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In Britain, it's called anti-Semitism, here's a legitimate propaganda campaign - Walla! Judaism


While anti-Semitic propaganda laws have been passed around the world, it is in Israel somehow still legitimate to erase entire publics under the guise of election propaganda

In Britain, it is called anti-Semitism, here it is a legitimate propaganda campaign

While anti-Semitic propaganda laws have been passed around the world, it is in Israel somehow still legitimate to erase entire publics under the guise of election propaganda

Lieberman, the official incitement (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Israel House in Knesset Dispersion Meeting (Photo: Reuven Castro)

What does Avigdor Lieberman want?

This question has been asked all the senior members of the political system in the past year.

The person with whom no one knows what his intentions have been this year has been able to move the political system from right to left and Netanyahu to Gantz, while hating hatred for all people - ultra-Orthodox, Arabs, Likudniks, blue-headed leaders and religious Zionism.

I tried to figure out this morning what made the man who was closest to the ultra-Orthodox, who shared the biggest political bargains until they were called in his previous term 'Shas eighth Knesset', to change that way. How did he change his skin so quickly? To the anti-Haredi in such an aggressive way that leaves even the torch far behind in the hate index?

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He has nothing to sell except hate

I have no other answer, except for the understanding that he has nothing to sell to the public in Israel. The man has been in the political system for 30 years with no significant achievement, no law that benefited his constituency - and the only fingerprint he left was in Lahav 433 interrogation rooms.

And when he has nothing to sell to the public, he has no choice but to seek a new victim and turn the fire on him. After exhausting the campaign against the Arabs ("no loyalty no citizenship", "death penalty for terrorists") - he points the fire towards the ultra-Orthodox. They are "anti-Zionist", "free eaters" and "the source of all the trouble in the country". Otuto will probably also require a declaration of loyalty or death penalty for opponents.

Lieberman will do everything to avoid looking back, not checking his actions and realizing that he is nothing more than a bloated fart who excels only in smashing passwords into the air.

The parasitic haredi (Photo: from the party's video)

Lieberman propaganda video (Photo: screenshot)

Why is what Corbyn is forbidden to Lieberman?

This morning, Israel released our anti-Semitic video in which it is reported that the Russians are financing a million ultra-Orthodox civilians who do not work, pay no taxes or serve in the army. I have no doubt that if such a video was released on Jews in Britain, it would have created a diplomatic crisis, condemnations would have arisen from across the political spectrum and the votes would have been called out to ban the party.

So why is what is not allowed in the UK here still legitimate? Why is the Israeli public indifferently accepting anti-Semitic and racist statements against ultra-Orthodox and Arabs, and why the leaders of the major parties do not declare: We will not sit in a coalition with those who dragged Israel for the third time for elections while inciting incitement?

This week, two global victories against anti-Semitism were recorded. The US president signed a presidential decree that turns Judaism into a nation to fight BDS anti-Semitism, and UNESCO stopped funding antisemitic carnival in Belgium that portrayed Jews as long-standing creatures sitting on sacks of money. The world realizes that words have meaning, and incitement has consequences. Anti-Semitic incitement has led to a wave of attacks against Jews across Europe and the US, and leaders see great importance in preventing incitement as a major axis to stop attacks.

A legacy of hate and anti-Semitism

We got used to not taking Lieberman's statements seriously, after all, he said he would eliminate Hania within 48 hours and then run to him with millions of suitcases. We thought Lieberman was not a word, but his anti-Semitic incitement certainly provoked violence. See how much violence is celebrated in the network against ultra-Orthodox and Arabs. In recent months many ultra-Orthodox have been attacked with anti-Semitic curses and statements on the street for no reason.

I hope this is the last campaign that Liberman will have an impact on. The only legacy he will leave to our country is the legacy of hatred and anti-Semitism.

My secular brothers, have raised an outcry against this violent incitement. Do not give in to the contamination of the discourse and the destruction of Israeli society. Lieberman must be outlawed, condemning Israeli politics in particular and public discourse in Israel in general.

Source: walla

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