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Severe weather alarm: Hamburg partially under water - Katwarn triggered


Sturm Sabine swept across Germany with dramatic consequences. Katwarn was triggered in Hamburg at night. A storm surge has reached the city.

Sturm Sabine swept across Germany with dramatic consequences. Katwarn was triggered in Hamburg at night. A storm surge has reached the city.

  • Weather in Germany: Violent gale gusts caused by storm Sabine have swept across Germany and Europe since Sunday.
  • Classes were canceled on Monday and Tuesday at numerous schools in Germany .
  • The storm had a massive impact on professional and rail traffic *.
  • The next storm front is already on the way *.

Update, February 12, 10:45 a.m .: The severe storm surge has reached Hamburg . The fish market and some streets at the port are already flooded. Some cars had to be pulled out of the water . As a spokesman for the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency said, the water levels are 76 meters higher than the average flood .

The North Sea coast in Schleswig-Holstein was also hit by a storm surge . The police have reported that there are no major damages yet.

Severe weather alarm: storm surge reaches Hamburg - Katwarn triggered

Update February 12, 2020, 8:40 a.m .: As the NDR reports, the stormy weather in northern Germany should continue until the evening with gusts of up to 100 km / h. Further storm surges can be expected on the islands of the North Sea coast as well as in Emden and Hamburg. The beach on the island of Wangerooge in particular has already suffered significantly from the storm.

Severe weather in Hamburg: Katwarn triggered

In the meantime, Katwarn for Hamburg was triggered at night. The Hamburg police center reported that a maximum water level of 5 meters above sea level was expected by Wednesday morning. "Low-lying areas outside the flood protection systems and dikes, in particular in the port, HafenCity and the areas near the Elbe are partially flooded," says the Katwarn report.


Flooding in Hamburg.

© dpa / Daniel Bockwoldt

Due to rain, snow and sleet showers, slippery roads can be expected, reports the NDR.

Storm surge in Hamburg: fish market flooded

Update 8:21 pm: After the storm Sabine, the Hamburg fish market was under water again on Tuesday morning and early evening. As a spokesman for the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency said, the water had risen between 1.74 and around 2.30 meters above the average flood.

Hurricane "Sabine": Initially, no major damage after storm surges in northern Germany

The storm surges would have caused greater damage - in contrast to the other consequences of the storm Sabine (see below), however, neither in Hamburg nor in Schleswig-Holstein. The spokesman for the State Office for Coastal Protection, National Park and Marine Protection Schleswig-Holstein, Hendrik Brunckhorst, told the dpa that the dikes on the North Sea coast had “withstood the floods with no problem”. Sand erosion on the beach had occurred on the islands of Sylt and Föhr, but the extent of this damage has not yet been precisely determined.

Two further storm surges have already been predicted for Wednesday (12.02.2020).

Storm depression Sabine: Lynx killed, more animals run away

Like a kangaroo in Baden-Württemberg (see below), animals have also escaped in Lower Saxony due to the storm storm Sabine. The dpa, citing the “Goslarsche Zeitung”, reports that three lynxes have fled to the mountain forest in Bad Harzburg after two overturned beech trees have destroyed the fence. One animal remained in the enclosure, another was found dead. Anyone who encounters the lost lynxes should behave calmly and let the national park or the lynx enclosure know.

Storm depression Sabine: dramatic scenes - wind blows woman in front of car

Update from February 11, 2020, 6:02 pm: Storm "Sabine" swept through Germany with its violent gusts of hurricane. It was such a gust that has now led to a dramatic accident in Lower Saxony. An 82-year-old woman was pulled onto the street and in front of a car by the strong winds with her shopping trolley. The 77-year-old driver could no longer avoid the woman and seriously injured her. A little later the 82-year-old died in the hospital.

Baden-Württemberg: Kangaroo on the run after storm "Sabine"

In Baden-Württemberg, however, "Sabine" left completely different consequences. A kangaroo was literally fled there by the violent gusts of wind. The animal was with three of its kind in an enclosure in a private garden in Horb am Neckar, whose fences were torn apart by the hurricane depth. While the three other animals remained in the garden of the property, the runaway kangaroo had probably been so scared that it fled. However, the animal is very shy, so if you find it, you should not try to catch it, but instead better notify the animal protection association.

After the storm "Sabine": situation is likely to relax only temporarily

After it was initially still stormy on Tuesday (February 11, 2020), the situation should slowly relax again in the evening. With the exception of the low mountain ranges and the Alpine peaks, the gusts should weaken to 60 kilometers per hour on Wednesday night. Snow, rain or sleet showers and thunderstorms were occasionally announced.

In a few days, however, the next storm front will again cause hurricanes in Germany.

After storm Sabine: mega blackout in South Tyrol - hundreds of thousands of households without electricity

Update 3:23 pm: Hurricane Sabine has caused numerous storm damage in Germany. The insurance industry is likely to have gotten off relatively lightly in the destruction. The insured losses in Germany probably amount to 500 to 700 million euros , as the insurance broker Aon announced on Tuesday in Hamburg. Aon attributes the fact that it did not get any worse because the long-distance traffic of Deutsche Bahn, the air traffic of the Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings and the ferry service on the coasts had been stopped in time.

Mega blackout in South Tyrol - hundreds of thousands of households without electricity

Update 2:44 p.m .: South Tyrol has also felt the effects of the storm front, in the form of an enormous blackout. Due to storm damage to the lines, large parts of the holiday region popular with Germans were without electricity on Tuesday. The trigger for two brief power cuts from around eleven o'clock were branches or trees flying around that damaged one of the main routes for the utility Edyna, as Director General Luis Amort in Bolzano told the German Press Agency. The second main line was out of service at this time due to maintenance work. 150,000 to 200,000 customers were affected, Amort added. The police and authorities received many emergency calls. Traffic lights failed in some cases, wrote the Ansa news agency.

Around 20,000 households in Bavaria were also without electricity on Tuesday, as * reports.

Update 1:14 p.m .: Preparing to recover the crane that has fallen on the roof of the cathedral in Frankfurt am Main. The construction crane had nodded off during the hurricane depression and crashed onto the newly renovated roof of the side aisle.


Fitters are preparing to salvage the crane that fell on the Frankfurt Cathedral.

© dpa / Boris Roessler

Several fatalities in Europe - shock moment for British Airways passengers

Update 10:44 am: In Europe, the storm Sabine, which is also called storm Ciara in other countries, has already claimed several lives . In Poland, a 21-year-old woman died after an accident in the Bukowina Tatrzanska ski resort with two deaths on Monday evening, the hospital in Nowy Targ said, according to the news agency PAP.

In the meantime Ciara has also reached the Mediterranean island of Corsica and caused considerable problems in ferry and air traffic. According to the Météo France weather service, the gusts of wind in the far north would have reached a speed of 219 kilometers per hour. That is slightly below the record of January 2018, when 225 km / h were reached on the Cap Corse.

At London's Heathrow Airport, the passengers of a British Airways plane experienced a shock moment when the plane was hit by a gale * during the approach.

Weather in Germany: Next storm front in just a few days

Update February 11, 8.22 a.m .: The weather in Germany calmed down after storm storm Sabine was pulled out. In the night of Tuesday, however, there were still a number of operations for the rescue workers. In the southern part of the republic, the deployment sites reported a large number of fallen trees. In the Freiburg region and in the Black Forest, emergency services went on numerous missions, many roads were still closed in the early morning. In southern Bavaria, trees lying on roads and blackouts also kept the emergency services busy.

It became quieter to the north, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate trees had occasionally fallen over due to the storm, individual smaller streets were still closed. Overall, however, the situation was much quieter than on Monday morning. At first there was no information about other injuries either.

The next storm front is already on the way. In just a few days, a so-called jet stream heats up the weather again.

New storm danger at the weekend - it will be very mild!

The western weather situation remains intact and very mild air blows in at the weekend. The Jetstream is again laying over Germany, so that the # storm danger increases again: / FR

- Kachelmannwetter (@Kachelmannwettr) February 11, 2020

Storm depression Sabine - Our news from February 10, 2020

Update 8:06 p.m .: According to the German Weather Service, further gusts of wind can be expected in the whole of Germany by 6 p.m. These reach speeds of up to 85 km / h , in exposed locations even up to 100 km / h .

Storm depression Sabine: Thuringian is blown from the roof

Update 5:32 pm: A man was blown from the roof of his house in Thuringia. He was injured in a hospital in Erfurt , said a spokeswoman for the district office of the Ilm district. In view of the storm's low "Sabine", the man tried on Sunday evening to secure the roof of his house in Bechstedt-Wagd, a district of the Wachsenburg district.

Update 4:17 pm: Storm "Sabine" badly damaged the beach on Wangerooge. The demolition edge is sometimes up to two meters high and extends on the main beach over a length of about one kilometer, said the island's deputy chairman of the island, Peter Kuchenbuch-Hanken (Greens) on Monday. Wangerooges Mayor Marcel Fangohr (non-party) said the peak of the tide was higher than predicted. "If that lasts for three days, then maybe we won't have a beach afterwards."

After hurricane: positive side effect of storm depression Sabine

Update 3:58 p.m .: Hard to imagine, but the storm Sabine also brought positive effects: The electricity production from wind power was driven strongly due to the storm gusts. At times, around 43.7 gigawatts of wind power were fed into the grid in Germany, said a spokeswoman for the transmission system operator Tennet on Monday. The previous record value of around 43.4 gigawatts was thus exceeded once again. The transmission system operators are responsible for the transport of wind power from the coasts and from northern Germany to the south.

According to calculations by the Agora Energiewende think tank, between Sunday noon and Monday noon more than three quarters of the electricity consumed in Germany came from renewable energies.

After Sabine: Next storm front in just a few days

Update 2:44 p.m .: Even if the weather has calmed down in the meantime, the danger of storm has not yet been averted. According to new forecasts by the meteorologists, the next storm front is just a few days away.

Update 2:08 p.m .: The effects of Hurricane Sabine are serious. A first damage balance provides information about injuries, consequences and the amount of property damage.

Hurricane in Germany and Europe: storm depression Sabine claims several casualties

Update 1:27 pm: In the heavy storm in Great Britain, a motorist was killed by a falling tree. Also in Poland the hurricane "Sabine" claimed two lives: a woman and her daughter were killed in a parking lot by falling roof parts. A man died in southern Sweden when his boat capsized. In Paris, a man fell off a scooter and died from the consequences of his head injury. The police did not rule out that a wind gust was the cause of the accident.

Update 1:07 p.m .: The storm surge expected for Monday afternoon could be a little higher in Hamburg than previously predicted. The apex around 5:30 p.m. in St. Pauli will be 2.00 to 2.50 meters above the medium flood, the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency said. The water will probably flood the fish market. The fire brigade called on drivers to drive their vehicles out of the lower areas on the Elbe. "Otherwise we pull the cars out with the Unimog, and that's not good for the transmission," said a spokesman.

Another storm surge is expected for Tuesday morning. The apex around 5.45 a.m. will probably only be 1.50 meters above the medium flood, it said.

Update 12.23 p.m .: At the airport in Munich, a pilot had to master a nerve-wracking landing due to storm Sabine, as * reports.

Sabine rages: Train traffic slowly starts up again after storm block

Update 11.33 a.m .: The train traffic of Deutsche Bahn is gradually starting up again. The company announced that the first long-distance trains had set off in northern Germany. Traffic should gradually begin in other regions as well. In Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria, however, due to the location, train travel is initially not possible. Rail customers still have to expect delays and cancellations throughout the day. Customers of Deutsche Bahn and passengers do not have to let their tickets expire. The train and many airlines enable rebooking, cancellations and refunds without much effort *. You can find out what needs to be considered at *.

Meteorologist and TV presenter Jörg Kachelmann, who is annoyed by prejudices and climate conspirators, is currently also causing a lot of wind in the weather.

Hurricane hazard not yet banned - Next storm front in sight

Update 10:57: Even if the weather in Northern Germany has already calmed down, the danger of storms has not yet been averted . It will remain stormy over the next few days, meteorologist Corinna Borau from emphasizes. The risk of hurricane gusts could increase again, especially until the weekend.

Storm deep rages in Europe: At least one dead in storm in Scandinavia

9.42 a.m .: Sabine is not only raging in Germany. There was a serious accident on a lake in the Swedish municipality of Svenljunga: two anglers capsized on Sunday with their boat - one died, the other was searched on Monday morning. In Belgium, the low, which is called “Ciara”, caused a lot of damage until Monday morning. In Brussels, the wind released parts of a lightweight facade that fell onto the street from the sixth and seventh floors. The storm also covered several roofs. Stacked containers overturned in the port of Antwerp. In Blankenberge on the coast, wind speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour were measured, as reported by the Belgian news agency Belga. In France tens of thousands of households are without electricity.

Strong winds often create great dangers. But what is wind, how strong can it get and in what form can it occur? Hurricane, storm, hurricane, tornado - you will find everything about the dangerous winds at *

9.21 a.m .: Lessons are canceled in many German schools, for example in Bavaria *, several major cities in North Rhine-Westphalia, as well as in Hesse, Lower Saxony and Bremen. The district of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald also recommended that all students stay at home.

Traffic chaos after hurricane depression "Sabine": Hundreds of train and flight cancellations in Germany

8:32 am: Hurricane "Sabine" has led to hundreds of flight cancellations in Germany. At the largest German airport in Frankfurt am Main, flight operations started normally in the morning: There have been no massive delays because of the storm, a spokesman said. Some airlines had canceled flights in advance. Due to the storm, 190 take-offs and landings in Frankfurt had been canceled the day before.

However, the impact in Munich was greater: 420 out of normally more than 1,000 flights were canceled, as a spokesman said. Above all, Lufthansa, Munich Airport's largest customer, had suspended all continental flights until 1 p.m. and all intercontinental flights until 2 p.m. at Germany's second largest airport.

Hardly anything went on the rails in Germany at the start of the working week: long-distance traffic should be at a standstill until at least 10 a.m. Regional rail traffic in many federal states also stood still across the board: "Depending on the location of the hurricane, traffic will resume in the course of the morning," it said in Bavaria.

Various roads had to be closed due to the hurricane depth, including motorway sections . The A45 in North Rhine-Westphalia between the Kreuz Hagen and Hagen-Süd was completely blocked due to fallen trees, as reported by the state road construction company in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Sturm Sabine comes in parts with 177 km / h

8:00 am: Hurricane "Sabine" caused storms on the Feldberg in the Black Forest with gusts of more than 170 kilometers per hour. At 7:00 a.m. on Monday morning, 177 km / h were registered there, the German Weather Service (DWD) said in Offenbach. There was also a violent storm on the Brocken in the Harz Mountains: there were gusts of 171 km / h at 4.00 a.m. In storms like "Sabine", the top speeds are usually measured on the mountains.

The hurricane low should continue to storm for hours: The strongest gusts and sometimes heavy rain are now awaiting the meteorologists for the south. According to the DWD, the second highest storm warning level applies to the entire southern half of Germany, and the highest for some regions in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria.

Storm depression Sabine rages over Germany - emergency forces in continuous use

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Storm Sabine: hurricane alarm in Germany - trains and flights canceled

6:31 am : At the airports in North Rhine-Westphalia, numerous flights are canceled on Monday morning due to the hurricane low "Sabine". At the country's largest airport in Düsseldorf, connections to Berlin, Munich or Vienna were canceled. In numerous other machines, for example to Lisbon, Amsterdam or Fuerteventura, boarding started on time, according to the airport.

The situation in Cologne is similar: While machines to Leipzig, Milan or Hamburg failed, passengers for flights to London, Barcelona or Manchester were handled as planned.

Above all, Eurowings' decision to cancel almost all flights during the storm led to around 150 canceled take-offs and landings at the two major NRW airports.

#Storm low # Sabine Nix goes, or drives more.

- Eugen Jehovas (@EugenJehovas) February 10, 2020

Sturm Sabine injured several people in Germany

6:20 am: Several people were injured in the storm "Sabine" in Germany. In Saarbrücken, two women were seriously injured when a tree fell on them in the hospital car park, a police spokesman said on Monday night. One of the women is in mortal danger.

In Paderborn, police say a 16-year-old boy was badly injured in the head when he was hit by a tree branch in a wooded area. The boy was hospitalized, a Paderborn police spokesman said.

In Frankfurt am Main, the boom of a construction crane buckled in the heavy storm and damaged the roof of the Frankfurt Cathedral. According to a fire department spokesman, the extent of the damage was initially unclear. Nobody was injured. There was no danger to passers-by from the overturned crane boom.


The boom of a construction crane, which was bent off by the storm "Sabine", is in the roof of the Frankfurt Cathedral.

© dpa / Boris Roessler

The hurricane deep swept across large parts of Germany at night and caused severe traffic disruptions . Various streets had to be closed. The A45 motorway was completely blocked in North Rhine-Westphalia between the Hagen and Hagen-Süd intersections due to fallen trees, as the State Road Works Authority announced.

Hurricane alarm and "danger to life" in Germany

04:37: Hurricane "Sabine" has crossed large parts of Germany - in the south, the heavy storm is now just outside the door. The storm has already subsided in the north: "The cold front is currently stretching from Saarland via southern Hesse to Thuringia and Berlin," said a meteorologist from the German Weather Service (DWD) in Offenbach early Monday morning. There are severe to hurricane-like gusts.

In south-east Germany "everything is coming", the storm is expected here in the first half of the day. Throughout southern Germany, individual hurricane gusts (around 120 km / h) are possible at low altitudes, and in the mountains the full hurricane strength (over 140 km / h). In the south, people have to expect heavy rain in some areas, and in the middle and in the south of the republic it can storm heavily in the morning. According to the meteorologists, the stormy weather throughout Germany will last until Tuesday evening.

According to the DWD, “Sabine” is a winter oran, as occurs every two years. It was said in advance that "Sabine" would not become as strong as "Kyrill" (2007) or "Lothar" (1999).

Destination of origin Düsseldorf: Airbus has to land in Nuremberg due to storm

01:24: An Airbus of the Turkish airline Turkish Airlines landed in Nuremberg instead of in Düsseldorf on Sunday evening. It could be seen on a live tracking app that the flight TK 1529, which had started in Istanbul, initially made several attempts to land in Düsseldorf. After this failed, the plane flew to Nuremberg after a few laps over the Rhine-Ruhr area. Nuremberg Airport confirmed the landing on its website late in the evening. There was talk of an alternate landing.

It was not initially known how many passengers were affected by the change in the destination airport. No one was available for press information at the airline during the night.

Strong wind gusts could have been the reason for the apparently not possible landing. According to the German Weather Service, they reached speeds of more than 90 kilometers per hour at the planned arrival time at Düsseldorf Airport, which corresponds to wind force 10.

Commuters have to face limitations due to storm sabine

Update from 10 February, 00.49 a.m .: Commuters all over Germany have to adjust to the restrictions caused by storm "Sabine" on Monday morning. Long-distance rail services throughout the country will remain closed until at least 10 a.m. If the damage had been assessed, the routes could be released bit by bit, the train said late Sunday evening. "Unfortunately, it is already foreseeable that the malfunctions will continue throughout the day on Monday." Reliable start-up cannot be guaranteed on Monday in regional traffic either.

Several private rail companies also stopped their train services on Sunday. Damage to the infrastructure has already occurred, said the regional railway. The company stopped its trains from Alex (Hof-Regensburg), Vogtlandbahn, Trilex, Oberpfalzbahn and Waldbahn. When it went on was initially unclear.

Because of fallen trees, drivers also have to face restrictions in many places. Several sections of the motorway had to be closed in Lower Saxony. In North Rhine-Westphalia, the Autobahn 45 between Kreuz Hagen and the Hagen-Süd junction in the direction of Frankfurt should remain closed until Monday noon.

11:16 p.m .: The Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) warns of the danger of a storm surge on the German North Sea coast and in the city-states of Bremen and Hamburg. On Monday, the afternoon floods on the North Sea coast and in Emden as well as the evening floods in Bremen and Hamburg would be 1.5 to 2 meters higher than the average flood, the BSH announced on Sunday evening. The risk of storm surge continues until around 5:30 p.m. on Monday. If so, the fish market at the port of Hamburg could also be flooded.

Storm sabine - crane threatens to tip over - houses evacuated

Update from February 9, 10:48 p.m .: The fire department in Pinneberg near Hamburg has evacuated 120 residents . They have to leave their homes because a 33-meter-high crane is about to tip over, the fire department said. The crane, with a 45 meter display, is only stable at wind speeds of up to 120 km / h. In the night to Monday, gale gusts of up to 140 km / h would be expected. Since dismantling was out of the question, military leader Claus Köster decided to evacuate houses within a radius of 85 meters.

Storm sabine: dangerous cold front moves across Germany

Update from February 9, 10:12 p.m .: The storm Sabine reached Germany with full force. Heavy hurricane gusts of 160 to 180 km / h per hour are expected in the mountain locations. Because storm depression Sabine brings a cold front, in which thunderstorms and strong hurricane gusts can form. This cold front is currently above the northwest and moves to the southeast.

Particularly bad: The hurricane low lasts for a long time. Sabine can still be felt until Tuesday, warn weather experts.

Due to the current developments, the railways will stop long-distance transport by 10 am on Monday (February 10) . Deutsche Bahn announced that the routes will only be released for long-distance traffic after damage has been recorded and the first explorations have been made, as well as necessary repair work.

Storm depression Sabine slows down traffic in Germany. A Boeing 747, on the other hand, flew over the Atlantic in record time.

Update from February 9, 9:32 pm : A 16-year-old was hit by a falling branch in a forest in Paderborn. According to the police, the youngster was taken to hospital with head injuries.

Storm depression Sabine: German weather service has problems

Update from February 9, 7:29 p.m .: Storm depression Sabine paralyzes the German Weather Service (DWD). In any case, the DWD website currently hardly seems to be able to cope with the enormous number of hits. There may be delays in loading, the DWD reports via its Twitter account and apologizes. At the same time, the weather experts recommend avoiding

Sabine is already raging in the west with gusts of 90 to 110 km / h, reports Marcus Beyer from the German Weather Service (DWD) to In the east and south, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, things really only get going at night.

But it becomes particularly critical when the cold front of storm sabine rolls over Germany. This cold front causes thunderstorms and gusts of wind with hurricane strength (up to 120 km / h). The peak of the storm will only be reached in some parts of Germany.

The cold front will be reached by the North Sea and the Netherlands in the course of the evening Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony and NRW, weather expert Jörg Kachelmann reports on Twitter.

Storm depression Sabine rages over Germany: rail travelers are stuck

Update from February 9, 6:08 p.m .: Deutsche Bahn has completely stopped train services in NRW. All connections in regional traffic, including S-Bahn, are affected.

In some stations, long-distance transport is no longer possible. Trains stop and stop running on Sunday. Stranded travelers should receive hotel vouchers and taxi vouchers, according to Deutsche Bahn. Some travelers are frustrated at Hamburg station. Long lines form in front of the travel center, as one of the victims tells us.


Storm depression Sabine paralyzes the train: the scoreboard at Hamburg Central Station. Travelers are stuck.

© János Fehérváry

Storm depression Sabine - where will the school be on Monday?

Update from February 9, 5:37 p.m .: Air and rail traffic are already set to a large extent , due to storm depression Sabine the school * is canceled in some places.

Storm depression Sabine: Bahn completely stops long-distance traffic

Update from February 9, 5:26 pm : Deutsche Bahn discontinues long-distance transport due to storm depression Sabine. "Since the storm low Sabine is already affecting the north and west of Germany, long-distance transport will temporarily cease in large parts of Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, North Rhine-Westphalia and Bremen," the company said. Gradually, however, it is planned to have all long-distance trains nationwide end at larger train stations, the train wrote on Sunday afternoon in its press blog set up for the storm.

Update from February 9, 16:38 : An intercity on the way from Amsterdam to Berlin is stuck on the open route. 300 travelers are on board. The train crashed into a fallen tree, said Deutsche Bahn on Sunday. An emergency manager is on the way, it is said.

Storm depression Sabine - pop star Andrea Berg "Please take care of everyone"

Update from February 9, 3:41 pm : Andrea Berg is an absolute music professional , now the hit queen has canceled a concert. The pop queen really doesn't throw anything off the track that quickly.

Hurricane over Germany: Eurowings cancels all flights

Update from February 9, 3:16 p.m .: Storm Sabine has reached the north German coast. " It is really starting now, " said Felix Herz of the German Weather Service (DWD) in Hamburg to the AFP news agency . In the next hour, the storm will move to the mainland.

The airline Eurowings plays it safe and has canceled almost all flights for the duration of the storm "Sabine". Eurowings has decided to interrupt flight operations in large parts of Germany for "safety reasons in the interests of all passengers", says Eurowings. Hamburg , Berlin , Hanover , Dortmund , Dusseldorf , Cologne, Stuttgart and Munich airports are affected, said the Lufthansa subsidiary based in Düsseldorf on Sunday.

Storm depression Sabine - Germany is gearing up for extreme weather conditions

Update of February 9, 12.17 p.m .: Storm Sabine also has a devastating effect on train traffic - numerous connections fail . Coastal regions and regions that are at high risk of storms such as Emden, Norddeich, Kiel and Westerland can no longer be reached by long-distance trains as of Sunday afternoon , said Deutsche Bahn.

"We have mobilized all readiness and increased it twice in each region," said a rail spokesman. The train staff is prepared for destroyed overhead lines or overturned trees . Mobile task forces with chainsaws should be deployed to clear blocked tracks . If you don't want to travel, you can cancel the ticket free of charge. The web provides information on current developments on its website.

Cologne / Bonn Airport also announced that irregularities or failures could occur from Sunday afternoon. Passengers should check with their airlines to see if their flight is taking off on schedule. Due to the weather conditions, 100 take-offs and landings of aircraft at Frankfurt Airport were canceled on Sunday. This is primarily about flights within Europe, said a spokeswoman for the airport operator Fraport.

Because of the stormy low Sabine, we expect irregularities and flight cancellations from this afternoon. We ask all passengers to inquire with their airlines about the status of their flight.

- Cologne Bonn Airport (@AirportCGN) February 9, 2020

There are also failures at Munich Airport due to the hurricane low Sabine *. The airport spokesman has a grim forecast.

Numerous ferries to North Sea islands are canceled due to Sabine hurricane lows

Update of February 9, 10:57 a.m .: Several ferry connections to the North Sea islands have been discontinued - due to the approaching storm Sabine. The connection to Wangerooge was affected, as the Deutsche Bahn announced. A shuttle trip between Borkum and Eemshaven was canceled, the afternoon ferry from Emden to Borkum was supposed to depart an hour earlier than usual.

Possible delays were also expected for Monday and Tuesday . The ferry between Norddeich and Norderney should stop operating on Sunday afternoon, according to the Frisia shipping company. The ferry between Neuharlingersiel and Spiekeroog was due to depart earlier on Sunday due to the oncoming storm, and the departures were brought forward on Monday. The evening departure from Baltrum to the mainland was canceled. The ferry service between Langeoog and Bensersiel should also be stopped on Sunday afternoon. Changes were also expected on Monday.

Storm low Sabine: Bundesliga game canceled

Update from February 9, 7.30 a.m .: Due to storm depression Sabine , the Bundesliga soccer match between Borussia Mönchengladbach and 1. FC Köln was canceled on Sunday afternoon. For security reasons, the Rhenish derby does not take place. The two clubs provided information on their websites.

Hurricane alarm in Germany: "There is a risk to life" - Four risk areas - DB warns travelers

Update from February 8, 5:23 p.m .: The hurricane Sabine is expected on Sunday in northern Germany, then it should sweep across the country. The first foothills of the hurricane low will probably be felt by the people on the North Sea on Sunday morning. In the course of the day, Sabine will then spread to the entire north and center of Germany - and will probably bring heavy storms and individual hurricane gusts . This was announced by the German Weather Service (DWD) on Saturday.

In the middle of Germany the peak of the storm was reached on Monday night, in the south in the early morning hours of Monday. "It hits rush hour traffic there, " said Sebastian Altnau of the DWD forecast center. In many places, the hurricane brings heavy showers and thunderstorms.

Hurricane Sabine meets Germany: Deutsche Bahn warns

Meanwhile, Deutsche Bahn is preparing for possible problems on Sunday. "Travelers who want to postpone their trip to another day due to the expected storm can easily do so," said a railway spokesman. If you don't want to travel, you can cancel the ticket free of charge. In addition, all tickets would remain valid on the critical days from February 9th through February 11th. In addition, all readiness has been mobilized, the train wants to be prepared for damage such as destroyed overhead lines or overturned trees.

Hurricane hits Germany: Frankfurt Airport hopes for few problems

Frankfurt Airport hopes for as few problems in air traffic as possible, since Sabine should not hit the center of Germany with full force until the night of Monday. During this time there is a no-fly rule at the air traffic hub. "However, we are monitoring the situation very closely," said a spokeswoman for the airport operator Fraport. Containers on the airport site have already been secured.

The storm could also restrict flight operations at the capital's airports, Tegel and Schönefeld. An airport spokeswoman said that handling is no longer possible from a wind speed of more than 70 kilometers per hour.

Hurricane depth reaches Germany: hurricane gusts "probably"

Update from February 8, 12:05 p.m .: Now the German Weather Service has published preliminary information. It says: “From Sunday evening, the storm field of a hurricane low over the North Sea captured Germany. Widespread gusts of wind and severe gusts of wind are expected. "

On the night of Monday in connection with thunderstorms hurricane gusts and hurricane gusts are "likely" until morning. In addition, gusts of wind or severe gusts of wind and individual hurricane-like gusts are "likely" until Tuesday. The DWD wants to publish severe weather warnings as soon as the weather situation clearly emerges.

Hurricane expected: How violently will Sturm Sabine hit Germany?

Update from February 8, 8:30 a.m .: hurricane alarm in Germany. The country is preparing for a violent winter storm Sabine . The weather portal shows on weather maps what is to come in Germany. Hurricane-like gusts of wind of up to or even over 120 km / h can already be expected in Northern and Western Germany on Sunday. In the night to Monday, the violent storm spreads to almost all of Germany. Only Upper Bavaria around Munich is spared. But then on Monday the hurricane should rage particularly in the southern half of Germany *. The Bavarian capital Munich * is also preparing for extreme weather. The weather calms down somewhat in the north.

The experts from warn: Germany is threatened by a similarly dangerous hurricane as Kyrill 2007 * : “There is danger to life! (...) Restrictions on public life must be expected throughout Germany. In addition, continuous rain including the risk of flooding is expected again. "

Winter storm Sabine: hurricane brings floods - four risk areas in Germany

In a forecast, the portal "The Weather Channel" assumes four risk areas in Germany: "It rains very heavily. The floors are still very wet. The water runs quickly into the rivers, ”said the weather experts. That could cause floods in four regions. On the Rhine, in Bavaria and the Black Forest and in Schleswig-Holstein.

Meteorologists in hurricane turmoil: warning of storm Sabine - Deutsche Bahn warns

Update from February 7, 7:58 p.m .: People in Germany have to prepare for a hurricane and massive traffic disruptions for Sunday and Monday. In the regional and long-distance traffic of the Deutsche Bahn, considerable impairments * are expected from Sunday evening, especially in the north and west of Germany, the train said. "We recommend our travelers to move their planned trip to another day from Sunday, February 9th, 2020 to Tuesday, February 11th, 2020".

Rail customers can cancel their tickets for free on these days or postpone the journey. All long-distance tickets that are affected on the critical days from February 9th through February 11th are therefore still valid - and can already be used on Saturday and until at least Tuesday, February 18th. Travelers can apply for a refund in the travel centers of the railways, DB agencies and on the Internet using the passenger rights form.

Weather in Germany: fear of mega hurricane

Update from February 7, 4:40 p.m .: Cologne authorities are planning to close the area around Cologne Cathedral next Sunday due to the expected storm sabine, as the dpa reports. According to information from, other tourist attractions remain tight on Sunday: These include the Cologne Zoo, the Forest Botanical Garden and the Drachenburg near Königswinter.

Sturm Sabine is coming - Many schools in NRW are closed due to hurricane danger

Update from February 7th, 4:00 p.m .: Germany is already preparing for an emergency for the hurricane depression: Five North Rhine-Westphalian schools have decided to remain closed on Monday or only to offer emergency care. The municipalities of Kaarst, Rommerskirchen, Neuss, Korschenbroich / Jüchen and Grevenbroich are affected. As RP-Online reports, head of department Sebastian Semmler said: "As things stand, we cannot guarantee a safe way to school."

Weather in Germany: Hurricane warning extends from Sunday afternoon to Monday evening

Update from February 7, 2:30 p.m .: "Everything that is not riveted and nail-proof in the open should be secured," warns the meteorologist Michael Bauer from the DWD to dpa. Anyone who has to leave the house should be prepared for the corresponding dangers. Even if the hurricane depth is unlikely to reach the dimensions of Kyrill (2007) or Lothar (1999), something else will make it dangerous: this low has persistence and can extend into the Monday evening, reinforced by polar sea air that flows in on Monday and others Can bring thunderstorms.

Weather in Germany: Storm Sabine rages until Monday

First report from February 7th, 11:00 a.m .: What is coming ahead is already causing a stir in meteorologists: A heavy storm could hit all of Germany in the night from Sunday to Monday - the effects are likely to be felt especially on Monday morning in rush hour traffic. But the first signs of the storm could already be visible on Sunday afternoon: The German Weather Service is already expecting gale-force gusts of up to 100 kilometers per hour for western Germany. The gusts mainly come from the northwest - but on Monday night they will be felt all over Germany. At the latest on Sunday evening, items in gardens and on terraces should be removed or well secured - the weather * will go crazy!

Weather in Germany: Storm surge for the north - hurricane up to 140 km / h in the low mountain ranges

Meteorologists foresee two key areas for the approaching low: People on the North Sea have to be prepared for violent storm surges, they should also reach Hamburg. And while the whole country has to expect gusts of wind, Sabine will rage violently, especially in the low mountain ranges: According to the German weather service hurricane gusts of up to 140 kilometers per hour are possible, experts from even expect gusts of up to 160 kilometers per hour.

In addition, the north of Germany has to prepare for strong showers and local violent thunderstorms on Sunday evening. The Black Forest , the Bavarian Forest and the Allgäu have to reckon with continuous rain - it is possible that rivers will also burst their banks.

Weather in Germany - warning level red: Sturm Sabine could paralyze the country

"Trucks in particular should head for the parking spaces at night on Monday," warn experts on - otherwise driving on motorways could become a gnawing course. It should be violent for all commuters on Monday morning - because then the clean-up work is certainly not yet completed. Meteorologist Dominik Jung warns: "The hurricane winds could paralyze Germany!"

Falling trees, blocked railway lines and disabilities at airports * will not only significantly affect rush hour traffic. The meteorologist is also worried about one thing: So far it is unclear how long the gusts will last - they can rage for several hours. As a result of the severe weather situation, it cannot be ruled out that dangerous low margins form and locally lead to further weather chaos .

In the meantime, the damage after the hurricane low in January is visible in Mallorca - among other things, the beaches are without sand.

* and are part of the Germany-wide Ippen digital editorial network.


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