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GNTM 2020: candidate suffered terrible fate - she lost her entire family in a car accident


In episode three of GNTM the "Meeedchen" have to do it again: A hard, revealing nude shoot and an even harder catwalk are on the agenda today. Who masters it and who goes swimming? The live ticker.

In episode three of GNTM the "Meeedchen" have to do it again: A hard, revealing nude shoot and an even harder catwalk are on the agenda today. Who masters it and who goes swimming? The live ticker.

  • In a row, 25 candidates are still there today in a row .
  • The nude shoot is coming and tears are flowing - but not for the usual reason.
  • A particularly difficult catwalk is pending .

>>> <<< UPDATE

Update at 9:35 p.m .: Joan Smalls supports Heidi Klum in the jury. The models have to do their best on a catwalk set under water.


GNTM 2020: The candidates have to go on an underwater catwalk. before that they are under a shower.

© ProSieben / Sven Doornkaat

Update at 9:28 p.m .: Maribel tells the other candidates about their difficult fate. On the way back from vacation in Croatia, her parents and brother died in an accident. Maribel had left a few days earlier.

Update at 9:16 p.m .: The horse shoot awakens terrible memories at Maribel. The 19-year-old had to go through the worst thing you can imagine for a young girl three and a half years ago: the GNTM candidate lost her entire family in a car accident.

Update at 9:13 p.m .: And Tamara lives up to her reputation once again. Will she be the season's bitch candidate?

Update at 8:59 p.m .: Some Twitter users also noticed how unfair Heidi Klum was to Nadine, who is afraid of horses. Some react in horror.

Somehow common that the model with the fear of horses HAD to shoot with a horse and others are allowed to without, because Heidi suddenly decided to do it #gntm

- LEAK (@lea_sakuraa) February 13, 2020

Why is she allowed without a horse? But hey, the main thing with phobia forced #GNTM

- Desiree (@reeeles) February 13, 2020

One candidate: "I'm afraid of horses"

Heidi: "Try it out. Everyone has to shoot with a horse "

Heidi also: "Oh, let's shoot a few without a horse" #GNTM

- Fabiola ⚡️ (@ _fabiola_1) February 13, 2020

The one: I'm so scared of horses.
Heidi: You know what, I don't care.
Heidi too: Okay, you now without horses. #gntm

- Crissy ⚡️ (@promisedmistake) February 13, 2020

Update at 8:57 pm: A few girls are now shooting without a horse, "to get some variety". That shouldn't exactly please Nadine, who has panicked in front of horses since a fall. Because Heidi Klum had no alternative ready for the Munich candidate.


GNTM 2020: The nude shoot takes place on the beach in Costa Rica.

© ProSieben / Sven Doornkaat

GNTM 2020: Munich candidate bursts into tears during a shell-less shoot

Update at 10:52 p.m .: The Munich candidate Nadine , who also won the "tz-Wiesn-Madl" competition, is not afraid of nudity - she bursts into tears because she is afraid of horses.


GNTM 2020: Today is the nude shoot - and that demands a lot from some candidates.

© ProSieben / Sven Doornkaat

Update at 10.50 p.m .: Alina is the first one. "It's a little strange that Heidi Klum can see you completely naked." She probably forgot the millions of TV viewers.

Update at 10.45 p.m .: Transgender candidate Lucy should also have been wearing panties because she has not yet had a gender-sensitive surgery . Surprise: She decides against it and only wants to use one tape. Perhaps to mention again that she hasn't had gender reassignment surgery yet?

Update at 10.44 p.m .: At least one is happy about the nude shooting : Candidate Tamara explains: "I'm happy, then I can put my body in the limelight ."

GNTM 2020: Candidates Pose "How God Made Them" - Sheathless Shooting Disaster?

Update at 8:34 p.m .: Horror spreads among the candidates when Heidi Klum tells them about the nude shoot . Apparently none of the girls expected this - not even after 15 seasons. Will the shoot be a disaster?

GNTM 2020: Candidates Pose "How God Made Them" - Sheathless Shooting Disaster?

Update at 20.33: Heidi Klum shows her GNTM protégés the outfit for the next photo shoot: it is a hint of a skin-colored string thong. However, only Julia gets panties because she is under 18. The other 24 young models have to shoot "as God created you," says Heidi.

Update at 8:32 p.m .: So somehow that is a little too many määäädchen for us . Does anyone else have an overview?

How many names I know so far: #GNTM

- jan (@trashska) February 6, 2020

Update at 8:26 p.m .: Candidate Tamara cannot walk in her own shoes. Actually, she didn't feel like training, but rather wanted to go to the beach. We are now making a very bold forecast: We can still expect one or two drama scenes from the Austrian.

Update at 8:25 p.m .: "It looks like you're pounding grapes," says Heidi Klum to Maribel. Has she become ProSieben's Dieter Bohlen ?

GNTM 2020 in the live ticker: catwalk training with Heidi Klum

Update at 8:25 p.m .: Lucy is hardly mentioned, and she already has problems with catwalk training. Just like all other girls. The high heels at GNTM are just too surprising every season.

Update at 8:17 p.m .: Today's nude shoot is likely to be particularly disturbing for a candidate: transgender candidate Lucy has not yet had a sex change. But now there's a catwalk training with Heidi Klum.

Whenever Lucy mentions before / during / after the nude shoot that she hasn't had surgery yet, we have to drink one #gntm

- Nadine S (@ gwinni87) February 13, 2020

Welcome to our live ticker from GNTM episode 3

Update at 8.15 p.m .: And let 's go! Welcome to our live ticker for "Germany's next top model" . Today we see a lot of bare skin - and if you trust the ProSieben preview, also a lot of tears.

Update at 8:12 p.m .: Incidentally, model mom Heidi Klum is supported today by Puerto Rican model Joan Smalls .

#WeLove #GNTM

- ProSieben (@ProSieben) February 13, 2020

GNTM 2020 in the live ticker: Has Mareike already been blown out?

Update at 8:05 p.m .: 25 candidates are still in the race at GNTM today. Some girls have done better than others. Mareike (24) is particularly striking - just because of her completely tattooed body she falls out of line. But an Instagram picture that she posted two days ago now gives some fans reason to speculate that she may no longer be on GNTM. Because Mareike posted the photo with her fiance from her private account and not from ProSieben's official Instagram account.

Check out this post on Instagram

You don't even know how much I miss you when I'm traveling with # GNTM2020 Being on Topmodel has been so much fun already and I'm so happy for all the support from you guys ✨ I'm so happy I can reach so many people with positive vibes and speaking about self-love on TV! Can't wait for next week's episode in Costa Rica ✨ @germanysnexttopmodel @_herder_

A post shared by (@internetxdoll) on Feb 7, 2020 at 5:52 am PST

Update at 7:35 p.m .: In less than an hour, weeping, bitching - and undressing again. Because today the Määäädchen awaits the shell-less shoot . But before that, an ex-candidate made headlines: Ex-GNTM candidate Jana Heinisch reveals how Heidi Klum behaves towards the candidates, * when the cameras are off. And the balance sheet does not look good for Heidi Klum: According to that, she should hardly have bothered about the models and rejected them if no cameras were running.

: Hot Rumor Before Tonight's Show - What's On?

Update at 6.40 p.m .: Shortly before the start of the third GNTM episode in 2020 , there is a crazy rumor after a fan on Instagram made a guess: Do the candidates Mareike (24) from Berlin and Julia P. (17) from Dortmund have an affair? You can read what the two GNTM candidates say about the crazy rumor on * .

Update at 5.50 p.m .: Thursday is GNTM day ! We can hardly wait - and we are obviously not the only ones:

Waaaarum it is not yet 8:15 pm I am bored #GNTM

- Lynnöööö (@lynstrosaurus) February 13, 2020

GNTM 2020 in the ticker: This legendary shoot ensures drama and tears today

We are already going in episode three - indeed three out of 17 episodes are already over. 25 “Meeedchen” are still there and are fighting to become “Germany's Next Top Model” 2020 - because like Heidi Klum never gets tired of saying: “There can only be one! "

With 25 GNTM candidates, we are still a long way from that - and yet the drama does not fail to materialize. We have a bad-tempered Tamara * because of her hair - no, the makeover is not yet taking place in episode three - the legendary nude shoot and the most difficult catwalk in the world. That means we can expect drama, drama, drama, baby !

Check out this post on Instagram

cheers to life

A post shared by ᵇʳᵃᶤᶰˢᶜᵃᶰ (@tamarabecca) on Jul 24, 2019 at 9:59 am PDT

GNTM 2020: tears flow during the nude shoot - but not for the usual reason

And this time the nude shoot is pretty tough : Because horses are part of GNTM * today! Yes, that's right, these big four-legged friends with their nostrils. This is a real challenge for some GNTM candidates , such as for Nadine *. She is afraid of horses and tears flowing - as is so often the case with the nude shoot. The exception is this time that the tears don't come because of the nudity. Something new for us too. But will she dare to look her fear - that is, horses - in the eyes and master them, as GNTM winner Simi * did the last year in every episode? That will be shown tonight.

Check out this post on Instagram

Here's a little foretaste of the next shoot

A post shared by (@ nadine.gntm2020.official) on Feb 12, 2020 at 5:09 am PST

GNTM 2020: Heidi's "Meeedchen" run in the water

And Heidi Klum * has another fun in series three in store: she sets the catwalk under water . At this sight, a few candidates panicked: "We are totally thrown into the cold water," said Bianca . "It's a catwalk for the top 10, " Alina says. And indeed: the "Meeedchen" seem to slip and roll and even fall. The catwalk training with Joan Smalls , who sits next to Heidi in the jury * in episode three, probably didn't help.

You can find out how you can follow GNTM live in our broadcasting schedule *. We will also keep you up to date with which candidate is making a round *.

List of rubric lists: © ProSieben

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