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Israeli Restaurants Preparing for Valentine | Israel today


Valentine's Day is coming up this Friday and the chefs have staged a variety of specials and romantic dinners for you • We've collected the most outstanding promotions for restaurants

Valentine's Day is coming up this Friday and the chefs have staged a variety of specials and meals for you, most of which, as expected, romantic and couples.

  • 50 shades of pink in Sitara // Photo: Jonathan Ben Haim

Valentine's Day, call it the way you want it, bottom line is another event that makes all the restaurants and eateries around the country go on specials, all about pure romance

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No cells

The Thai restaurant and Chef Shahaf Saturn, who heads it, launch two special Valentine's menus at a cost of NIS 250/350 per person. The menus consist of five dishes for a couple served in a three-round table with a wide variety to choose from including drinks.

Notable dishes on the menu include: Pepper Beef - Fillet fillets with Cambodian pepper sauce, duck curry, entrecote manis and papaya salad.

Fourth 21, Tel Aviv

Photo by Anatoly Michaelo


The MESSA restaurant will celebrate the Valentines evening in a romantic atmosphere with winter cocktails and a special dessert created by confectionery chef Adi Seaberber. The dessert called "The Red Kiss" consists of yogurt pancotta, mascarpone cream, strawberry chilli, white chocolate powder and various raspberry textures. To complete the atmosphere, DJ will play and every diner will receive a rose.

Minimum price per diner: 250 NIS.

Fourth 19, Tel Aviv

Hotel de Ville

In honor of Valentine's, the Hotel de Ville, romantic French fragrances feature French fragrances, including:

Salmon tartare, crab cappuccino, duck breast, arnchini seafood, and bitter and white chocolate mousse concord dessert.

Photo: Afik Gabay

Dizengoff 230, Tel Aviv

Greenberg Bistro

The beloved restaurant from north Tel Aviv presents a plethora of new dishes for the holiday. Notable dishes on the specials menu - potato gnocchi in truffle sauce and poached egg, pepper steak - bone marrow and pasta braids and killer sashes - machi and soy beet slices. For dessert - Pavlova is dismantled.

Uri Zvi Greenberg 25, Tel Aviv


The successful Greek restaurant features specialties such as Capetas lamb in a mangold casserole, seaweed in herb butter, a double plate of fried lamb chops, and dessert - a moist halibut cake with walnuts.

Uri Zvi Greenberg 25 Tel Aviv


The Tel Aviv bar offers a bottle of wine to choose from with two dishes for sharing and dessert for NIS 200 per couple. Selected dishes include couscous salad, peasant salad, seafood and strawberry sabiche, and desserts in scenery and burlizzo.

Dizengoff 196 Tel Aviv

Nina Biancha

The Mediterranean bistro restaurant will celebrate Valentine's Day on Thursday the 13th in a particularly romantic atmosphere. Alongside the existing menu, romantic specials will be served by chef Yarin Amira.

Notable dishes on the special menu include grouper tartare, white fish carpaccio, pumpkin in tabun, seafood and black forest dessert or strawberry filling and strawberry marmalade.

Bussi St. George 9, Billu compound

Photo: PR

Cub stood up

The Thai restaurant launches a double menu that will be valid for the coming Friday and Saturday only, at a festive and special Valentine's Day event in authentic Thai style, with fun dishes to eat together.

Among the dishes: a double seafood dish, a roughly chopped Intias, Som Tam from Essen, along with cocktails and desserts.

Lincoln 11, Tel Aviv

Photo by Jonathan Ben Haim


The veteran culinary institution is launching "Love Week" consisting of a menu that includes select seasonal ingredients. The first found, among other things, tataki tuna, seafood buiabs and beef dough ravioli stuffed with beef. Mainly found is sea bass fillet, duck breast and lamb ribs.

Rosenblum Herzl 8, Sea & Sun Tel Aviv

last night

Chef Ortal Rosenberg will be serving at a restaurant last night between 9.2 and 15.2 Special "LOVEISLOVE" for couples only for NIS 520 per couple. As part of the special menu, you will experience last night's rolling experience: Start at the bar with 2 cheeses and then continue to a restaurant with a wonderful deal that includes 2 starters, 2 mains, dessert, a bottle of quinoa wine

Lilinblum 30 Tel Aviv

Quito Cato

Tel Aviv's Japanese Urban Kato Kato will offer a Japanese Love Weekend 13-15 / 2 Thursday-Saturday special pink featuring double lollypop dessert - raspberry, soy and ginger, white chocolate and mascarpone cream wrapped in cherry crust and pink cocktails ($ 45) )

Dizengoff 64. The corner of Dizengoff and Bar Giora streets

Asian bucket

For the sake of Hollandes, the "Asian Deli" restaurant - considered the leading culinary-Asian institution in the Sharon area, offers the restaurant guests a romantic tasting of Asian specialties for distribution for only NIS 247. The "Asian Deli" menu will start with Fragrances of the weekend atmosphere and will be served in the restaurant from Thursday at the venue.

The meal will start with a double bubbly sake bag for distribution, and will include:

Tataki tuna- tuna is seared in citrus sauce, chili oil and daikon

Larp sirloin "sirloin", cabbage, shallots, garlic, chili, mint, coriander and green onion in Nam Jim Zhao sauce

Won Ton - Handmade Chicken and Ginger Fillers in Lemon Grass and Soy Sauce

Kanum Jim- fish patties in curry stew with mushrooms, green beans, Thai basil and chili, on steamed rice noodles

Cheesecake dessert - baked cheesecake, strawberries and sour cream in the style of the bucket

Boys 15, Hod-Hasharon

Photo by Meidad Stabinski


The Italian restaurant will celebrate Valentine's Day on Thursday evening and Friday. In the evening, a selection of special dishes will be served from Chef Shachar Barn's kitchen, which is specially made for Valentine's Day and served alongside the restaurant's regular dishes. In addition, diners will enjoy a fine wine menu and a rich selection of colorful and intoxicating cocktails from the bar.

Among the specials are tuna blood orange, foie gras bruschetta, cookie sunjack and artichoke cream. On Friday morning, the brunch will be served, a perfect blend of Italian atmosphere and hedonistic food. For example: Bocancini Spinach, Ag Benedict, Florentine Pastry, Bagel Roast and more ...

The brunch is served Fridays from noon to 9 p.m.

The specials will be served on the evening menu from Thursday 13.2.2020 until Friday 14.2.2020. Minimum order per person 150 NIS

11 Iron St., Tel Aviv

Photo: Afik Gabay

Mina Tomei

Mina Tomei celebrates Valentine with exotic flavors from a selection of dishes from 5 market kitchens from the Far East. On the occasion of the festive day, Mina Toomey's network chef has prepared new special dishes.

Fang Bao Bao - Chinese hamburger in seared bao bun, filled with meat, cooked long, with Chinese sesame paste, egg and caramelized onion. Served with Chinese pickles and cilantro salsa and purple onion.

Beyang yang soup based on delicate Chinese seasoning, peeled burnt tomatoes, bok choy, mushroom mushrooms, white onion and fresh rice noodles with poppy / beef / crispy shrimp.

In addition to these dishes, a special Valentine's dessert will be offered, and surprising cocktails.

The Four 17, Tel Aviv - 03-6338183 | Castra, Haifa - 04-8273576 | Kryon, Kiryat Bialik - 04-6969699


This Valentine's Day is celebrated in Banana with a vegan, festive and luxurious meal, all of which is love for nature, based on quality and fresh ingredients. Bana's Valentine's dinner is based on 5 menu selections, two cocktails / wine / alcohol dessert and two cups of coffee.

The dishes include: smoked wheat, baked cauliflower, parsley and onion on mint cashew zucchini; Green buckwheat taco, bean stew and paprika; Cashew, dill and leek, lettuce, tomato, radish and olives; Forest mushrooms and onions in garlic confit on a baked potato and horseradish aioli; Roast sweet potato, quinoa and herb salsa on coconut curry and hazelnut; Roasted mushrooms on chestnut cream, nutmeg and walnuts; Burnt beets, persimmon and selenova leaves over cashew cream and pomegranate syrup

Price 190 NIS per diner.

Nachmani 36, Tel Aviv

NG Neve Tzedek

Meat Valentines at NG Neve Tzedek

The mythical Angie restaurant in Neve Tzedek is coming out with special dishes for the meat lovers event

Of the dishes: Tomahawk - half a meter of marinated and old-fashioned entrecote steak on bare bone for about 35 days, which looks like an Indian lamb ax. 38 shekels per 100 grams.

Ead Ha'am 6 Tel Aviv

Photo: Gil Aviram

Blue Boy

The cocktail bar created a special specialty menu alongside specialty cocktails where the place specializes. The dishes include red tuna sashimi, scallop of lamb and dessert with the intriguing name "burning Alaska" made from pistachio ice cream, ginger cake and citrus soup.

Berdichevsky 14 Tel Aviv


In the intriguing wonderland space they created a special menu tailored to the unique atmosphere of the place. Among the dishes is seared tuna, black cod fillets alongside new and old cocktails to suit couples.

Sidon 1, Tel Aviv

"Black" network

For Valentine's Day, the chain offers all the hamburger add-ons for free choice of genre-loving carnivores. From 13.2.2020 to 14.2.2020 on Thursday and Friday of the week, any couple who orders 2 Black Burger burgers will be able to choose 2 extras as a gift, at their own expense from among the many extras on the menu.

For example: lamb bacon, fire and smoke - goose delicacy, hot pepper and chopped tomatoes, corruption - eggshell, goose delicacy and gauda. Spicy peppers, garlic and almonds with a little coarse salt A pile of fried onions, peanut butter, sweet potato crispy, pineapple and chilli, St More cheese

Joya Rosh Pina

The new Italian training is inviting lovers and the public to celebrate Valentine Day, in a romantic setting opposite the Galilee landscape, with Italian tastes created by Chef Yaron Gore.

On Thursday, February 13, 2020 starting at 7:00 pm Italian-style dinner, and on Friday, February 14th on Valentine's Day, a romantic brunch dinner will be held from 11:00 to 15:00.

In honor of Valentine, the restaurant's guests will receive a cup of cava for each diner, and at the end of the meal, a restaurant gift for each pair will be served - "Mascarpone Strawberries for Lovers" - with mascarpone cream, fresh strawberries, almonds, stroysel, berry sorbet, almond twill and mint.

Shofina compound, 12 Galil Road, Rosh Pina

Cedar bread

For Valentine's Day, the "Erez Bread" chain offers a romantic ambience that can be modularly assembled and selected from a variety of delicacies for your favorite delicacies. Fresh and natural handmade breads, puff pastry, crunchy cookies, spreads and homemade jams are just some of the wide variety offered in the delicatessen of cedar bread of your choice. The chassis can make a variety of products from different categories and from 3-6 products.

Among the various items in the box: 7 grain bread - bread plus a cereal blend that enriches the bread in a variety of flavors and textures. (Contains: Whole Flour, Bread Flour, Sour Cream, Honey, Linen Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Sesame, Millet, Quaker and Bran. No Oil)

Russian Bread - Dark, heavy and dense Russian-inspired bread. Recommended with yellow butter, cream cheese, pickled and smoked. Contains: Whole rye flour, bread flour, sour and honey. No sugar and oil.

Olive Rye Bread - Bread with olives in three colors that create different textures and enrich the taste. (Contains: rye flour, bread flour, pickles, green olives, black olives and Kalamata olives. No sugar and oil)

The electric garden lights up

On Friday, 14.2 the restaurant bar will go out with a Valentine's Day special - two dishes from the menu and two glasses of wine at NIS 120 or two bottles of wine to take home at NIS 140.

The space will also be designed in honor of the Valentine's Day celebrations.

Levontin 12, Tel Aviv


On the occasion of International Valentine's Day on February 14, Triola launches a special menu specially designed for Valentine, and will be served for the entire weekend.

Among the dishes are: Rossini fillet - aged and goose liver fillet on mashed potatoes and snow peas with red wine and cinnamon syrup, Intyas-Intyas, kohlrabi, white carrots and strawberries with coriander on avocado cream and nuts, and mulberry strawberries - layers of crispy dough filled with patisserie cream .

Shaham 14 Petah Tikva

206 fish

206 Fish in Delight offers a week that is all love and good food at special prices.

Entree, main course and special Valentine's dessert for NIS 159 per person including a glass of house wine or cava at the expense of the house.

The menu was built by chef Itzik Harel, centered on fresh fish and seafood, and includes a selection of special dishes that are specially made for a love week.

Among the specials added to the menu are: arancini on tomato and balsamic butter, risotto arborio, confetti guard and fila denis on the plancha, foie gras, quince and spice jam, and double special dessert: mango mousse and white chocolate. The dishes will be served alongside fine Israeli wines, to promote local produce and support blue and white wineries.

Moshe Sneh 54 Tel Aviv

Photo: Afik Gabay


The chain is launching a unique product for Valentine's Day, a heart-shaped pizza that is combined with community donation, as the company encourages customers to arrive this Thursday between 4pm and 5pm to bring a bear with them and the first 500 will receive the pizza as a gift. The bears to be collected will be donated to a charity that helps children.


The Silo Restaurant offers a special and romantic menu for Valentine's Day. Among the starters, you can enjoy a buretta ball on cherry tomatoes, fried crispy polenta, and over beef fillets diced in fig wine sauce,

From the main courses you can order gnocchi made from cheese and cooked with tomato butter, a fillet of Dennis on a pepper cream and everything is on an open focaccia. For dessert: thick pancakes with mascarpone cream, strawberries and hot chocolate.

210 Jerusalem Boulevard, Holon

Patrick opened up hope

The Petach Tikva restaurant bar invites you, in honor of Valentine's Day, on 14.02, to a particularly romantic weekend with chocolate dessert on a crispy crumble, creamy mascarpone cream with dark chocolate chips, crispy with crispy white chocolate and raspberry side by side. Two glasses of wine to choose from at only NIS 89 (Thursday 13.02 and 15.02 pm).

Made in Israel 4, Petah Tikva

Farouk in the market

The Jaffa Bar is celebrating Valentines on Friday at noon with food, cocktails and live music. In honor of the special day, the chef created a special dish of chicken feta on pistachio cream and raspberry with caramelized fig.

Rabbi Nachman 6, Jaffa

Ji 27 Ramat Hen

On G27 in the heart of Ramat Hen, on Thursday evening, 13.2, special specials for Valentines Day - Salomon sash with strawberries, tomato seeds, hot pepper, fresh oregano and garlic bruschette will be offered. The Special G27 will provide 2 cups of cava as a gift.

In addition, specialty sweets will be offered on Valentine's Day - Milfee Heart with milk chocolate and white chocolate ganache

And a heart-shaped chocolate mousse with red raspberry ulcer

Golani 27 Ramat Gan

Photo: Yael Sklar


This is not a restaurant, but the Digital Wallet app offers a deal that will pay off for many of you who live in the central area. From February 13 until Saturday night, February 15, 130,000 users of the app in Tel Aviv will be able to enjoy the app from the 10% cashback (reimbursement) at hundreds of stores and businesses including chocolate, flowers, alcohol, jewelry and bakery stores. The benefit will be given up to purchases of NIS 500, in addition to the fixed per-app benefit that stands at 5% cashback in unlimited Tel Aviv.

Among the stores in Tel Aviv that provide Colu payer benefits include: Jones Beverages, Liquor Minister, Hemda Flowers, Cactus Bull, Sisso Jewelry, Daskalides, Bakery, Boutique Central, Bread Station and dozens of other small businesses in town.

Source: israelhayom

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