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Pressure, allegations about polygraph and police frustration: Commissioner appointment continues - Walla! News


Close associates of retired nonprofit Yoram Halevi are working to torpedo the process. In addition, senior law enforcement officials say that Minister Regev is pressuring Arden not to appoint ...

Pressures, allegations about the polygraph and police frustration: The commissioner's appointment saga continues

Close associates of retired nonprofit Yoram Halevi are working to torpedo the process. In addition, senior law enforcement officials say Minister Regev is pressuring Arden not to appoint a permanent commissioner at all.

Pressures, allegations about the polygraph and police frustration: The commissioner's appointment saga continues

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A permanent chief of staff's appointment to the police continues. After the Advisory Committee on Senior Position Appointments, Minister of Internal Security Gilad Arden announced that she does not intend to discuss the three candidates he has nominated for the job, but only one candidate to choose from, additional pressures are being put on the process by various officials.

Senior law enforcement officials say culture minister Miri Regev is pressuring Arden's associates in recent days not to appoint a permanent commissioner at all at this time. Regev even commented on the matter a few days ago in the media, saying that she believes the appointment of a commissioner in the transition government "is a big mistake "And that she hopes Arden won't. "We are a month and a half ahead of elections, we have to wait for it," she told Ayala Hasson in News 13.

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Appointment of the commissioner: Arden asked senior appointment committee to approve all candidates for senior position committee rejected Arden's request: "Submit one candidate's name" after the controversy: will the police pass Arden's polygraph details to suffer from excessive sweating? There are treatments that will embarrass you with promoted content

The saga continues. Arden and Commander-in-Chief Moti Cohen

Minister of Internal Security, Arden, visited the police force on the pride parade and discussed the preparations for the security forces and arrangements in Jerusalem, June 6, 2019 (Photo: official website)

But senior law enforcement officials have talked to Walla! NEWS resented saying "it was a blatant intervention", behind which was a desire to appoint a retired Yoram Halevi. According to the sources, Regev "plans to become Minister of Public Security in the next government and appoint the commissioner herself. She has a close relationship with retired attorney Yoram Halevi, who was nominated for the post of commissioner, and does everything possible to torpedo Arden's nomination process and open the doors for him. "

Halevi's associates said in a conversation with Walla! NEWS that they are indeed working to torpedo the appointment process, one of them even said, "Yoram Halevi will still be the commissioner." At the same time, one of Halevi's close associates, Yossi Kisma, addressed the Goldberg Committee a few days ago, claiming that He has information that contradicts the results of the polygraph tests. Talking to Walla! NEWS declined to elaborate on what correspondence he had, saying he would pass everything to the committee for review.

Minister Regev's office said: "In the past month, Minister Regev has openly expressed her position in the media regarding the appointment of a commissioner at this time. According to her method, it is wrong to appoint a commissioner for the Israeli police during a transitional government.
Beyond that, any attempt to impose some kind of pressure on Minister Arden, or Man's promotion, is inaccurate to say the least. "

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The period, the government and the minister: The catch in the appointment of the next commissioner

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"Wants to appoint the commissioner herself." Regev with Nitzav Halevi (Photo: Knesset Channel)

Police report to the Internal Affairs Committee preliminary report on the investigation into the shooting in May 2013 (Photo: Knesset Channel, screenshot)

The candidates that Minister Arden has so far put up for the post of Deputy Commissioner were Acting Deputy Commissioner Motti Cohen, who is actually filling the post for the past year. Apart from the candidates, the deputy also stands in Alon for a decade and the Jerusalem district commander stands by a friend. NEWS.

Last night, Minister Arden attacked the Goldberg Commission's decision to reject his request to discuss all candidates for the job and not just one. "It is inconceivable that a committee previously set up by the government to advise and assist ministers in the nomination process is in fact becoming a determinant for the minister who he can submit for review," Arden argued. "This is another example of the need to strengthen the elected echelons who are responsible for the appointment."

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