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If the century's deal ever goes down, it will have a huge impact on the balance between Jews and Arabs in the capital - which over the years has deteriorated to the detriment of the Jews

  • The Old City of Jerusalem // Oren Ben Hakun

Dozens of research institutes have created countless programs over the past 53 years, centering on the division of Jerusalem. A dangerous, "never-realized" Clinton outline gave these programs the almost official seal. He even divided the Old City and the Temple Mount. Now President Trump's outline comes and changes the concept: Jerusalem will not be completely divided, and it will remain, including the Old City and the Temple Mount, under Israeli sovereignty. The status quo on the Temple Mount will also continue. Jews will be able to visit there but not pray there, and Jordan will continue to partner with Israel in managing the site. Saudi Arabia, contrary to prior knowledge, was not incorporated into Trump's old-fashioned order on the Temple Mount.

Still, the Jerusalem chapter of the Centennial Plan has a "mini-subdivision": the outline subtracts Jerusalem's official boundaries across all Arab neighborhoods beyond the security fence. These are mainly the areas of Kfar Aqab and the Shuafat refugee camp in the north of the city - some 3,500 dunams, where some 140,000 Arabs are now living in harsh and neglected conditions, in an area full of crime, construction delinquency, criminal and empty Israeli rule.

Photo: From Netanyahu's Twitter account

This is a small area of ​​only 3.5 square kilometers out of 63 square kilometers that Israel annexed to Jerusalem in 1967. These areas, which were de facto separated from the city by the construction of the separation fence some 16 years ago, along with Abu Dis in the east (which is largely outside Jerusalem's municipal boundaries), will become according to the century plan for the future Palestinian state capital, to be called El Quds. The security fence set up in Jerusalem will thus de jure the border between Israel and the State of Palestine.

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Read the full century plan >>

If this program does ever make a difference, it will have a huge impact on the demographic balance between Jews and Arabs in the capital, which over the years has deteriorated to the detriment of the Jews. About one-third of the East Jerusalem population, which lives on that 3.5 square kilometers, will actually be cut off from the city's borders and move to the future Palestinian state. Within the city limits itself, the ratio of Jews to Arabs will change from 59% Jewish and 41% Arab to 68% Jewish versus 32%. Evenings.

The Trump program also for the first time allows East Jerusalem Arabs, who are currently defined as residents only, to become full citizens of the State of Israel. Today, only 6% of the approximately 210,000 Arab residents of East Jerusalem within the security fence are Israeli citizens. Theoretically, in the future, any permit could either become "full" Israeli citizens, or alternatively choose to become citizens of the future Palestinian state, or remain in their position today.

Photo: White House spokeswomen

Special emphasis is given to the economic cooperation program between the two countries, and in this context Israel will have to provide the Palestinians with a special tourist area in Atarot in northern Jerusalem, which the Palestinian state will develop.

Israel is in fact recognizing its sovereignty over almost all parts of Jerusalem, and now the test will be the exercise of that sovereignty, both in the renewal of frozen construction in areas such as Airplane Hill, Har Homa and Atarot, and in investments in the Arab neighborhoods, whose vast disparities in services and infrastructure between the Jewish neighborhoods have narrowed. But still unacceptable.

Source: israelhayom

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