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And what about some sovereignty in Jerusalem?


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This past week was a sign of sovereignty. He began the battle between Netanyahu and Gantz for those who appear more serious in his declarations of sovereignty in the Jordan Valley, ending with revealing first details of President Trump's century plan that almost begs Israel to apply its sovereignty to Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

We were dreamers. Who would have thought that five years ago that applying sovereignty to the Valley, a topic that was of no great interest at all and highly debatable, would become the issue that both prime candidates pledge to promote with all their might? Furthermore, who a year ago, or even half a year ago, would have imagined that Americans would give green light to applying sovereignty to dozens of Judea and Samaria settlements and flanking several parties in the Israeli parliament on the right?

However, to the extent that these things were imagined until recently, imaginary sovereignty today appears to be true in parts of the State of Israel. Just over three and a half miles from the Prime Minister's House, the State of Israel has no sovereignty at all. This was evident when French President Emmanuel Macron, who arrived in Jerusalem as part of the World Holocaust Forum, ascended the Temple Mount. The most sacred place for the Jewish people was the President of France, accompanied by Muslim clerics and traders, Palestinians and Jordanian Waqf, accompanied by a handful of Israeli policemen. They were not present there on the sovereign standard, but on a disturbing fly standard that sits on the ear, like the Israeli security forces at Santa Ana Church in French sovereignty.

The official State of Israel has actually told the French President that she is not the sovereign at the center of her capital. This statement has many implications, especially in the days when Israel is trying to persuade other countries to move their embassies to Jerusalem. Who would be convinced that Jerusalem was a capital, when Israel had difficulty demonstrating its sovereignty there?

I am a member of the Students for the Temple Mount, a young organization that is trying to raise awareness of the ongoing hallucination that Israel (not) manages on the Temple Mount. President Macron's incident at the center may have drawn attention to the issue, but in the daily routine the situation is not much better. How many Israelis know that Jews are not allowed to drink brews on the Temple Mount while Muslims are allowed? According to the Ministry of Public Security, the ban is due to the fact that the use of faucets will force the visiting Jews to deviate from the regular route along which Israeli police officers lead. And the truth is that self-deception is at its peak, too: the breezes are almost all on the track.

We need to welcome the emerging discourse on the issue of sovereignty, but how seriously can we talk about sovereignty in the Jordan Valley, Judea and Samaria, when even on the "Temple Mount in our hands" we find it difficult to demonstrate sovereignty.

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Source: israelhayom

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