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Criticism of MK Handel: "His words do not satisfy the spirit of the Blue and White Party" - Walla! Elections 2020


The MK's statement is a white brush stating that "people came here with a concert mentality and some came with a drubbing mentality," criticized the political system. "Unhappy expression," he said ...

Criticism of MK Handel: "His words do not satisfy the spirit of the Blue and White Party"

MK White's statement stating that "people with a concert mentality came here and some came with a drunken mentality," criticized the political system. "Unhappy statements," his friend Ofer Shalach said, while MK Zandberg labeled him a "Trojan horse" "

Criticism of MK Handel: "His words do not satisfy the spirit of the Blue and White Party"

Photo: Knesset channel

(In the video: MK Eli Avidar: "All Netanyahu's festivals are meant to be forgotten by the public without immunity")

MK Yoaz Handel (blue and white), criticized by Knesset members after controversial statements in an interview he gave to the Haaretz newspaper saying that "there are those who came here with a concert mentality in Vienna and who came with a drugstore mentality." Ofer sent, attacked him this morning (Saturday), saying that his statements were "a miserable expression that would have been good had it not been said and did not reflect the spirit of blue and white." Shelah said this at a Shabbat culture event at Bnei Shimon Regional Council.

Likewise, Likud attacked Handel's remarks, writing on Twitter that "he is the stocking of 2020". The rival party added that "he treats Likud voters as a 'derby mentality'. It is his attitude towards people who returned home, to Israel, with a rich and luxurious culture."

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"Not ready to participate in the game." MK Yoaz Handel (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Yoaz Handel, Election List for 22nd Knesset, Central Election Commission, August 1, 2018 (Photo: Reuben Castro)

Also on the left are condemnations of MK Handel. MK Tamar Zandberg called Handel "a Trojan horse". At the Labor-Bridge-Meretz Shabbat bus meeting, Zandberg said, "While we work for a left-wing government led by Gantz, there are blue and white Trojans whose goal is to prevent such a government." She added that "the racist voices of Handel we heard this week, these people are trying to prevent the exchange of power in Israel."

Joint Chairman MK Ahmad Tibi called him a white racist against both Arabs and Mizrahim. At an election conference in Shfaram, Tibi said that "Handel is not Tarzan, Handel is the jungle." He added that "I die for Pyrruse and the dravuka in the omnipotent songs and probably Handel listens to Wagner every time the Occupation Boot overrides the human rightsless Palestinians because of that Western culture that encourages settlements, dispossession and annexation."

Handel himself tried to clarify his remarks yesterday, writing on social networks that "they have a turn not related to the topic of the interview and yet: not ready to participate in the game." He added: "There are a thousand colors and shades in Israel, well that's the case. At the end of the vision, he is a people and not a division of the witness. One day it will happen. I believe that." And that "it's a shame there are those who want to split us up for campaign purposes." Handel added, "By the way, more connects to less adherence to classical music."

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