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Predictions for 2020: clairvoyant Baba Wang predicts meteorite, tsunami and Trump drunkenness


Bulgarian seer Baba Wanga's prophecies for 2020 are causing a stir on the web. These are their grim predictions.

Bulgarian seer Baba Wanga's prophecies for 2020 are causing a stir on the web. These are their grim predictions.

  • Bulgarian seer Baba Wanga is once again making dramatic predictions on the Internet.
  • Accordingly, Islamists should invade Europe.
  • The Baba Wanga also predicts dramatic things for U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Prophecies for 2020: Baba Wanga sees black

For a number of years now, the predictions of the "blind seer" Baba Wanga, thanks to the social networks, have also caused enormous discussions in the West. The fortune teller from Bulgarian, who lived from 1911 to 1996, is said to be extremely accurate in her prophecies . It is said to have announced events such as the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the sinking of the Russian submarine Kursk and Brexit years earlier.

Her fans point out that even the "Institute for Suggestology" at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in a study in the 1960s confirmed their astonishing accuracy in prophecies. So their prediction n - especially when finding missing people - supposedly resulted in a "hit rate" of 80 percent. “Normal” fortune tellers, on the other hand, “only” have 20 percent.

The Baba Wanga, on the other hand, consider critical voices - for example from the Bulgarian and Russian Orthodox Church - to be a charlatan who openly practiced forms of witchcraft and spread heresies.

Be that as it may: in the former Eastern Bloc - especially in her homeland of Bulgaria - Baba Wanga is probably the best-known fortune teller . For some years now, the forecasts have also appeared in the western tabloid press just in time for the turn of the year. The British "Yellow Press" in particular takes great pleasure in the wild predictions of the Baba Wanga, which is sometimes also referred to as "Nostradamus from the Balkans".

Baba Wanga's predictions for 2020 - clairvoyant sees no harm

That is why English tabloids like The Sun or Mirror have summarized Baba Wanga's forecasts for 2020:

  • There is said to be an assassination attempt on Russian President Vladimir Putin . The assassin would come from the Kremlin's inner circle. It may be a bodyguard. It remains unclear whether Putin will survive the attack or not.
  • US President Donald Trump is said to suffer from a "mysterious illness" . It is said to be a brain tumor that makes it deaf.
  • Europe should experience a severe economic crisis in 2020. It is unclear whether the effects of Brexit should be involved.
  • An army of "Muslim extremists" should also invade Europe in 2020. The Islamists are supposed to use chemical weapons as they advance.
  • Europe should hardly be populated in 2020. A trend that should continue until 2025.
  • A meteorite is said to strike in Russia .
  • A major tsunami is expected to hit China, Japan, Pakistan and Alaska in 2020 .


Bulgarian seer Baba Wanga is said to have made some dramatic predictions for 2020 as well.

© picture alliance / dpa / Viktor Gilotay

The Germans have these resolutions for 2020

Has the Baba Wanga been right so far with her predictions?

How accurate was the Baba Wanga with her predictions? That is difficult to say. Then: What the Baba Wanga was supposed to have predicted and which prophecies actually came from her can no longer be reconstructed. There are no corresponding notes. Therefore, the predictions are mainly based on hearsay. Let's see how accurate the Baba Wanga was in the past:

  • For 2019 , she already predicted an economic collapse in Europe , an assassination attempt on Vladimir Putin and a serious illness and deafness for Donald Trump . Nothing happened. In this respect, Putin and Trump can look forward to 2020 with total calm.
  • In 2019 there was still no meteorite impact in Russia and a tsunami in Asia .
  • For 2018 , she predicted China's rise to the greatest global power and the discovery of a new form of energy on the planet Venus . Humbug.
  • Baba Wanga is said to have predicted that the 44th US president would be an African American . Check: That's right, Obama! According to the prophetess, the black man was also the last US president . Eh, no! See the Donald Trump mentioned above.
  • 2016 should bring the end of Europe . Europe as we know it will "cease to exist". Well, the British voted for Brexit. And otherwise?
  • At the end of 2016, entire populations in Europe should be systematically wiped out . The continent will be almost depopulated, the Baba Wanga predicted. This did not happen either!
  • For 2010 , the Baba Wanga predicted the start of the Third World War . As you know, did not come.
  • Another (undated) prediction: "A huge wave will hit a coast and cities and residents will disappear in the water." Did she mean the 2004 tsunami in Southeast Asia ?
  • In 1989 Baba Wanga warned: "Horror, horror. The American brothers will fall after an attack by steel birds." Did she mean the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 ? At that time, aircraft hijacked by terrorists (steel birds?) Brought the twin towers of the World Trade Center (American brothers?) collapse.
  • In 1980 she predicted that in August 1999 or 2000 the Russian submarine "Kursk" would be "covered with water" and " the whole world would cry about it" . The "Kursk" went down in August 2000.
  • The well-known Yugoslav singer Silvana Armenulić reported on a dark meeting with the Baba Wanga, which is said to have taken place in August 1976. Accordingly, the seer did not want to speak to her that day and sent her out of the house. Armenulić should come back in three months, the Baba Wanga said, adding immediately that she would probably not be able to come back. Two months later, Silvana Armenulić was killed in a car accident.
  • Bulgarian King Boris III the Baba Wanga is said to have visited in 1943. She also predicted that he would die soon . King Boris died shortly afterwards at the age of 49.
  • In 1950 she is said to have seen melting polar caps in the future. Did she correctly predict climate change ?

Annual astronomical preview: this will happen in 2020 in the starry sky

Conclusion: what should one think of the Baba Wanga prophecies for 2020?

In short, you shouldn't let such prophecies drive you crazy. Who still remembers the vortex around the end of the world that a Mayan calendar is said to have predicted for 2012? Or the end of the world in 1999, which should go back to a prediction of Nostradamus? As is well known, everything did not happen.

The outstanding "hit rate" of the Baba Wanga can also be doubted, if you look at how many predictions turned out to be pipe cracks.

So, toast a good 2020 on December 31 rather than worrying unnecessarily. Bottom up!


Rubric list picture: © picture alliance / dpa / Viktor Gilotay

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