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5 questions to understand the Argentine debt


This is what you should know to understand the Argentine debt:

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How does Argentina get to restructure its debt? 1:13

(CNN Spanish) - The International Monetary Fund Commission is visiting Argentina where they keep
meetings with different banks to negotiate the country's debt.

This is what you should know to understand the Argentine debt:

How much is?

323,177 million dollars. This is equivalent to 88.8% of its GDP, according to the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán. He described it as "suffocating."

MIRA: Under what conditions is Argentina to renegotiate its debt?

Who owes Argentina?

The Argentine Economy Minister said in Congress that these are "important players" and that "there is a lot of money at stake."

According to the latest available public data that are from October 2019, the country's debt is divided between official, international and private creditors.

Most of Argentina's debt corresponds to the issuance of public securities by the central administration and autonomous entities of the Executive Branch. These debt securities represent 64.7% of the total. 21.8% corresponds to international organizations such as the International Monetary Fund and 8.5% to securities issued by the National Treasury.

Controversy about the state of the Pink House 0:56

What are the maturities that Argentina should pay in 2020 and 2021?

Almost 58,000 million dollars in interest and capital of the debt that expires in 2020. By 2021, approximately 29,000 million dollars would expire as indicated by the data published by the Argentine government.

How has the Argentine economy behaved in recent years?

Data from the International Monetary Fund show that in 2018 GDP fell 2.5% and in 2019 the fall was further accentuated with a contraction of 3.1%.

MIRA: Shocking images of the opening of a dike in Tucumán, Argentina

What are the prospects for the Argentine economy in 2020?

The International Monetary Fund has not published growth projections on Argentina in its latest 2020 report. On Wednesday, February 12, an international agency mission arrived in the country and it is expected that at the end of that task, on February 19, there will be an official statement With more data.

For now, Martín Guzmán anticipated that the country must grow in order to pay the debt maturities. So, the big question that remains is: when will the Argentine economy grow again? And on the other hand, what result will the renegotiation of the debt between the Argentine government and its creditors have?

Argentina debt IMF

Source: cnnespanol

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