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The situation on Monday: climatic disillusionment


Today we are dealing with the question of why there is a problem with climate protection everywhere. It is also about a summit at the Chancellery on immigration and the question of how fragile the black-red-green alliance in Saxony-Anhalt is. Concerns first It was ...

Today we are dealing with the question of why there is a problem with climate protection everywhere. It is also about a summit at the Chancellery on immigration and the question of how fragile the black-red-green alliance in Saxony-Anhalt is.

Concerns first

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It was not a good week for climate protection. Despite a record length, the Madrid climate conference ended with a minimal compromise. Even the 26,000 participants from almost 200 countries were unable to agree on a redesign of the market for emission certificates.

All of the announced hope now rests at the Glasgow summit next year, raising the question of why you shouldn't get your hair out in one year on the same issues.

The implementation of the climate package in Germany is also stuttering, the Federal Council initially did not agree, and some countries had concerns. The Conciliation Committee is now dealing with the subject, and the meeting is scheduled for Wednesday.

The lesson from it? Democracy is sluggish and laborious (climate package), a concerted fight against climate change on a global level is currently not possible (climate conference).

So the focus is on one level below: The new EU Commission boss Ursula von der Leyen started with an ambitious "Green Deal" . The hope of the disappointed now weighs on her, on Europe. If she does not want to disappoint this hope, von der Leyen has to show very quickly that she masters more than resolute words.

  • Von der Leyens Klimaplan: The resistance against her "Green Deal" is considerable

Indians instead of children

Arne Immanuel Bänsch / DPA

Almost 20 years ago, the older ones may remember, a certain Jürgen Rüttgers introduced himself to a sophisticated rhyme. "Children instead of Indians" was the slogan of his postcard campaign in the North Rhine-Westphalian state election campaign in 2000. It was directed against the plans of the red-green federal government to issue a "GreenCard" in order to attract urgently sought-after IT specialists to Germany. According to the prevailing opinion of his three-word program, Rüttgers preferred to encourage local children so that they would become small Bill Gates clones.

Rüttger's campaign ended as a flop, but so did the "GreenCard" project. Just 13,000 work permits were issued between 2000 and 2004. After all, it was the tentative attempt to actually make Germany an immigration country, while the conservative circles still struggled with this term.

When the Chancellor invites ministers from her cabinet, trade unions, employers' organizations and other experts to the summit on the immigration of skilled workers at 5 p.m. today, the motto is: "Indians instead of children".

Again, the question is how to attract skilled workers to Germany to alleviate the shortage here, India is again on the list of countries in question (alongside Vietnam, Brazil and others), again it is the demographic reality in Germany that makes such a step necessary.

The difference to that time is that this time even the CDU seems convinced of the lack of alternatives to the so-called immigration law. The summit is no longer about the basics, but about the details of the implementation and the question of how the procedure can run as unbureaucratically as possible.

So there is only one party that denies that Germany is an immigration country : the AfD. However, she still doesn't seem to have found a catchy slogan for her anti-campaign.

Critics have doubts that the planned skilled workers immigration law will help in its current form.

  • Immigration of skilled workers: law without effect

Kenya wiggles


The SPD in Saxony wants to announce the result of its member survey today at 4.15 p.m. A broad agreement for a government alliance with the CDU and the Greens is expected.

How fragile this so-called Kenya coalition can be, however, can be seen by the comrades in the neighboring country, where black, red and green have ruled since 2016 and have already had one or two relationship crises behind them. The alliance in Magdeburg is just about to end again because the CDU wants to hold onto a district politician, even though its neo-Nazi past has just become known.

This in turn outraged the coalition partners of the SPD and the Greens. The latter alluded to a relevant tattoo by the politician when they asked publicly: "How many swastikas have space in the CDU?" As a result, the CDU was outraged and asked the Greens for an apology that they did not want to give.

Saxony should prepare well for what is to come.

  • CDU man with a far-right past: Saxony-Anhalt's fall from sin

The winner of the day ...


... is the ex-party leader of the SPD. Two of these not so rare specimens appear publicly today. The ex-chairman's privilege is that he no longer has to deal with the everyday issues of his party. No age-old debate about the meaning and purpose of the black zero, no sanctions in the matter of Hartz IV. For this, nice, cosmopolitan, academic, like chancellor.

Sigmar Gabriel is expected at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt am Main at 6 p.m. to speak about the German-American relationship in times of Trump.

At 7:00 p.m. Martin Schulz will speak at the University of Bayreuth on the question "What is peace worth to us? Germany and Europe in a difficult time".

There is no known topic with which Andrea Nahles could soon herald her entrance into the ranks of world explorers.

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