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Sheee - Unsurprising: Prince Harry has always intended to escape the palace


Megan Merkel and her husband Prince Harry have announced a planned disengagement from the palace and across Canada, a move that has left the world shocked and the palace more confused than ever. But if you look at the history ...

Unsurprisingly: Prince Harry has always intended to escape the palace

Megan Merkel and her husband Prince Harry have announced a planned disengagement from the palace and across Canada, a move that has left the world shocked and the palace more confused than ever. But if you look at the history of the red-breasted Prince of Conventions, you will find that it was everything - except for a surprise

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"We intend to take a step back from our commitments and work to become financially independent," Megan and Harry announced on their Instagram account last Wednesday and shook the world. The newspapers celebrated, the commentators got into an emergency and the Queen released a statement that if she said: Take it to her she says: "We'll talk later."

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But what is there to talk about? Harry and Megan decide - they want to divide their time between North America and the United Kingdom and raise their son as far as possible from the royal court and the obligations that accompany him being a half-prince - half-American - a quarter-African and a son of a second-degree unmarried mother in the British royal palace.

So first of all, let's relax. No one really cares about the young couple who goes out to try their luck in the big world. It's pretty clear that they're not going to get drunk in a Brooklyn apartment and Megan won't start buying second hand. Unless it's her vintage mother-in-law, of course. They go out with a fortune of about 40 million pounds and just like any young couple with really rich parents already have a mortgage-free property to their name, only in your case, it's a three-room contractor Evacuation construction in a "developing" neighborhood and they have Progmore Cottage in the grounds of Windsor Mansion.

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A post shared by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (@sussexroyal) on Jan 8, 2020 at 10:33 am PST

They will not be poor - betting on the couple's income potential speaks of a contract to be bigger than Barack Obama received ($ 65 million), lectures with price tags of about NIS 1 million and countless options, which means their situation could even improve from pocket money of 2 million A pound for a year, and will surely improve their lives in the sense that they will not have to ask Grandma to allow them to go on vacation or make faces to them whenever they feel like inviting a takeout.

If you look at the past two years you can clearly see that just after Megan arrived, the messes started: She is opinionated, feminist, and not folding in power, whether it's little things like not wearing tights or appearing with dark nail polish, opening a separate Instagram account (rumor has it that she is Runs it herself) and to big decisions like refusing to introduce the child to the media and the audience just after birth. Undoubtedly actions that caused the Queen to walk around the palace with a glass of brandy and mutter "Why couldn't he find a good girl like Kate."

He couldn't find a good girl like Kate, because Harry Tamed wanted to live a different life, and he chose to help him fulfill that dream - Megan gave him the backbone and encouraged him to live a "normal" life, one that would allow him to go grocery shopping - one The things he once told in an interview he liked to do while the two were still hiding the couple. So, in the end, the "surprising" decision that made the world really wasn't meant to surprise anyone. Let's face it - the address was on the wall, and it started long before Megan arrived.

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A post shared by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (@sussexroyal) on Jun 29, 2019 at 1:49 pm PDT

Many years before Megan Prince Harry was the orange sheep of a family - he was caught spending time naked in parties in Vegas, arrived in SS uniforms for the Alvin party and generally tried to rebel in the palace in every way he knew. The great hope of the family was probably that some duchess with blue blood would come and balance it, but just like many other parents and grandparents, at some point they had to understand that it was not a youth rebellion but a legitimate lifestyle that at one point they could no longer call it a "stage" or "experience" "But they will have to accept. At first, Harry was still trying and going out with a prominent model from London and a blonde student in law, but apparently when he realized it had to be for life, he just decided it wasn't for him.

It officially stopped being a "stage" when Harry decided to marry Megan Merkel, whom we all already know is an older, divorced, half-African American actress, who brought with her an embarrassing family load that has already taken its toll with the kind help of British tabloids - already tired of laughing at it, But in the end, what Megan really was to Harry was the ultimate triangular finger on his family and the rigid laws she insists on continuing to hold in 2020. Megan represents everything that is not the royal family, a place he wanted to escape long before she arrived, a wish that only went away And has intensified since the wedding and birth.

Megan said that she had been particularly open to the British media since birth, and Harry must also be eager to give his son a different childhood than he had ever experienced. Because let's face it, if you cut off all the money and status, it's a kid who lost his mother at an early age and didn't shed a tear at the funeral, which is what I mean. In addition, he grows under the understanding that he is the least important brother who will probably never be a king, and has been used since he was born as a redhead circus cat who is supposed to do tricks for the audience and bring money to the kingdom. Looking at it this way, it makes sense that he would want to give little Archie a relaxed mom who could hang out with him in a pram and celebrate a birthday in the garden without having to take out any official photo event so the whole world could see if the boy was white or mocha.

Beyond that, it seems that the push came from the palace as well - the quarrel between the brothers is only getting worse - they weren't invited to Kate Middleton's birthday, and the climax came at Christmas, with the Queen taking pictures of all the family members except the couple and the new grandson. Pierre - insulting.

There is no doubt that there is a genuine and loving relationship, but with all due respect to "true love," be sure that if it wasn't Megan, it would have been someone similar, one that would have given him the confidence to take that step out of the royal house and strengthen him to follow the heart. His, who was probably never in Buckingham Palace. Harry's choice of Megan works exactly according to the psychological rationale of any Polish rich boy's marriage to a woman from a low-status family who lives a more authentic life that keeps him away from everything he hates in his own roots. After all, we all fall in love with the people we feel are a better version of ourselves, and Harry seems to be looking for someone to make him feel complete with the desire to stay away from the palace, and also give him the power to take a formal step in the direction.

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