks to "kill no pardon" to Hong Kong independence elements. In addition, he also made vulgar remarks in public and even in the Legislative Council Chamber of Commerce for many times, such as "eating foreign intestines" to describe marrying Mao Menjing, a British legislator, said homosexuality was bestiality. In addition to these vulgar words, they also involve strong discrimination against women and sexual minorities, which are not acceptable to rational citizens.

Mao Mengjing was dissatisfied with He Junyao's remarks. (Photo by Luo Junhao)

Degrees should not be reduced to political operations

All these made him the main target of anti-revision demonstrators. Eventually, Lord Alton of Liverpool, a member of the British House of Lords, wrote to ARU to put pressure on the school to successfully revoke the honorary law awarded to He Junyao in 2011. Ph.D. He Junyao was deeply concerned about this action triggered by political motives. However, aside from political disputes, ARU initially awarded honors. In addition to affirming He Junyao's legal work, he also acknowledged his efforts to serve as his alma mater. It's justified. He Junyao, as a public politician, has such an obvious lack of personal integrity. However, the University of Political Science and Law has abandoned me and awarded him an honorary degree, which is naturally difficult to convince.

Regardless of whether the University of Political Science and Law made any political considerations in its decision to confer an honorary degree this time, judging from He Junyao himself and even the opinions of the mainland public opinion, He Junyao's honour "is lost and recovered", and it can't be judged solely by professional judgment. When He Junyao withdrew his honorary degree from ARU, he rebuked that "Western academic standards have served politics as a whole" and "the foundations of academic freedom and freedom of speech that westerners are proud of have been destroyed." These allegations are not entirely unreasonable, but after receiving a re-honoured honor from the University of Political Science and Law, he claimed that "not only is affirmation of Jun Yao's legal work over the past 30 years, but also shows the country's support for Jun Yao, and also Jun Yao "A fairness" shows that he also thinks that the decision of the University of Political Science and Law also has political calculations.

Even the mainland official media commented that the incident was linked to politics. An article entitled "Hot Review" of "CCTV Network" entitled "Mr. He Junyao please accept the honorary doctorate awarded by China University of Political Science and Law!" He Junyao ’s award of an honorary degree is linked to his position in the face of “Hong Kong ’s chaos”, and it even seems to recognize the awarding of a degree as a political tool in protest of Britain ’s “small moves”. Comparing academic dignity with the turmoil of society, and even academic evaluation as a tool and means in social conflict, is the lowest custom insult to academics. Since Britain is doing "little moves", why do you follow others to do so?

China University of Political Science and Law awarded He Junyao an honorary doctorate. (He Junyao facebook)

The University of Political Science and Law is China's top university. Former Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council once called it "the nation's highest institution for cultivating legal talents." Therefore, the University of Political Science and Law must confer honorary degrees on the public and must be cautious. If the school wishes to recognize the Hong Kong citizens who uphold the "One Country" principle in a turbulent environment, it must also consider whether the model they want to establish is worthy of the name. If they are not trustworthy, it will be counterproductive. As a politician, He Junyao's performance is too extreme and rude, even more irrational and pragmatic. Even Hong Kong society continues to tear up accomplices. How can such a person match the honorary degree of the University of Political Science and Law.

He Junyao lost more than "honorary doctor of law"

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