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Pain and chronic illness: Ministry of Defense will examine the relationship between captivity and morbidity - Walla! news


The Defense Ministry's Rehabilitation Division currently handles about 300 IDF disabled persons recognized for incapacitating incapacitation and being held captive by the enemy. Currently, the Ministry of Medical Affairs advises a causal relationship ...

Pain and chronic illness: The Ministry of Defense will examine the relationship between captivity and morbidity

The Defense Ministry's Rehabilitation Department is currently treating some 300 IDF disabled people who have been recognized as having been incapacitated as a result of their enemy captivity. Currently, a mino medical panel advises examining the causal link between staying in captivity and sickness.

Pain and chronic illness: The Ministry of Defense will examine the relationship between captivity and morbidity

Photo: Knesset Channel, edited by Asaf Drury

(In video: Knesset emergency conference on drug basket)

The Ministry of Defense will examine the link between being held captive and serious illness - according to the ministry's statement. Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Defense in the Ministry of Defense, Brigadier General (Res.) Hezi Mishta, appointed a medical panel to examine the causal link between staying in enemy captivity and various illnesses, which came to fruition after being recognized as IDF disabled. The committee will submit its conclusions within a few months.

The Defense Ministry's Rehabilitation Division currently handles some 300 IDF disabled persons who have been recognized as having been incapacitated and incapacitated by the enemy. According to the law, Padui Shavei has been held for at least 14 days in enemy captivity. The captive, to the Director General of the Ministry of Defense, Maj. Gen. (res.) Udi Adam, the ministry decided to examine whether related illnesses that erupted over the years and also after a prolonged period, are actually related to the period of their captivity.

Prof. Avi Ouri, himself a Pseudo-Shavei from the Yom Kippur War, investigated the subject and implicated the rights granted to the prisoners of captivity around the world. "I was a prisoner myself in 1973 as a line doctor in the canal," he said. "I am a professor of rehabilitative medicine, and I am dealing with the long-term results of captive health in the 1990s. The conclusion of a long-term study I conducted with Zahava Solomon is that captivity causes both premature disease and premature death. We, together with a night association "We've been talking about this for many years, and we haven't been able to lead a move. The Ministry of Defense is constantly calling for the Knesset."

Israeli prisoners return to Israel after Yom Kippur War (Photo Archive: AP)

Israeli prisoners return from Egypt after Yom Kippur War (Photo: AP)

He said that in other Western countries, the recognition of the remedies of captives is more efficient and faster. "In the United States, every single person who comes with a certain list of mental and physical illnesses - known, period," noted my skin. "Other countries have been following it and selling morbidity automatically. Only in the country there is no. Unambiguously there is more cancer, hypertension, and no response."

However, as the association promoted through some of its members, the prisoners of captivity succeeded in leading to legislation on financial compensation and recognition of the mental illnesses of prisoners of captivity, but not physical injury. "Finally, now the head of the division has appointed the committee to discuss our findings," said my head. "This will give the prisoners of captivity a higher percentage of disability, pensions and treatments. Does anyone who has a prisoner in me do not belong to the fighters' beams?

The medical panel will be headed by Prof. Mordechai Shani, the Israel Prize laureate for donating to the health system and formerly the director of the Ministry of Health and the director of the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer. Alongside the committee, approximately 15 senior physicians in the State of Israel will serve in a wide range of fields. Causal link between stay in captivity and list of various diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, mental deficiencies, hypertension and diabetes The team will examine, inter alia, the causal relationship between the length of time between being in captivity and the time of illness, Captive conditions, genetic data and more.

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"Everyone had their problems"

"After returning us from the Yom Kippur War, from the captivity in Egypt, no one accepted us and examined us," shares city night general manager Yigal Kahkalani. "Put us under investigation to find out what we said and why we surrendered. Everybody had his problems, most reservists returned home, and the Cedars continued to serve in the army. When we were released, some people filed lawsuits against the Ministry of Defense because of their mental or physical condition, and there was a clear directive not to deal with them. "

According to Kochalani, every pedi in me suffered in his way - some who succeeded in returning to life, and some who collapsed. "In the mid-1990s, we began to organize and gather the people one by one. We realized that the plague that the prisoners kidnapped was tremendous. Almost 160 people who were defined as consumers, as people who could not work. In the late 1990s, the ministry recognized almost everyone as prisoners of captivity."

At the beginning of 2020, says Powerlaney, the life of Padui in me suffering from an illness is still difficult. "Everybody sells in a mental state. A lot doesn't work out in work, a lot doesn't work out in a family process, in sleep. There are shouts at night. Get up very tired in the morning, the body hurts most of the time you went to sleep with yourself. It's the mental state, without talking about the physical state anymore. People have blood pressure, diabetes, all types of cancer, they have pain in their hands and feet following captivity, people grit their teeth at night and break them. The list is endless. We've been dead for 47 years after this war, and sadly a large part of people have already died. It is ours to understand that they have taken captive diseases and that people will be treated accordingly. "

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