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MK Ayelet Shaked: "For the first time I am ashamed of being a politician" | Israel Today



MK Ayelet Shaked is not frustrated by being an outstanding MK after serving as Justice Minister • On Netanyahu: "Believes he can form a government despite indictments" • And who is to blame for the additional elections? "The responsibility of blue and white"

  • "I could be Sarah, I preferred that Bennett get the security file" // Photo: Joshua Yosef

For two years in a row, (2018 and 2019) MK Ayelet Shaked was ranked first on the list of influential women in Israel. During her four years as Minister of Justice, she has made significant changes in the legal system, and unlike current Minister of Justice, Amir Ohana, has not conducted public battles with the USSR. To the government and the attorney general, but had a good relationship with them. "We knew how to respect each other," she says.

Do you agree with Minister Ohana's criticism of the fact that a prosecutor's office is set up within the prosecutor's office that leads a biased agenda?

"I do not want to comment on the statements of Minister Ohana who replaced me as Minister of Justice, but on the subject of the prosecution, I can say that when I took up my position as a Justice Minister there was a strike by the Attorney General Hila Gerstel's individual criticism of the Prosecutor's Office and the Attorney General. , And he issued an opinion stating that there should be individual criticism, so we came up with legislation on this issue. It is important to know that there is individual criticism of attorneys headed by Commissioner David Rosen. "

You recently argued that the judicial system was overstating the state in the affairs of the government and the powers of the transitional ministers, what did you mean?

"The judicial system has impeded the transitional government. Once transitional governments would approve appointments, pass budgets and function as government for anything as stipulated by law. Today, a legal adviser wants to pin every decision made by a minister in a transitional government, which is unacceptable. A government is a government and its role to govern. As half the pregnancy cannot be a half government, why not let it work? The law does not refer to a transitional government at all, and therefore the law should not be interpreted that does not exist. One of the absurd things is that Dorit Beinisch was appointed a judge in the Supreme Court at the time To select judges while serving as a transitional government. In contrast, when Daniel Friedman, while he was Minister of Justice, wanted to convene the Judiciary Committee in a transitional government, she did not allow it. Today, the Judiciary Committee does not convene in a transitional government. "

If Netanyahu wins the next election, will he be able to form a government despite three indictments filed against him?

"Because the legislature has ruled that a prime minister can serve under indictment and conduct his trial, the court has no authority to interpret the law otherwise. The legislature has not ruled that an MK with an indictment cannot accept the mandate to form a government. To prevent Netanyahu from forming a government after the election, far-reaching legal loopholes must be created and this is a danger to democracy. The public, he will choose on March 2 who he wants to lead the people, and not the judges".

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Who is to blame for being in a third election campaign?

"The blame is for blue-and-white. I don't understand why they didn't accept the outline of the president's policies. There was no disputed issue. Blue and white were already ready to sit in one government with the entire right-wing bloc, they had a principled problem to serve under their head A government with an indictment, but the barricade clause solved this problem. "

Have you taken part in any efforts to prevent the election?

"I tried to do as little as I could to prevent elections. I sat down for a few talks with Avigdor Lieberman and Benny Gantz, to try to convince them that Netanyahu would uphold the agreement, and there is no chance in the world that he will not, because of the guarantees he and all the bloc factions gave them."

How does the existence of three electoral systems in less than a year affect the public's attitude to the political system?

"This is terrible. This is the first time I am ashamed of being a politician. It is a violation of the political system in the public. Because the legal system has paralyzed the transition governments, there is now a serious injury to people. The health system has been damaged due to lack of budgets, the third sector has been hurt, and as a result A lot of nonprofits don't get their budgets. "

A poll published on the Kippah website stated that if primaries were held for a united Zionist religious party, MK Shaked won first place with 84% support, before Bennett, Smutrich and Rabbi Peretz. Asked if she supported the establishment of a united religious party, she replied that "we should see What is more appropriate to do, is to go in one religious list, as we did in the right frame, or go in two separate lists to increase the lump. I definitely tend to support the idea of ​​one big list, and in the coming days we will have to decide on that. "

Do you support the proposal that the government annex the Jordan Valley? The transition government has such authority, and don't you fear that such a move will cause a crisis in diplomatic relations with Jordan?

"The transitional government has such authority because the Barak and Olmert governments also negotiated the territories of Israel and the division of Jerusalem. As for the fear that such a move would affect relations with Jordan, I would like to mention that when Menachem Begin was prime minister and he wanted to apply Israeli law on the Golan Heights, he was threatened that there would be war with Syria. Recently, when Naftali Bennett approved the establishment of a Jewish neighborhood in Hebron, he was threatened that there would be war with the Palestinians. Threatening every time. If there is support from the US government to apply Israeli law to the Jordan Valley, this should be done. "

The transition from a law minister to a regular MK is not frustrating?

"Political life is like a wheel. Everyone in political life needs to know that it's a marathon run. There are times that are better and there are less good times. I could now sing after Netanyahu offered us two files or we would get the security file. Security, because it seems more important to me. Even after I was a very influential justice minister, the urine must not rise to the top, and it is possible to return to MK's work in the Knesset, because any parliamentary work is serious and important. "

Are you worried that the right could lose power in the upcoming elections?

"I am very worried about the future of right-wing rule. We are in a very difficult election campaign. We will do everything to keep the right in power."

MK Ayelet Shaked: 'Court has no authority to interpret the law differently' // Photo: Oren Ben Hakun

MK Shaked sums up his time as Minister of Justice: "The leaks must be fought by the prosecutor's office and the police"

During her four years as a justice minister, Ayelet Shaked won many achievements. When asked what her greatest achievement was, she replies that "one of the greatest achievements was in the appointment of judges. It was very important to me to influence the identity of the judges. In my time as chairman of the Ministerial Legislative Committee, there were 334 judges out of 750 judges in all cases. During my time, six out of the 15 Supreme Court judges were appointed. It was very important to appoint national and conservative judges, which was a highlight of my activities. "

The Justice Minister claims there are leaks from the prosecutor's office. Did you experience this phenomenon?

"There are a lot of leaks, especially from defense attorneys, after the interrogation materials are sent to them. But there are leaks from the State Prosecutor's Office and the police as well, which is something that needs to be fought against. It's not a new thing. There have always been leaks, and in the past there were more than today. Warfare, they can do it. "

How did you, contrary to the position of senior officials in the legal system, locate and approve appointments of jurists with national and conservative views?

"Every judge comes to terms with his worldview, and it is impossible to ignore the fact that every person has a worldview, and so it ultimately affects the sentence."

Did the settlement settlement in Judea and Samaria come to your mind?

"Absolutely. When I arrived at the Justice Department, I took this issue into my own hands, and we developed legal tools with the help of the Judiciary, to settle the settlement. In addition, we changed all the state's answers to the High Court regarding the settlement arrangement, because earlier the state used to notify the High Court that it intended to evacuate a settlement because it sits on problematic land. I changed the practice, and the state representative informed the High Court that they did not refer the settlement but found solutions. Also during my time, a taboo reform was done on land registration process, after my arrival at the Justice Ministry, the taboo process had been going on for three months. As a result, we saved NIS 600 million and thousands of hours of work. "

What programs have you failed to promote?

"I have not been able to put the intensification clause (stating that the High Court cannot pass a Knesset's law but only in an expanded composition; GA) into the Basic Law. I think all the tension between the authorities could have dissipated if we were able to pass the Basic Law. In the previous term, but unfortunately, the faction of us all did not allow me to promote it. "

The Knesset section will resume in March 2020

Source: israelhayom

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