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Trump on impeachment sentence: "Everything will work out" Israel today


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The US President who lives in Davos has responded to congressional hearings on "All this is a scam" • Democrats: "The president believes he can do everything, we can prove our case" •

The impeach trial against President Trump officially kicked off in the Senate. Although the first hearing dealt with the rule of law in general, and although the outcome of the proceeding is almost foreseeable with a zero chance of ousting the president, the impetus, and especially the schism between the Republicans and Democrats, was already well felt today, culminating even before the evidence, witnesses, and indictments began.

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Even before the Senate debate began, Trump, who is staying in Davos, again called the procedure "witch hunting." "It's been going on for years, and honestly it's shameful," the president said. "This whole thing is a scam, so I'm sure everything will work out." On the other hand, the head of the Democratic prosecution, chairman of the intelligence committee in the House of Representatives Adam Schiff, argued that the case against the president includes "the most serious charges ever filed against the president." "The president's arguments are amazing," Schiff said. They will be proven insufficient to be rejected. He believes he can do everything ... We believe we will open our case - and you will have to answer the question of whether these offenses justify removing the president from office. "

Before the debate kicked off last night, Democrats accused Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of trying to skew the outcome of the trial. They argue that the procedures proposed by McConnell would prevent witnessing and prohibiting the presentation of evidence gathered during the Democratic inquiry.
On Monday, the Republican majority leader introduced a plan that would allow a swift trial without evidence or evidence, allowing each party - the Democratic prosecutors and the president's attorney - a total of 48 hours, evenly distributed, to present their arguments, for just four days. What's more, only witnesses who will be charged with a prior affidavit can be cashed for trial, subject to a Senate vote. According to McConnol, it is "a fair process that will sharply reflect the contradictions of the unfair and unprecedented investigation carried out by the House of Representatives." Voting on the procedures was expected by early morning.

In a letter sent by the seven Democratic prosecutors, they not only demanded different procedures, but argued that Pat Sippolone, the White House's attorney and who is leading Trump's defense, was in fact a vital witness and that he must provide prosecutors with any information that would come up at trial and that he had personal touch to him in his capacity . One of the Democrats' charges against Trump is disrupting the congressional investigation, in which Sipolon himself wrote a letter in October announcing that the president would not allow the administration to cooperate with the Democratic Inquiry around "Ukraine Gate," a widely criticized approach, and as a key part of the impeachment case.

"The most serious charges filed against a president." Adam Schiff // Photo: EPA

Siphulon himself spoke on behalf of the defense last night, and stood behind the rules proposed by Coenol. "It's a fair way of trial, based on Clinton's impeachment trial," the White House attorney stated. At the end of the discussions on the legal rules, the opening arguments phase is expected to begin, followed by the discussion of the case itself. If McConnell's procedures are accepted, the president's attorneys may request that the charges be dismissed at a relatively early stage of the trial.

Meanwhile, the seduction between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders still exists. A 2016 documentary on the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate is expected to be aired in a few months, and yesterday it became clear that Clinton was strongly attacking Sanders.

"He's been in Congress for years, and only one senator has supported him," the former First Lady said in excerpts from the film in The Hollywood Reporter. "Nobody likes him. Nobody wants to work with him. He didn't get anything. He's a professional politician. Everything else is nonsense and I feel really bad that people were sucked into it. Honestly, Bernie just made me mad." Yesterday, Clinton confirmed that things still reflected her views.

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