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[12.15. Hong Kong and Kowloon strike] No protesters gathered on Canton Road


Some netizens launched today (15th) a "Heris CHRISTMAS SHOP" event in multi-regional shopping malls in Hong Kong, calling on citizens to visit multi-regional shopping malls at noon to enjoy lunch at the "Yellow Shop" and to "snap" on social media such as Facebook and Instagram ". Netizens also called on the "Window Shop" in 2 districts including Kowloon Bay Telford Plaza, Kwai Fong Metropolis Plaza, Sha Tin New City Plaza, Taikoo Shing, and Causeway Bay Times Square to see and not buy.

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Written by: Huang Yongyu, Yuan Yun, and Lao Minyi

2019-12-15 13:16

Last updated: 2019-12-15 17:37

Some netizens launched today (15th) a "Heris CHRISTMAS SHOP" event in multi-regional shopping malls in Hong Kong, calling on citizens to visit multi-regional shopping malls at noon to enjoy lunch at the "Yellow Shop" and to "snap" on social media such as Facebook and Instagram ". Netizens also called on the "Window Shop" in 2 districts including Kowloon Bay Telford Plaza, Kwai Fong Metropolis Plaza, Sha Tin New City Plaza, Taikoo Shing, and Causeway Bay Times Square to see and not buy.

Police officers intercepted men in black outside the new Sun Plaza in Tsim Sha Tsui. (Photo by Luo Junhao)

[17:23] Canton Road: Some netizens called for a meeting at the New Sun Plaza in Tsim Sha Tsui, but no one gathered. During the investigation, one or two men in black were intercepted by 10 police officers outside the door.

Demonstrations in Taikoo City went to McDonald's to protest. (Photo by Ou Jiale)

[17:12] Telford Plaza: The police subdued one person earlier. Demonstrators at the scene followed the police and asked to be released. When the police left the footbridge, they intercepted a grey-clad man and released him.

[17:04] Taikoo Shing: The demonstrators came to the entrance of Pacific Coffee again and shouted to the customers in the shop, "Stop eating Chinese food", "After eating this time, eat it again", "Next time you sit fast."

[16:58] Taikoo Shing: Demonstrators at the McDonald's gate urged not to patronize Chinese capital again, and called the slogan "Food in China without conscience."

[16:45] Telford Plaza: A man in a blue shirt was accused of attacking the demonstrator with a trash can cover. A large number of protesters followed the stairs and chased him on the second floor. The reporter visually saw that the man clenched a pen in his hand when he left.

Police uniformed one more at Telford Plaza. (Photo by Huang Yongyu)




Several uniformed police officers patrolled Canton Road. (Photo by Luo Junhao)

[16:55] Canton Road: Several military police officers have patrolled the area.

[16:43] Telford Plaza: The demonstrators went to Mingchuang, ripped open the original paper covering the name of the shop, and the shop was closed. The demonstrators then went to Sa Sa, accusing their boss of attending a police support meeting and spilling leaflets on the ground.

[16:43] Canton Road: No protesters have gathered yet. The reporter inspected outside the harbor city. The atmosphere was calm. Tourists were shopping as usual and lined up outside famous shops. No demonstrators had gathered for the time being.

Some netizens instructed demonstrators at the TG to move to a trade show to protest, and riot police investigated people in black outside the Victoria Park. (Photo by Liang Yingbao)




[16:39] Taikoo Shing: The demonstrators once again sang "May the glory return to Hong Kong". The atrium, the 4th and 5th floor platforms were full of people, and it was estimated that there were more than 100 people at the scene.

[16:28] Outside the exhibition: Mr. Mei, the man in black who was searched for the body, said that he had just searched in the Royal Castle and was searched by two men in black. He pointed out that until a reporter arrived, the two talents took out their credentials. He claimed that after searching for more than 10 minutes, no special items were found before releasing him.

[16:18] Outside the exhibition: A man was searched by the police outside Yu Weiyuan, shouting that he had just been searched in Times Square. It is unknown why the police searched again. Police cars were stationed at the scene.

[16:00] Some netizens sent a message on Telegram (TG) instructing the demonstrators to protest at Canton Road and Victoria Park Industrial Exhibition in Tsim Sha Tsui.




[16:02] Taikoo Shing: Demonstrators sit down in the atrium and start sharing.

[15:51] Taikoo Shing: After the protesters posted a "buy notice" on the street, Meixin Wangjiasha was closed, but there were still people in the restaurant to eat; Fantasia Restaurant was closed.

There are 8 riot guards facing Times Square and Lee Theatre. (Photo by Liang Yingbao)

[15:36] Telford Plaza: More than a hundred demonstrators kept walking around the venue. In addition to calling for boycotting Meixin restaurants, they also called on citizens to join unions and launch strikes.

[15:31] Times Square: There are eight riot guards outside the clock position. It is known that some of the demonstrators in Times Square turned to Sogo Department Store.

[15:30] Taikoo Shing: The demonstrators discussed for a while whether to "make fun of everyone," and finally decided to just slogan in and not post a notice.




[15:26] Taikoo Shing: Maxim's restaurant "Treats" was also posted a food flyer. Demonstrators called on citizens who dine at home to "snack good food and be optimistic."

[15:21] Taikoo Shing: Beijing Tower has also been posted by the protesters.

Demonstrators in Taikoo City posted a drinking leaflet in front of Starbucks. (Photo by Yuan Yan)

[15:15] Telford Plaza: A group of demonstrators asked the police to withdraw their troops. Earlier, the riot police released a pepper spray and a wired cable video camera "Zhongjiao".

[15:15] Taikoo Shing: Demonstrators posted a "Buy Notice" on Maxim's Simplylife, and there are still citizens dining in the store.

[15:00] Taikoo Shing: Demonstrators walk around the mall. They posted a "Buy Notice" at the entrance of Maxim's Starbucks coffee shop.


Police officers subdued at least 2 people on the platform of Telford Plaza. (Photo by Huang Yongyu)




[15:00] Taikoo Shing: Demonstrators walk around the mall while shouting slogans to express their demands, during which citizens continue to join. Taikoo Shing shopping mall security followed.

[14:56] Telford Plaza: At least two young men in black in riot police uniforms.

[14:53] Telford Plaza: Demonstrators sprayed on the wooden fence of Meixin Restaurant.




[14:45] Telford Plaza: Dozens of demonstrators walking around the venue, shouting slogans and raising five fingers, symbolizing the five major demands.

[14:43] Taikoo City: Demonstrators walked around the third floor of the mall. They raised their palms to represent the "five major demands". As they walked, they shouted, "Eating beauty and having no conscience" and "Five demands, one is indispensable."

[14:40] Times Square: Demonstrators wearing masks shouted slogans around multiple floors and waved flags during the period. No mall security was observed to stop them.

[14:37] Taikoo Shing: Demonstrators form a human chain.

Police cars parked outside Telford Plaza. (Photo by Huang Yongyu)

[14:27] Taikoo Shing: Crowds began to gather on the platforms on the 4th and 5th floors, while citizens still took photos in front of the Christmas lights in the atrium.

[14:25] Times Square: Dozens of demonstrators shouted slogans in the mall's atrium, during which there were still citizens and mall decorations taking pictures.

[14:24] Taikoo Shing: Some people started to gather. They shouted the slogans "Return to Hong Kong, Revolution of the Times" and "Dissolve the police force.

[14:20] Telford Plaza: About 20 demonstrators shouted slogans "Five demands, one is indispensable", "No thugs, only tyranny" in the mall, and sang "May the glory return to Hong Kong" pass through the public Join.

[14:00] Telford Plaza: There are four police cars parked near the minibus station.

The restaurants targeted by Maxim's Group, which were targeted earlier, are open as usual at Maxim's Palace, Genki Sushi and Starbucks in Telford Plaza. (Photo by Huang Yongyu)

[13:15] The targeted restaurants of Maxim's Group in Telford Plaza, such as Maxim's Palace, Genki Sushi, and Starbucks, are open as usual. The flow of people in the mall is as usual, and many people are taking photos with the Christmas decorations placed in the atrium. No crowds have been seen nearby.

[13:10] In Times Square, Causeway Bay, the shops are still open as usual, and many people stroll around the mall and take photos with Christmas decorations. There are also many people shopping outside the mall, and several security personnel are visiting. No police cars have been parked for the time being. Police officers outside Times Square are on alert.

[13:08] The scene of Taikoo City was calm, no crowds gathered, and there were security patrols in the mall from time to time.

[With you lunch] More than 100 people in Changsha Bay march and protesters sing anti-retro songs

[With You Lunch] More than 100 participants from Causeway Bay paraded to the venue of Victoria Park

[12.8 Parade] Long Tail is still stuck in Causeway Bay, the mobile phone lights stretch across Admiralty, Wan Chai, more than three hours after the start

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