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Century deal revealed: US recognizes settlements, Israel freezes construction for 4 years - Walla! News


The US President presented the US government's century-long deal that would establish a Palestinian state capitalized in East Jerusalem. Israel will be required to maintain a status quo in the holy places, and the Palestinians ...

Century deal revealed: US will recognize settlements, Israel will freeze construction for 4 years

US President Presents US Century Formation Deal, Establishing a Palestinian State Capitalized in East Jerusalem. Israel Will Be Required to Maintain Status Quo in Holy Places, and Palestinians Should Abstain from Terror and Respect Human Rights. Trump: "A Great Step toward Peace." Netanyahu: "Day historitic"

Century deal revealed: US will recognize settlements, Israel will freeze construction for 4 years

Photo: Reuters, edited by Tal Reznik

US President Donald Trump tonight (Tuesday) introduced the US administration's peace plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which includes the establishment of a Palestinian state whose capital will include parts of East Jerusalem. The plan also states that the United States will recognize settlement blocs, including the Jordan Valley, and Israel will be required to freeze construction in the West Bank for four years during which negotiations on the establishment of the Palestinian state will take place.

Trump declared "this is a big step toward peace," while Netanyahu acknowledged, "Israel is ready to conduct immediate peace talks." The Palestinians have expressed opposition to the plan, and PA chairman Abbas condemns: "A plot that will not work."

The plan is detailed over 80 pages, with 50 showing the political outline presented this evening, and another 30 referring to the economic plan presented last July. As part of the deal, President Trump adopted a map showing the two states, according to which the Palestinian state would double the area it currently owns and connect via roads, bridges and tunnels. The plan shows that the American plan will not include the issue of the right of return, contrary to the Palestinian demand.

The approval for the establishment of a Palestinian state depends on security agreements that will ensure the safety of Israeli citizens. According to the plan, Israel must take steps to ensure Muslims enter the al-Aqsa Mosque and work in cooperation with Jordan to maintain the status quo in the holy places. In addition, the outline shows that the establishment of a Palestinian state is dependent on a Palestinian process for establishing a government, including respect for human rights, freedom of the press and abstention from terrorism - halting Hamas and Islamic Jihad activity and stopping incitement against Israel.

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At the beginning of the presentation of his government's plan in recent years, Trump said "this is a big step toward peace." He stated that "young people across the Middle East are ready for a hopeful future and governments in the region realize terror is a common enemy."

The US president told of his meetings with Netanyahu and Chairman Ben-Gantz Blue White over the past two days. He said, "Both leaders have expressed support for this effort and prove that Israel is seeking peace and peace over politics. On visits to Israel, I also met the Palestinian President in Bethlehem. I was saddened by the fate of the Palestinian people. They deserve a better life. The Palestinians are trapped in a cycle of poverty and violence. "

"It was a long and contentious process," he said. "Our vision is significantly different from previous proposals. Our plan is 80 pages and is the most detailed proposal ever. The proposal has precise technical solutions. My vision presents a winning opportunity for both sides, two countries. . This is the first time that Israel has approved the release of a conceptual map with concessions it is prepared to make ... This is an unprecedented development. Thank you to the Prime Minister who had the courage to take this step forward. "

"My vision presents a winning opportunity for both sides." Trump, tonight (Photo: AP)

US President Donald Trump during January 28, 2020 program presentation (Photo: AP)

After presenting the plan, the Prime Minister thanked President Trump and declared that "January 28, 2020 will be remembered today historically, because you have become the first leader to recognize Israeli sovereignty in the territories of Judea and Samaria that are essential to our security and central to our heritage." Netanyahu said, "Since its inception, Israel has wanted peace with its neighbors. For decades, this peace has failed, and every plan has failed because they failed to strike a balance between Israel's security needs and Palestinian self-determination requirements. Israel is ready to negotiate peace immediately."

Netanyahu addressed the details of the plan, explaining that it includes "the insistence that the Palestinians should recognize Israel as the Jewish state and maintain security control throughout the territory west of Jordan. The plan calls for the dismantling of Hamas and disarmament in Gaza. The plan clarifies that the Palestinian refugee problem must be resolved outside of Israel. Israeli sovereignty retains the status quo on the Temple Mount. The program does not uproot anyone from its home, Israelis and Palestinians, but provides innovative solutions to connect. "

Map of the two states under the American Peace Plan

Maps of Palestinian State and Israel as part of the Centennial Plan (Photo: Official Website)

"For too long, the core of the State of Israel has been branded as illegal occupied territory," the prime minister continued. "Today you puncture this big lie. It's a great plan for Israel, it's a great plan for peace. I'm not surprised - you're the best friend of Israel who has ever been in the White House. The Deal of the Century is an opportunity of the century and Israel won't miss this opportunity."

Dozens of guests came to the East Room in the White House, including Sheldon Adelson and his wife Miriam, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, heads of AIPAC, Presidents Conference, billionaire Ronald Lauder close to Trump, former Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt and former Secretary of State Dorrie Gould .

"The opportunity of the century and Israel will not miss it." Netanyahu tonight (Photo: Reuters)

PM Benjamin Netanyahu during White House Plan January 28, 2020 (Photo: Reuters)

At the same time, the Palestinian Authority and Hamas leadership, which opposes the US outline, are meeting in Ramallah this evening. The authority announced emergency action following the plan, with thousands of Palestinians protesting against the US government in Ramallah and the Gaza Strip.

No Palestinian representative is present in Washington, and according to Palestinian sources, PA chairman Abbas has refused to speak to Trump in recent days. Hamas senior Hamil Khalil al-Khaya said in an interview with Al-Miyadin that "Trump's statements do not scare us or weaken us. Unity with us is the first step to ending the century deal. There is no discourse and no dialogue and no voice that will rise above the voice of the struggle in the century deal. "

The Islamic Jihad senior, Habib, called for Palestinian unity. "The Trump deal is an opportunity to withdraw recognition of the Israeli entity," he stressed. "The weapon of Palestinian resistance is legitimate and will be used to defend our existence. Trump and Netanyahu cannot take it."

Demonstration against US peace plan in Ramallah tonight (Photo: Reuters)

Demonstration against Ramallah's Century Plan January 28, 2020 (Photo: Reuters)

In Israel, opinions are divided about the deal. Defense Minister Naftali Bennett emphasized that Israel would not recognize a Palestinian state and called for immediate sovereignty. "In the next few days, a government decision should bring the order to apply Israeli sovereignty to all areas of settlement," he said. In the background of the alert being raised following the publication of the century deal, the minister made it clear that "the IDF and the defense establishment are prepared for any scenario".

Blue Gantz chairman, who met with Trump yesterday, said he would support her election, but only after the March election. Promoting a peace agreement with the Palestinians while maintaining Israel's arrangements with Jordan and Egypt and expanding it with other countries in the region. All of this is subject to security arrangements, as emphasized by a blue and white chairman last night.

Supports implementation of the program - after the election. Gantz in the White House, yesterday (Photo: Alexi Rosenfeld)

Blue and White Chairman Benny Gantz during a media statement following his meeting with US President Donald Trump January 27, 2020 (Photo: Alexi Rosenfeld, official website)

In the world, too, they responded to the details of the American peace plan. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said after speaking with Trump on the issue that the deal "could be a positive step for peace between Israel and the Palestinians."

Pompeo and Ivanka Trump, tonight (Photo: Reuters)

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Donald Trump Ivanka's Daughter During Presentation of Century Plan on January 28, 2020 (Photo: Reuters)

The plan is published hours after the indictment against Netanyahu and the shadow of the Senate impeachment trial against Trump. After removing his immunity request from the Knesset this morning, the prime minister attacked Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit's decision to file the indictments on such a "historic day".

"This is a historic day for the State of Israel and one of the most important days of my life," Netanyahu tweeted shortly before the details of the program were published. "As always, I don't let anything else bother me from working for you - for the security of Israel, for the future of Israel."

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