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Armageddon is approaching? Dead fortune teller predicts doomsday for 2020 - US presidents trusted her


Fortune teller and confidante of several US presidents predicted Armageddon for 2020 - she also anticipated the Munich attack

Fortune teller and confidante of several US presidents predicted Armageddon for 2020 - she also anticipated the Munich attack

  • Jeane Dixon predicted the "Battle of Armageddon" for 2020.
  • She was a confidante of several presidents.
  • She became famous for predicting the death of John F. Kennedy.

USA - When John F. Kennedy was shot on November 22, 1963, Jean Dixon was having lunch with friends, as the mirror wrote a little later. She was strikingly pale, lacking in appetite and, when asked why, "I am restless, something terrible is going to happen to the President today." Shortly afterwards, news of the President's death came on the radio. Dixon had been at the door a few days earlier a friend of the Kennedy family rang the doorbell and asked her to talk the President out of the fateful trip to Dallas - but to no avail.

And there should also have been written evidence of her prophecy : According to Spiegel, years ago she was supposed to have told the reporter of the local magazine Parade about her premonitions, and he had published it. The fact that Dixon's prophecy will appear in the media in 2020 is not due to her need for validity: she has been dead for 20 years.

Doomsday 2020: Jeane Dixon's amazing hit rate

Dixon wrote sprawling newspaper columns and achieved cult status among her readers - including the secretary of US President Nixon . From there she was invited to coffee and predicted a terrorist attack - shortly before the horrific assassination attempt on the Israeli team was carried out at the Olympic Games in Munich , as the British Daily Express writes. As further evidence of her prophetic gift, plane crashes, the division of India and the death of another president are used in the mirror: Roosevelt is said to have visited her with her premonition a few months before his death.

What makes Jeane Dixon's prophecy so explosive

Of course, not all of her hunches came true - she saw the end of the world in 1962. However, with the Cuban Missile Crisis this year, we were close to a global nuclear disaster . Jeane Dixon had been more wrong with her assessment of the moon landing: the Russians would make it before the Americans, she said at the time. And fortunately, a prophecy for Italy did not come true either - here she saw a new fascist regime for the 1950s.

Her fortune-telling for 2020, which currently does not only move the Daily Mail, comes from her book "The Call to Glory" from 1971. In it she described the return of Christ for the years 2020 to 2037: "The battle of Armageddon, but that should take place in 2020. ”A piquant prediction - after all, there are researchers who see 2020 and the following years as crucial in view of the global climate crisis * and say that social conflicts will also increase dramatically. She is not alone in her prediction - even Baba Wanga, a blind Bulgarian fortune teller with an allegedly high hit rate - does not foresee disaster for 2020.

* is part of the Germany-wide Ippen-Digital editors network.


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