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[Wuhan Pneumonia · Latest] Hong Kong Government Announces Multiple Funding for Hong Kong Japanese Staying in Hubei


The pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan has continued, with a total of 53 confirmed cases in Hong Kong so far (14th); 10 Hong Kong passengers on the Diamond Princess cruise ship were infected; and of the more than 2,000 Hong Kong people stranded in Hubei, 10 were confirmed. Today is Valentine's Day. Zhang Zhujun, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Center for Health Protection of the Department of Health, recommends that people gathering should be avoided as much as possible. "If Valentine's Day feels comfortable, or if the other person feels comfortable, try to avoid meeting or wearing masks. ".

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Written by: Zheng Cuibi, Chen Qianting, Wang Jieen, Hou Cailin, Chen Shuxia, Zheng Qiuling and Liang Huanmin

2020-02-14 04:00

Last updated: 2020-02-14 19:19

The pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan has continued, with a total of 53 confirmed cases in Hong Kong so far (14th); 10 Hong Kong passengers on the Diamond Princess cruise ship were infected; and of the more than 2,000 Hong Kong people stranded in Hubei, 10 were confirmed. Today is Valentine's Day. Zhang Zhujun, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Center for Health Protection of the Department of Health, recommends that people gathering should be avoided as much as possible. "If Valentine's Day feels comfortable, or if the other person feels comfortable, try to avoid meeting or wearing masks. ".

On February 14, Lin Zhengyue met with reporters. (Photo by Lu Yiming)

[19:17] Reporter: In the beginning, no Hong Kong people were infected in Hubei. Up to now 10 people have been diagnosed. Will they not return stranded Hong Kong people to Hong Kong?

Nie Dequan: Concerned about health, quarantine facilities have been completed one after another, and I hope to coordinate with relevant mainland authorities.

[19:07] Reporter: I have n’t answered any questions. Is there a target to pick up Hong Kong people stranded in Hubei? The hotel industry also said that hotels are not suitable for isolation. Do you have to consider public housing?

Lin Zheng: Foshan Junyang Village is very important. The original site of Lei Yue Men Resort was found to be vacant for additional construction, and land plans for undeveloped land were identified.

Nie Dequan: It is necessary to consider traffic arrangements and avoid cross-infection. Due to the number of people, you must have proper and quarantine arrangements when you return. The quarantine facilities have been saturated. There are plans and specific actions to increase the number of quarantine facilities. With the understanding of capacity, society and local people, it can also be implemented.

The specific arrangements were initiated due to the cooperation of local authorities. Local public transportation has been suspended and will be coordinated as a whole, planned as soon as possible, and started in a timely manner.

[19:00] Reporter: Will you promise Hong Kong people to assist Hong Kong people in Hubei, especially those who are older and in need, to return to Hong Kong? Will it use Disney's reserve as a quarantine measure?

Nie Dequan: We have contacted Hong Kong people who need assistance in Hubei. More than 1,000 cases have been rescued, and more than 2,000 people have stayed in Hubei. We have sent medicines and provided hotlines. From the first day, we have already started the evacuation plan. We need to consider transportation and quarantine measures.

Qiu Tenghua: You mentioned the land for the second phase of Disney. This is an option, we know. We will look at everything that works.

Lin Zhengyue: The quarantine and isolation facilities are very important, for example, Junyang Village is very important.

[18:50] Li Jiachao: In addition to police compulsory quarantine and surprise inspections, tomorrow's fire protection, immigration, customs, and punishment church will participate, and they will wear their vests and show their credentials.

[18:44] Reporter: Eight people who accepted home isolation went to Ruttonjee Hospital for medical treatment.

Chen Zhaoshi: More than 5,000 people have undergone compulsory quarantine, and 90% are Hong Kong residents. What you proposed, we need to investigate whether the exemption is granted or whether it is a person who is subject to compulsory household quarantine.

An uncle once left to buy food. After being reminded, he knew that he could not go out. A mother-in-law scribbled the address, but the police couldn't find her, and she found her afterwards.

Three compulsory quarantine Hong Kong residents attempted to leave Hong Kong. The Immigration Department successfully intercepted them and sent them to a 24-hour quarantine camp. The police collected evidence and the Department of Justice considered prosecution.

[18:42] Reporter: Do senior government officials need to step down from accountability?

Lin Zheng: In the face of rumors and rumors in all directions, the public could easily cause unnecessary panic. The SAR Government stepped up its response and clarification, and urged the public to be careful not to believe the rumors. The epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic fund is an important link. On February 5, it was proposed that the general public should generally agree that after the epidemic challenge today, the government needs financial support to weather the crisis. There are no other considerations, but the only hope is to work together to fight the epidemic and cope with the difficulties.

[18:38] Qiu Tenghua: If the mask production line is brought back to Hong Kong, it will ease the supply. The Productivity Council contacts dozens of interested people. To produce, it needs clean factories, testing and certification, machinery and raw materials, capital and regular orders. There is absolutely room for organized and capable people to produce masks locally in Hong Kong. Continue to entrust the Health Promotion Bureau to organize interested parties to process applications.

Direct funding method: Each production line is funded with millions of yuan to make it startable; it also helps to identify factory buildings, in industrial villages, science and technology offices, etc .; fixed purchase orders, the government promises a certain number of purchases, such as purchasing a certain reasonable price in the next year. Amount. Develop reusable masks, hoping to reduce the need for disposable masks.

[18:34] Nie Dequan: There are more than 2,000 Hong Kong people in Hubei, and some are in remote places, such as Enshi and Shiyan. Most of them are visiting relatives from Hong Kong. Medication has been arranged for 90 people who need the medicine, and two batches have been delivered to 30 people, and the fifth batch is in transit. There are non-governmental organizations providing emotional counseling hotlines, and online doctors are also available.

Considering the method of returning to Hong Kong, public health risks, seeking practical and feasible solutions, planning with different departments, in addition to handling detailed arrangements such as avoiding cross-infection on the way back to Hong Kong, there must also be a quarantine site with sufficient capacity. There are a large number of people to do it in batches.

At present, the quarantine center's usage is close to saturation, and 90% has been used. I hope that there will be sufficient quarantine places as soon as possible, get social support and cooperate with people in the area, and follow up with relevant mainland authorities.

[18:31] Li Jiachao: 218 diamond princesses confirmed, including 11 Hong Kong people, 330 Hong Kong people on board, of which 260 hold SAR passports and 70 people hold foreign passports. Since there may be other Hong Kong people holding foreign passports, the number may be Will increase. The Hong Kong Government sent four immigration personnel, together with Chinese embassy personnel, to provide assistance to Hong Kong people on board, including 50 people to provide medicines, and more than 10 ship companies to provide medicines, and also provided masks, disinfection supplies to Hong Kong people.

Proposed to Japan to consider quarantining the Hong Kong people on board and conducting virus tests. In Japan, priority is given to people who are over 80 years old and have symptoms to do a quick test, and a Hong Kong person meets the conditions to do the test. If positive, they will be sent to hospital. Negatives can choose to be isolated on board or on land.

[18:27] Low-income families pay 5,000 yuan per household, and student subsidies add 1,000 yuan to 3500 yuan.

The affected households, such as Xiang Jun Yang Village, who have not occupied the public housing, will be paid 6,000 yuan.

[18:19] Epidemic Prevention Fund:

The government has invested in continuing global procurement; funding for private companies to establish local production lines for masks locally; and funding for research and development and production of reusable masks.

An additional $ 4.7 billion was distributed to the Hospital Authority and the Department of Health provided sufficient budget for the financial year. Funding for cleaning, security, restaurants and travel agencies is expected to apply to the Legislative Council for at least 25 billion yuan.

[18:16] Increase mask supply and save usage:

Various policy bureaus and departments have stepped up their demand for masks, with a total usage of 8 million per month, while the government has outsourced 700,000 and 1 million masks for cleaning workers and elderly homes with disabilities.

Received several batches of 1.6 million masks donated to the government today, which will be donated through the non-governmental organization's book to vulnerable groups mainly for the elderly.

[18:12] Assisting foreigners:

More than 1200 Hong Kong people from Hubei Province in more than 30 cities were diagnosed.

Diamond Princess, there are 330 Hong Kong people, 260 of them have SAR passports, and 11 have been diagnosed.

After drafting specific plans for medical security, quarantine facilities, and transportation arrangements, the SAR government will make every effort to arrange their return to Hong Kong as soon as possible

[18:08] Lin Zheng: World Dream arrived in Hong Kong on February 5th, tested for virus on February 8th, completed on the 9th, all samples were negative, and passengers were allowed to land on the same day. The shipping company wrote to me afterwards, expressing their agreement with the SAR government's epidemic prevention work.

In the Kangmei Building of Changkang Village, on February 10, confirmed cases occurred in the same unit of different floors. More than 100 residents were checked for prudence and they were relocated to the quarantine center. The Housing Department completed an inspection today. Some of the pipes have been changed but have been amended.

[18:05] Lin Zhengyue: The establishment of an epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic fund was announced on February 5. After discussing with the industry on the 10th, details will be given today. In the past ten days, the number of infected people was upper body, the epidemic was severe, and they would pay close attention, but one person recovered and was discharged. There is no widespread community infection in Hong Kong. The source of the infection can basically be traced, including a dinner event for 11 cases in the Lunar New Year, and another dinner event involving 6 cases.

Expert advisory groups such as Yuan Guoyong and Xu Shuchang still use containment strategies to cut off the infection chain.

[17:35] The staff of Jiahao Restaurant in Sheung Wan has opened the gate and posted a notice indicating that due to the epidemic, the restaurant will be on leave from tomorrow (15th) to 29th of this month. The restaurant staff responsible for pulling the brakes said that the restaurant “immediately cleans” immediately after receiving the notice, but has not received any news that the employees need to be quarantined, but the employees will be quarantined at home by themselves. . He also revealed that there is also an employee who belongs to the dim sum stall with the diagnosed person, and the restaurant has dozens of employees.

▼ The latest situation of Diamond Princess Cruise on February 14 ▼




[17:30] Chief Executive Lin Zheng Yue'e, Director of Food and Health Bureau Chen Zhaoshi, Director of Security Bureau Li Jiachao, Director of Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau Nie Dequan, Director of Commerce and Economic Development Bureau Qiu Tenghua, Director of Labour and Welfare Bureau Luo Zhiguang, Financial Affairs and Liu Yixiang, director of the Treasury Bureau, will meet with reporters at 6 o'clock.

[17:21] The first public quarantine list of missing persons in Taiwan, including three Hong Kong people, including Chen Baozhu (female), Zhang Junnuo (male), and Zhang Longhua (male), all three entered Taiwan on February 8, 3 People listed the home quarantine place as Wuchang Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City. Huang Shanshan, the mayor of Taipei City, considered the three to be malicious.



[17:15] At the press conference, Zhang Zhujun was repeatedly questioned about the number and details of compulsory quarantine. She said that she had no information.

[16:40] Mrs. Wu Ruoyu's general out-patient clinic at 310 Wo Yi Hop Road, Kwai Chung was set on fire this morning. He Wanxia pointed out that the general out-patient clinic was maliciously disrupted, affecting the work of medical staff and severely condemned. She pointed out that everyone understands the concern of designated clinics and will continue to communicate with different stakeholders. She hopes that everyone understands that it is for everyone's sake that patients with less severe illness will go to designated clinics for treatment.

She also clarified that no N95 mask was recovered. She said that the medical staff in the ward changed, only that it was used properly, and there was no limit to using a certain number of equipment.

▼ Valentine's Day love under the mask is spreading in the plague ▼




[16:30] Zhang Zhujun, Director of the Department of Infectious Diseases, Center for Health Protection: 3 new confirmed cases were reported, and 56 people were infected.

The 54th case was the cousin of the 53rd confirmed case, who lived in Dalangwan Village, Shek O, returned to work in Quarry Bay and worked as a civilian. I coughed on January 3, and participated in a family dinner at the North Star Restaurant in Kangmeilou on January 26. There were 25 adults and 4 children in the dinner. She developed symptoms on February 3 and went to Ruttonjee Hospital on February 13 for medical treatment. Six people were confirmed at the dinner. She continued to work after coughing, and her colleagues wore masks. The Center for Health Protection has tracked people who had dinner on the day. Six of them have visited the hospital for treatment, all of them are negative. If they are close contacts, they will be based. Zhang Zhujun pointed out that there was no side stove at the dinner that day, and currently he could not grasp the source of the infection.

The 55th case was a 75-year-old elder living alone and living in Shilier Village. He fell into Princess Margaret's Accident and Emergency Department and was diagnosed later. On or before January 22, there will be a journey through Lok Ma Chau. The 55th case was admitted to a hospital in a very poor condition. He was admitted to the intensive care unit and received a throat insertion. The patient's blood pressure is low and a cardiac needle is needed. A temporary kidney replacement is also needed. He claimed that he did not depart, but found that he had immigration records after using the system provided by the Immigration Department.

The 56th case was a 61-year-old woman who lived at Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, and served as a snack shop at Grand Royal Restaurant in Sheung Wan. He had a shortness of breath on February 12 and was admitted to the hospital on the 13th. She visited the two sons in Xinhui, Guangdong Province from January 23 to 28. The CHP followed up and they were not diagnosed. A restaurant colleague is in close contact with her and will be isolated, while those who are not in close contact will be medically monitored. The restaurant will be disinfected and cleaned.

In the past 24 hours, 36 suspected cases were reported, and 114 were treated in isolation. A total of 56 new cases were reported. One died, one was discharged, and 54 remained in hospital.

Prior to the diagnosis, many people from the sideburner family in the Kwun Tong Party Room confirmed that two people from the mainland who had participated in the dinner contact had been contacted by the health protection team. The two tested negative for the new coronavirus.

[15:54] The Hong Kong Tourism Board announced that the initial number of visitors to Hong Kong in January this year was 3.2 million, which is an average of about 100,000 daily, compared with the average of 200,000 daily in the first half of last year, a year-on-year decrease of 53%. Among them, the mainland and short-haul markets saw the largest declines, exceeding 50%.

The HKTB pointed out that although the number of tourists visiting Hong Kong rose to an average of 130,000 daily visitors due to the Lunar New Year effect in mid-January, many airlines have suspended flights to Hong Kong and reduced flights due to the new coronavirus epidemic. The government A series of measures have also been introduced to significantly reduce the flow of people from Hong Kong and the Mainland. As a result, the number of tourists dropped sharply in late January, and the number of single-day visitors to Hong Kong dropped to 65,000.

[Wuhan Pneumonia] Visitors to Hong Kong in January fell by more than 50% year-on-year in February.




[15:47] Okinawa, Japan, one of Hong Kong's tourist hot spots, "lost" and the first confirmed patient appeared. The patient was a taxi driver and female driver in her 60s. She may have been infected with the Diamond Princess cruise ship patient on February 1.

[15:44] The Macau public sector will resume normal operations together next week (17th).

[15:10] Chief Executive Lin Zheng Yue'e will meet with reporters in the evening. It is reported that she will explain the situation of the Diamond Princess stranded in Hong Kong and the 10 billion yuan anti-epidemic fund.

It is reported that the Diamond Princess passengers are expected to disembark on the 19th when they are isolated. The government is preparing to arrange the return of Hong Kong people, which is considered to be handled by charter flights, but relevant matters still need to be discussed with the Japanese authorities.

[14:40] The National Health Commission announced that 1,716 medical staff in the Mainland were infected and 6 of them died.

[14:15] It is understood that a 37-year-old couple living in Unit 07 on the lower floor of Kangmei Building was diagnosed with a new type of pneumonia after eating at North Star Seafood Restaurant with more than 20 relatives on the second day of the new year. The people participating in the meal gathering have been diagnosed one after another. In addition to the Kangmeilou couple (cases 48 and 49), they also have their grandfather (case 46), grandfather aunt (case 52), and grandfather grandmother (case 53).

It is reported that one more person was initially diagnosed today, a 41-year-old woman who attended the second meal of the New Year. The patient is currently hospitalized at Ruttonjee Hospital. The total number of confirmed diagnoses in Hong Kong may increase to 54.

[Wuhan pneumonia] News: Kangmeilou family has a total of about 20 people in North Point for dinner and 1 more preliminary diagnosis

[13:30] The Legislative Council will hold a special meeting next Wednesday. Zhang Jianzong led the director to answer the epidemic question.

[12:50] A family member of an HSBC employee was diagnosed. The employee had worked at the head office and Tseung Kwan O and was being quarantined.

[12:38] Jetstar halted flights from Hong Kong to Tokyo Narita Airport from February 23 to March 28. Flight 70 was affected. The last flight from Narita was GK23 on February 15, and the last flight from Hong Kong was GK20 on February 16.

▼ Valentine's Eve (February 13) under the epidemic ▼




[Valentine's Day] Love is spreading in plagues

▼ Hong Kong's abnormal daily life under the epidemic ▼




[08:02] As of 8:02 am on Friday (14th), the number of confirmed cases nationwide exceeded 60,000 to 64,739, 4857 more than the previous day. The number of deaths increased by 117 to 1,485, and suspected cases were 13,485. There were 6912 cured cases; in Hubei Province, the hardest-hit area, 51986 cases were confirmed and 1,426 cases were fatal.

[06:15] The Wuhan pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus continues. The Chinese pharmaceutical company of the Mainland China said on Thursday (13th) that experiments have shown that the plasma of recovered patients has high titer virus neutralizing antibodies, which can effectively kill The new type of coronavirus is effective in clinical treatment of 11 critical cases with special-free plasma. Zhang Dingyu, director of Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, also called for the donors to donate plasma to save other patients at a news conference on the same day.

[04:55] Under the scourge of a new type of coronavirus (Wuhan pneumonia), the Hospital Authority has set up "designated clinics" to receive patients in 18 districts of Hong Kong. Among them, Mrs. Wu Ruoyu's general outpatient clinic at 310 Wo Yi Hop Road, Kwai Chung. On Saturday (8th), after being suspected of being bombarded with petrol bombs, at 3 am today (14th), they were again destroyed in the same way.

[03:44] World Health Organization (WHO) expert Mike Ryan said on February 13 that there has been no large-scale outbreak of new coronavirus infections outside China, but the cruise ship "Diamond Princess" docked at the port of Yokohama, Japan (Diamond Princess) is the exception.

[00:30] The Cambodian health department stated that the Westerdam cruise ship departing Hong Kong and carrying about 2,200 people had all 20 passengers who had been tested for viruses on board the ship and confirmed that they were not infected.

[23:55] The Department of Health has updated the list of Hong Kong residents who have visited Hubei within 14 days. They are now undergoing compulsory home quarantine. The number of buildings remaining is 14 and there are no new buildings.

The non-residential list of confirmed cases of new coronavirus infection in the past 14 days has been added to the list of New Century Plaza and Wan Chai Group Tower, both of which are the working places of relatives of the sideburner family and related confirmed colleagues. Two were the working places of the second aunt and father of the first patient in the family at the age of 24. The diagnosis was made by a colleague and a colleague.

[23:15] The first case of death from a new type of coronavirus was recorded in Japan. The deceased was a woman in her 80s who lived in Kanagawa Prefecture during her lifetime and did not have a record in Hubei or Zhejiang Province of China. He was unwell and sought medical treatment. On February 1, he was diagnosed with moon pneumonia and was hospitalized. Her condition suddenly worsened on the 12th and she died on the 13th. Authorities said the deceased was the grandmother of a taxi driver who was diagnosed on the same day.

[23:00] The new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters in Huanggang City, Hubei Province issued a notice. From 00:00 on February 14, all communities will be fully closed management, except for medical staff, anti-epidemic workers and basic people's livelihood security practitioners In addition, other residents must not enter or leave the community without authorization.

▼ Official "Compulsory Self-Quarantine Questions and Answers" ▼



[Wuhan Pneumonia] Increased to 53 confirmed family members of Changkang village were recruited in the same table five people recruited

[Wuhan Pneumonia] The work place of the family members of the sideburner is exposed in the New Century Plaza Group Strategy Building

[Wuhan pneumonia] high elevation: the risk of medical infection is unavoidable

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