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Now is the time for equality in politics


Hagit Farr

Germany, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Nepal, Taiwan. These are just some of the examples of countries where a woman heads the system. Just this month we got to know Sana Marin, the new Finnish prime minister, 34 in all. But in most of the world, the path to gender equality is still long, easy and material in politics. The percentage of eligible women in OECD countries is 28, and in Israel the situation is even worse. Only three women are present in the Israeli government, only 14 percent of all ministers. The situation in the 22nd Knesset, which has just been disbanded, is also not encouraging: 28 Knesset members in total; Less than a quarter.

In Israel by the end of the decade, women are mostly used as a fig leaf for the lists. Only one woman serves as a party leader, and there are still parties whose rules prohibit women from dealing. We recently heard that one of the lists was a good idea to consider adding another woman to the top ten, as this is a tribute to the Israel Prize. It mocked Rash, and the public message that must be sent to the leaders of all the parties was - move forward.

In a world where women are about half the population, there is no conceivable excuse that their relative weight in national leadership is not directly proportional to their proportion in the population. The various parties now have a third successive opportunity to change something about the dismal statistics, and the good news is that we, the citizens, too, have an impact on the emerging reality.

When we put a ballot in the ballot box - we also have to think about the company we want to see here. Women, and not only them, must go out to vote en masse and reward lists that combine women not as decoration but as part of their being. If none exist - we must demand it. The vicious circle in which the decision-making processes of our destiny must be prevented from being represented by half the population must be shattered. This is not just one gender struggle; Women and men alike should be included.

Women need to take decisions in all areas, but the female leadership angle is particularly relevant to issues that require urgent response, from the daycare industry that is in collapse, through domestic violence to gender pay gaps. Only a female force can put these issues on the national agenda, alongside the political-security issues, which also have a critical female voice.

Not too late for a change: Political negotiations and negotiations begin in practice even before the elections. We must all demand that the party leaders - put in the coalition agreements a commitment to integrate women in all areas of action. Wave the struggle flag for gender equality as part of the many flags you raise. It is time for you to talk not only about rotation with one another, but also about "rotation" between men and women in Israel and creating a more equitable system.

Hagit Farr is the chairman of Na'amat

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Source: israelhayom

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