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The decade when the anti-Semitic demon came out of the bottle | Israel today


Anti-Semitism has become a real threat to Jewish life • In the past decade, the number of murderers has been the highest since the 1990s • Interpretation around the world

Anti-Semitism has become a real threat to the life of Jewish communities • In the last decade, the number of Jews killed because of their religion is the highest since the 1990s • Interpretation

  • Anti-Semitism raises its head // Photo: Islands times

Since the establishment of the State of Israel, quite a few Jews around the world have used to say that the Jewish state - which was supposed to provide asylum and security - has become the most dangerous place for Jews. While Israelis are dealing with wars and terrorism, the Jews of the world, especially the Western world, have enjoyed relative security, except for bursts of terror here and there.

The second decade of the 21st century, now coming to an end, has changed this worldview from end to end: Anti-Semitism - in all its forms, from the extreme right to the extreme left, has become a real threat to the lives of Jewish communities, especially in countries considered as peaceful and secure as the United States, France, the United Kingdom and Scandinavian countries.

Stabbing event against ultra-Orthodox Jews in Monsey Township, New York // Photo: From Twitter

The outbreak of Jewish hatred has been re-assassinated: at the Toulouse Jewish School (2012), the Jewish Museum in Brussels (2014), the Hyper Kosher in Paris and Copenhagen (2015), the brutal murder of Paris by Sarah Halimi (2017) and Holocaust survivor Miri Knoll (2018), in the deadly attack on Pittsburgh's "Tree of Life" synagogue (2018) and the kosher New Jersey supermarket just weeks ago.

All this could have overshadowed the terror attack on this German synagogue on Yom Kippur, which failed. And yet, in the last decade, the number of Jews murdered worldwide just because of their religion was the highest since the 1990s, when Iran's terrorist arms killed dozens of Jews in Buenos Aires.

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Anti-Semitism struck Jews with forceps on both sides of the Atlantic, where the largest Jewish populations live outside the State of Israel. In Europe, radical Islam's anti-Semitism has become the main physical threat to Jewish communities: "alumni" and al-Qaeda and ISIS followers, domestic terrorists and immigrants or refugees, backed by the far-left Allies and the continuity of "right-wing" anti-Semitism Knesset and cemeteries, spraying swastikas and Nazis on shops, schools and private homes, parades and demonstrations, beatings, curses and spit.

For the first time since World War II, a European politician clearly accused of anti-Semitism, British Labor chief Jeremy Corbyn, has campaigned for the leadership of his country. In recent years, the United States has become the extreme right-wing, racist, neo-Nazi right to the main physical threat on the side of the rise and spread of conceptual anti-Semitism by progressive Islamists and leftists.

"Stop anti-Semitism" in Jerusalem // Photo: Oren Ben Hakon

The tendency of the authorities in these places to ignore the rise of anti-Semitism on various issues or to provide him with unfounded explanations and justifications ("the Arab-Israeli conflict") has created a feeling among certain groups that the blood of Jews is again allowed. A horrifying example of this official slack is the outrageous conduct of the justice system against Sarah Halimi's murderer.

At the same time, the strengthening of nationalist currents in the face of the waves of immigrants and refugees and the transformation of globalization and digitalisation returns to the public discourse antisemitic views on the alienity of Jews and their imagined control of politics, finance, media and culture. The "yellow vests" protest in France well illustrated the anti-Semitic conceptual closeness between the extreme left, the extreme right, and the extreme Islam - a closeness to social strata as well.

Following the shooting attack in the synagogue in the city of Ela in East Germany // Photo: Eil. times. Islands

A decade after the EU refused to officially adopt a definition of anti-Semitism, which included a reference to anti-Israel anti-Semitism, fearing the possible consequences of such a move on Arab and Muslim immigrant public, the definition of anti-Semitic rampage in 2016 was approved by 31 Holocaust Remembrance Association members (IHRA) , Most of which are European countries.

The decision was then adopted by 17 countries, including the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and France. The European Parliament passed a resolution calling on all EU members to recognize the definition. The Houses of Parliament in Germany and France and many states in the United States took another step when making decisions against the boycott movement against Israel, which is defined as anti-Semitic. The UK is due to join soon.

However, between adoption of the definition and its implementation in the field through education, law and justice systems - the road is very long. In too many countries, fear of the authorities' response, whether indifferent or sympathetic to the attackers, prevents victims from reporting attacks and anti-Semitic incidents.

Los Angeles synagogue // Photo: ZAKA spokeswoman

In light of this black picture, which is not going to become clear in the next decade, we should note a refreshing positive development: It is precisely in the Arab world, following the "Arab Spring" revolution, that certain interest in Judaism began in some countries and in some communities.

Jews and Judaism are no longer prohibited and assigned taboo subjects. From discussions, books and films about the fate and deportation of Arab Jews, moving to the renewal of synagogues in Cairo, Alexandria and Beirut, to the opening of synagogues in the Gulf states, presenting Jewish items in the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi and launching greetings from senior Jewish holiday officials in the social networks here Underestimate its importance.

It is hoped that it will intensify with the rapprochement between Israel and the Arab countries and will also affect the Arab immigrant communities in Europe and the rest of the world in a way that will allow them to be freed from the grip of religious and nationalist extremists.

Source: israelhayom

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