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Contrary to the judge's statement: The British young woman will remain in Cyprus for Christmas too - Walla! news


The island court ruled that the 19-year-old, the defendant who fabricated the group rape, would not be able to return to her home at least until the end of the year. Both parties presented their arguments for the verdict, and in the team ...

Contrary to the judge's statement: The British young woman will remain in Cyprus for Christmas as well

The island court ruled that the 19-year-old, the defendant who fabricated the group rape, would not be able to return to her home at least until the end of the year. Both sides presented their arguments for the verdict, and the defense team expressed disappointment: "We are surprised, she spent more than a month in jail and about six months left the island."

Contrary to the judge's statement: The British young woman will remain in Cyprus for Christmas as well

In the Famagusta District Court in Paralimani, near the Cypriot resort town of Ayia Napa, the 19-year-old British young woman, accused of cheating the group rape last July, heard that she remained on the island for at least the end of the year. This, after the parties' summaries were heard before Judge Michalis Papathanasio and he announced that the verdict in her trial would be given only at a hearing which will be held on December 30.

The defense team was also surprised, since during a previous open hearing at the trial, the judge stated that the trial would end last weekend. The Daily Mail reporter Paul Thompson, who attended the courtroom, reported that when the young woman expressed her disapproval of her defense, Christmas would still have to be done in Cyprus - asking them to advance the crucial hearing. In response, the judge scolded her to "respect the court."

The young woman is accused of harassing the public for complaining that she was raped at a hotel where she was staying, by an Israeli boy with whom she had a "summer affair" and a gang of Israeli boys. The defense has submitted 32 summary pages, in which it argues why it should not be found guilty of the offense attributed to it.

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Stay in Cyprus. British young woman with mother outside court (Photo: Yoav Itiel)

The British young woman arrives in Cyprus with her mother on November 28, 2019 (Photo: Yoav Itiel, official website)

The main arguments are: the British young woman did not make a "false statement in relation to an imaginary offense" as required by the Criminal Code in Cyprus; Defense attorneys argue that the court should not attribute too much weight to its admission on July 27 because it confessed to the complaint, given the circumstances in which it was admitted; They say that in a video taken on the day of the incident, on July 17, the young woman is seen having sex with one of the Israelis while others are trying to enter the room and she tells them to leave and leave the room.

The defense also claimed that the DNA found in the condom, which is related to both the young woman and the Israelis, supports her version of what happened; They say the testimony of the doctor at the Pambus Napa Rox Hotel, which described the girl in turmoil when he examined her, and the fact that it was her friends' idea of ​​going to the doctor and calling the police - does not support the claim that her rape complaint was false.

Also, the defense claims there was a failure to defend the crime scene, which is exemplified by the fact that journalists were able to gain access to the room immediately after the incident and located a used condom that was not seized by Cypriot police; The police physician, Dr. Sophocleys Sophocleus, did not provide a medical history of the girl or the events covered by a pathologist's report, which did not ask her to remove the top of her clothing so that her full body could be photographed as needed, did not give the court details of Who did some testing and what they did, and didn't mention bruises in his report that were visible on the girl's body.

The defense also claimed that the testimony of the defense specialist, Dr. Marius Matsakis, was compelling and noted, among other things, that the young woman caused him alarm bells to ring and supported her statements that she had been raped; that the girl did not receive interpreters as required by Cypriot and European law; In the case, Adamus Demosthanus did not provide any evidence of what was happening in the hotel room, as he did not call the Israeli boys to give evidence and the only evidence before the court about what happened that night was the young woman's.

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"We were particularly surprised." Adv. Polk (Photo: Yoav Itiel)

Michael Polk, the lawyer for the British woman accused of making a false complaint about the group rape in Cyprus, has entered a hearing in her case in Larnaca Court. October 17, 2019 (Photo: Yoav Itiel)

The "Justice Abroad" team representing the young woman includes British lawyers Michael Pollack and Lewis Power, and Cypriot attorneys, Attorney Nicolette Harlambido, human rights expert, and Attorney Rizzi Packri from her office, criminal justice expert. Her oral argument when she reiterated: "There was rape."
But the prosecutor, in his own summaries, argued that the sexual assault was nothing but an "imaginary crime" that never happened. He reiterated the Cyprus police version that the young British had invented the charge because she "felt shame and humiliation" for being perpetuated in the group's mobile phone videos.

On behalf of the team, after the hearing, Polk believed the evidence in this case remained in favor of her version of what happened that night. He said, "The video of that night shows others trying to interfere with a sexual encounter with one man and the girl telling them to leave the room. The special pathologies the defense has summoned. " Polk expressed subdued optimism, adding: "It is still hoped that justice can be done in this case and that the evidence will be properly assessed and considered."

He admitted: "We were particularly surprised that it would take two and a half weeks for the court to give its verdict." "It means that the young woman should not leave Cyprus, and she will miss Christmas with her friends and family in the UK. Since reporting the rape, she has been in prison for more than a month and has been unable to leave Cyprus for six months."

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