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Take out Trump


"It does not seem that Donald Trump will leave the White House through political trial," says Carlos Alberto Montaner in this opinion column.

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We analyze the political trial against President Trump 5:02

Editor's Note: Carlos Alberto Montaner is a writer and political analyst at CNN. His columns are published in dozens of newspapers in Spain, the United States and Latin America. Montaner is also vice president of the Liberal International.

(CNN Spanish) - It does not seem that Donald Trump will leave the White House through political trial.

To do this, 2/3 of the senators present would have to agree and it is very difficult for that to happen. The majority of senators today are Republican and adopt partisan behavior.

This precipitates us to an important question: why have the Democrats initiated a process against the president if they know they will not win?

In my opinion, to air Trump's violations of the law, which should have an electoral cost in the November elections.

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Democrats are returning to Republicans what they did in December 1998 to Bill Clinton for the remembered incident with Monica Lewinsky.

What is happening is odious. The only court that can judge the president of the United States is totally partisan and does not abide by law.

We will remain without knowing the revealing secrets of John Bolton, the former National Security advisor to Donald Trump, who has all the information first hand. As we are left without knowing some of Trump's essential tax returns, because he simply has refused to teach them.

I don't think it's counterproductive for the Democrats to "lose" the trial, as Trump and his supporters point out. In my opinion, the lack of transparency of this government will cost your party very expensive in the November 2020 elections.

The trial is the least. The important thing is to air violations of the law.

Donald Trump political trial

Source: cnnespanol

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