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Under the patronage of President Al-Assad .. a central celebration for the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Arab Writers Union .. Al-Attar: We want our literature to be patriotic, national, progressive and humane inculcating the noblest concepts


Damascus-Sana, under the patronage of President Bashar Al-Assad, was held at the Al-Assad National Library today


Under the patronage of President Bashar Al-Assad, the central celebration of the Arab Writers Union was held in the Al-Assad National Library today, on the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary.

Dr. Najah Al-Attar, Vice President of the Republic, delivered a speech in which she recalled a day when she asked her, the founding leader, Hafez al-Assad, and she was the Minister of Culture, to supervise the completion of building a headquarters for the Writers Union as quickly as possible so that it would be a place for the book to help them perform the message of the pen and provide the capabilities they need, and I spoke about her happiness that day that the president of the country Despite his concerns to build a cultural edifice for the book that helps them spread their creativity and have a home in which to meet and draw their goals represented by intellectual, creative and militant values, and they work diligently to achieve them to form a conviction, emotional, and conscientious commitment that restores to Damascus its intellectual center Radial and to Syria its scientific, literary and combative position.

The Vice-President of the Republic said: “I used to see and still believe that writers are the vanguard and should make a struggle with literature and endeavors to pave the way for the coming tide of enlightenment and rational intellectual renaissance, which is the cradle of everything that achieves the advancement and advancement and drawing the features of the optimal future, as well as sincere faith in the issues of their nation and the message they carry and the relentless pursuit of promotion The nation and nation concern and adherence to the crucial issues that we all must support with our consciences, our hearts and our minds.

Al-Attar added: “We want our literature to inculcate the noblest concepts and to be patriotic, national, progressive and humane always aspiring in its direction to achieve a qualitative shift that pushes society forward and the nation to more resilience in the face of dispersal and fragmentation and separation from its history and Arabism.”

The Vice-President of the Republic mentioned the role of poetry in our past and its response to the Sykes-Picot Agreement, as it set out from east to west and from the Gulf to the ocean and preserved generations through the stages of adversity inflicted by colonialism on our land, mentioning what the poets organized by Ahmed Shawky, Hafez Ibrahim, Badawi Al-Jabal, Bechara Al-Khoury, Suleiman Al-Issa and what he had Of great role in awakening feelings and challenging the forces of prostitution and aggression.

Dr. Al-Attar stressed that our people knew many invaders who came and went out because the land is our land and because the struggle and valor are among our traditions that we challenge every enemy that wants to occupy our land and set foot in our homeland in loyalty to our country and our martyrs and our nation and our dignity denounced the defense of the fighters of the Syrian Arab Army from their country and their courage and sacrifices and heroics The face of all aggression, stressing that these people believe that the struggle is the way to victory and that the brave response today to the Erdogan criminal invasion is the way of liberation and said: They have planted their feet on the fronts of the battlefield and said: Do not retreat or recoil, here death or victory.

The Vice President of the Republic went to the heroes of our knowledgeable army that the people are behind you while he refuses to surrender no matter how long the struggle lasts until the homeland is liberated from the hostile Turkish Ottomans as it was liberated from the criminal terrorism that they planted on our land an Ottoman dagger with a black handle with bloodstained hands and sedition on the name of religion funded by The enemies and some of our Arab citizens are under the illusion that they will destroy the homeland with their frenzied attacks and sow discord among its sons.

Dr. Al-Attar stressed that, despite all the conspiracies, slanders, the aggression of aggression, the types of financing, armament, intimidation, and treachery, the unity of the people of Syria is a strong and strong national unity, as well as the resolve of our army and our people based on rock and stubborn struggle, whatever they call them from abroad and inside.

Dr. Al-Attar stressed that the world knows today that Syria has prevented it from being weakened by an enemy and dearer than the intrigues of the American, Israeli or terrorist threats or the attempts of the criminal ruling agent on the outskirts of our borders in the north, "Erdogan", with his thought which carries a shabby Ottoman heritage that liberated us from his crimes for a long time. Far, and we will not allow him, whatever he committed and his terrorists whom he recruited to be his weapon in killing, slaughtering, looting and pillaging, to storm our borders and be part of the aggressive arsenal on our land.

Dr. Al-Attar added that President Al-Assad was stronger than theirs and was aware while leading our battles with terrorism and various forms of strife and conspiracies, the last of which is the sinful Erdogan aggression that we still have to make more sacrifices and to face more difficulties, Syria will not surrender and its brave army will not give in at any cost.

The Vice President of the Republic addressed the book by saying, “It is your enlightening words that give the right vision to the people, and it gives your literature the life-giving sap that brings back souls with its flamboyant flame that should never be extinguished and that your faces remain bright and dignified, that do not accept falsehood and that your heart remains full of faith, goodness and love Fraternal brotherhood and your struggle to collect, not to differentiate, and these features are all the title of our people since it was found. ”

Dr. Al-Attar greeted and thanked President al-Assad in her name and on behalf of the participants in the celebration, appreciating his principled principles, his unique valor, his confident faith in his people and his army, and his keenness to make our position and in the darkest conditions the courageous and steadfast stance, and to strengthen our attachment to our issues and strengthen our affiliation to our homeland, our Arabism, our nation and our Palestine.

And she continued: President al-Assad held the struggle Meshaal a leadership and a step forward, as well as Meshaal thought enlightenment and creativity and care for culture and intellectuals with a certain hand, stressing that his sponsorship today for the celebration of the book’s fiftieth anniversary, witness to this.

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