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After getting off the car and getting on the car, the 50-year-old homeowner dreamed of realizing that "there is enough capital to enter the dice"


Recently, the government relaxed mortgage insurance, slightly loosening the "hot tricks" in the property market. Recalling that in 2010, the Hong Kong government first launched a "recruitment" campaign to suppress property prices in 2010, but the upward trend in property prices has not stopped. Therefore, it launched a series of rounds with the HKMA.

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Written by: Xu Shihao

2019-12-31 08:00

Last updated: 2019-12-31 08:00

It is not easy to get in or out of Hong Kong due to the size of the golden ruler in Hong Kong. If you make a mistake, you may not hate it. The owner of this story, Mr. Huang, chose to "get off the car" in the early years, and the landlord changed the tenant, in exchange for the bleak property prices, and the rest is history.

Embracing the typical "don't want to help people to pay for the house" mentality, he finally spent more than 6.88 million yuan two years ago to purchase the Tseung Kwan O Sunrise Condominium Jinhai, a low-floor "platformed house" with two rooms on the platform. The unit recently closed, Huang Sheng real estate dream regained, once dropped off the car and got on the car, the property price has skyrocketed; 50-year-old re-supply, one-click and two-click loans totaled about 5 goals. What's his opinion on this?

Huang Sheng purchased a 458-square-foot two-bedroom apartment in Jinhai, Tseung Kwan O for more than 6.88 million two years ago, with a 181-square-foot low-rise "special home" with a platform. (Profile picture)

Huang Sheng's first property was a village house with a roof top floor. The market price was only more than 2 million yuan. However, after living for four or five years, due to the needs of the elderly, he finally chose to sell the house and moved to the large estate in Lam Tin. Laguna City, the owner changed to a tenant, "Selling three million yuan, I have to make too much money, but also have to pay off a mortgage loan. After renting a house, I have plans to buy it. The price is good. Panyu first (property prices fall), and I find that all the others are down. "

Voice of renting a building: the floors are never theirs

During this period, Huang Sheng had thought about investing in parking spaces, but because of "disgusting trouble", "If Laguna City buys parking spaces, it will make 60,700,000, and it will rise to a few million in the end. Live (buy) an apartment! If you buy a parking space and lock up your old money, you have to do another round, so you enter the city. "

Later, the family moved to Tseung Kwan O. They met a good owner. A 700-square-foot unit was rented for more than five years. The rent was only increased from 16,000 yuan to 17,000 yuan. For him, renting a house is equivalent to "helping people to pay for their flats." "It's a good reality. I have to force people to relocate and increase rents, but it starts with helping people pay for their flats."

Huang Sheng said frankly that with the wife's two people earning more than 60,000 yuan a month, "mortgage supply" is not a problem, but the first period is insufficient. (Photo by Li Zetong)

Couple earns more than 60,000 monthly but owes the first installment

He worked in a non-profit organization as a manager, and his wife and his wife made a total of more than 60,000 yuan. The "mortgage supply" is actually not a problem, but the ones that troubled Huang Sheng and the "shellless snails" were the first to the last. Issues: Rising property prices and the introduction of multiple rounds of counter-cyclical measures by the government and the HKMA. Units with property prices below 6 million yuan can only borrow up to 80% of the first period, and must pass the "plus 3%" pressure test. Increase the first phase of prospective buyers.

"In fact, I always wanted to buy some, but when I really wanted to buy, the mortgage (restriction) has been narrowed. In the early years, there was no hot trick in selling flats, but after that, you narrowed down unless you buy 4 million downstairs. , Or 60 million yuan downstairs can achieve 80%, but the urban buildings are so difficult to reach (large units), (family of five) it is difficult to live in a super-fine unit. "

Huang Sheng continued, if it is "a doctor, a lawyer or an international investment bank working for a few years, it should be stored in the first period, but a group of non-professionals may not get it."

The HKMA has launched several rounds of tightening measures such as mortgage lending to restore property prices to stability. (Profile picture)

Don't worry about mortgage supply: engage in sales

By 2017, plus the second mortgage provided by the developer, Huang Sheng finally successfully paid the first installment of the car, with a property price of 6.88 million yuan, and a one- and two-month loan totaling about 5.1 million yuan.

After signing the relevant sale and purchase agreement, the application 2 was almost "on the move" on time. Huang Sheng himself thought that he could borrow about 1.4 million yuan, but in the end it was still 400,000 yuan. But the second press was 15 years old. I do n’t know how old it is. I ’m 50 years old, but I go to another 30 years. I do n’t know anything. (At the time) I asked the bank staff if I had n’t heard anything. ” After considering other methods in the market, including other companies' insurance plans, I finally decided to ask my family to borrow money to solve the problem. "Other insurance systems have two mortgages, but my company is famous, I have n’t heard of it, and I need to add more than 300,000. The premiums and the number are all so many, so ask the housing company's helper. "

Facing government policies that made him unable to buy a home for a time, Huang Sheng felt helpless, but he also understood, "Tightening the mortgage system will shut out people with a lot of capital, but it will make a lot of capital itself and continue to play. The threshold for people is high, but you can only cross the threshold with a lot of money. It is like a rich man. If you have the capital, you can enter the dice before you enter the market ... And you can complain. There are always people who are rich. "

However, the current "entry into the market" only requires one click to pay back to the age of 80. The reporter asked what to do after retirement? He said with a smile that the problem was "too troublesome", "to engage in selling mistresses and move to remote or small (units)."

SHKP Jinhai special household platform has "surprise" Ming brother dismantling: a factor caused the glass to collapse

Relaxation of 6 to 10 million second-hand private property transactions

Tseung Kwan O Royal View Bay's two-bedroom listings have been reduced by 9% at the end of more than a year and won 9.55 million

Tseung Kwan O Home Ownership Jing Ming Court high-rise 645 ft unit sold in the second market price 4.36 million

Hong Kong people "love bricks" and feel that investment properties are "stable", and many people have succeeded in "buying and buying wealth." (Profile picture)

"I want to rise when I buy"

The process of "getting on the bus" is always twists and turns, and people who often hear "on the shore" persuaded young people to say, "Don't worry about working hard, and take a hard job to buy a house." However, at the age of 50, in his age, he should have been a "shore" group. Now he has only begun a "mortgage" career. He laughed and said that he should decide sooner. The time machine returned to Panyu years ago, and it was washed, and borrowed money and raised funds before entering the market! "

This mentality may be one of the reasons for rising property prices year after year. Hong Kong people "love bricks" and feel that investment properties are "stable." Hong Kong, as a city with open capital, can buy goods, and the speed of building up cannot keep up with buying. Even in recent years, the Sino-US trade war and anti-repair regulations Demonstrations triggered by economic growth have only slightly increased property prices. "Compared to shares, the property market has traces. If you have excess money, you will buy multiple layers of value preservation. Everyone does it. Everyone joins. (Property prices ) Push up again. "

Even Huang Sheng himself seems to have such an idea, and told reporters with a smile, "When you buy a house, you want the property price to fall; when you buy a house, you want to rise, at least go to press."

New market conditions

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