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Lots of sporty vigor in Penzberg - awards for 117 athletes


117 successful athletes and 18 long-serving club officials were honored by the city of Penzberg on Wednesday evening; including many children and adolescents. They also received applause from the guests of honor present: two Olympic champions, former ice hockey professionals and a parachutist with a world record title.

117 successful athletes and 18 long-serving club officials were honored by the city of Penzberg on Wednesday evening; including many children and adolescents. They also received applause from the guests of honor present: two Olympic champions, former ice hockey professionals and a parachutist with a world record title.


Penzberg - It was a very exciting moment for little Daniel Hepp. As first place in the Upper Bavarian Blitz Championship and winner of the Upper Bavarian Rapid Tournament U8, the young chess player was one of a total of 117 successful athletes who took to the stage on Wednesday evening in a fully occupied town hall to be honored for their achievements and to meet the long applause of the audience to take.

BR sports moderator Johannes Krause, who cheerfully moderated the evening as a die-hard Penzberger, had already announced at the beginning in view of the thick stack of documents to be distributed: "Today, this will not be a sprint, but a marathon."

Krause had to announce a few informative details from each of the athletes' lives about each of the traditional men, horse men, skiers or wrestlers who often came to the stage in groups.

Sports ceremony: At the age of eight in the Bavarian chess roster

So also to the little Daniel, who was just 8 years old as the youngest player in the Bavarian chess roster. How did he get to play chess in the first place? Krause asked about the boy. Visibly excited, Daniel told how he saw a chess board while visiting the library, whereupon he spontaneously started to play. "Then I didn't say anything for 30 minutes," said the boy. The passion was aroused.

And this passion for their sport burns in all the big and small gymnasts, dancers or swimmers who have been awarded for their various placements. For over 30 years, the city has been asking every year for this sports ceremony, which last year "for organizational reasons", according to moderator Krause, could not take place, which is why the list of athletes to be honored on Wednesday was particularly long.

Sports ceremony: "It is something special to be honored"

Among them was Nina Cordes from the Solidarity Penzberg, which was awarded for her second place at the German Championship in Unicycling. "The fact that we are honored is something special," said the girl. Unicycling is a little known sport for which there is little public recognition. "Otherwise it tends to fall down in the back." Not that evening, however. No more than other sporting disciplines such as bowling or figure skating. The TSV Penzberg was strongly represented, with many equipment gymnasts and athletes being honored - many of them with an impressively long list of sporting successes. "This shows that there is a lot of sporting vigor in Penzberg", Mayor Elke Zehetner summed up in her greeting.

By the way, the honors were given by some very big in sports: the javelin Olympic champion from 1972, Klaus Wolfermann, the former ice hockey professionals Christian Curth and Joachim "Butzi" Reil as well as the parachutist Stefan Hört and the three-time Olympic champion in sailing, Jochen Schümann. They also honored the 18 officials who were honored for their many years of dedicated work in the club board in Penzberg.

Honors for Penzberger athletes - the award winners


Hannah Albrecht of Solidarity was visibly proud.

© Franziska Seliger

Solidarity / figure skating: Marija Baljak (Bavarian champion), Katharina Albrecht (Bavarian champion), Hannah Albrecht (Bavarian champion), Annalena Zettl (Bavarian champion), Franziska Schöllhorn (Bavarian champion), Michelle Hutz (Bavarian vice champion), Lina Baumberger (Bavarian Vice Master), Julia Ackermann (Bavarian Vice Master), Julia Wutz (Bavarian Vice Master), Johanna Demmel (Bavarian Master), Cesare Costabile (Bavarian Master), Valentina Costabile (Bavarian Master), Sabrina Höfer (Bavarian Vice Master), Kathrin Futterknecht ), Katarina Baljak (German Vice Champion), Lea Fischer (German Champion).

Solidarity / unicycling: Selina Mair (German runner-up), Nina Cordes (German runner-up).

Ski club Penzberg: Thomas Koitsch (third in the Senior World Cup), Gerhard Resenberger (third in the Senior World Cup). Trachtenverein GTEV "Loisachtaler Maxkron" Lisa-Marie Frey, Sebastian Reile, Benjamin Scharf (all third at the Gauplattln des Loisachgau).

SKV 1940 Penzberg: Thomas Huppenberger (fourth in the German championship), Traudl Kral (Upper Bavarian champion), Vanessa Lamche (Bavarian vice champion), Vanessa Paul (Upper Bavarian champion), Ramona Resch (Bavarian vice champion), senior team with Thomas Mährlein, Aydin Coban, Konrad Stremair, Ivo Juric and Thomas Huppenberger (third in Bavarian championship).

Chess club Penzberg: Daniel Hepp (1st place Bavarian rapid tournament U8, inclusion in the Bavarian chess squad).

TSV Penzberg / gymnastics: Julie Piecha (Bavarian champion), Saskia Graf (Bavarian champion), Lara Baumgartl (German champion, member of the federal and state team), Hanna Habersetzer (Upper Bavarian vice champion), Yuka Manabe (promotion to the Landesliga and Oberliga) , Emilia Oswald (Bavarian champion), Lisa Schwarz (promotion to the Landesliga and Oberliga), Johanna Probst (Bavarian runner-up, member of the regional team), Anna Scholl (Bavarian champion), Maya Schröcker (German champion, member of the federal and state cadres) ), Theresa Zurmühl (Bavarian master).

AC Penzberg: Marius Nichita (Upper Bavarian runner-up), Lena Forstner (Bavarian runner-up), Felix Kierok (Upper Bavarian runner), Johanna Reigl (eighth at the German championship, Konstantin Reigl (Upper Bavarian runner-up), Konstantin Streicher (Upper Bavarian runner-up), Tobias Bauer (fifth at German championship), Benedikt Bauer (Bavarian runner-up), Mustafa Karaismailoglu (Bavarian runner-up), Matti Forstner (Upper Bavarian runner-up), Bernhard Stark (third at Bavarian championship), Florian Dürr (Upper Bavarian championship), Leonie Stark (third at Upper Bavarian championship) , Thomas Kramer (eighth at the German championship), Clemens Seidler (Bavarian runner-up), Helmut Kramer (German champion).

Swimming club SG Oberland: Jakob Höhler (Bavarian runner-up), Luisa Niederstraßer (Upper Bavarian runner-up), Martina Lickel (third in Bavarian championship), Elena Lickel (Upper Bavarian runner-up), Katharina Rath (Upper Bavarian runner-up), Maxi Rath (Bavarian runner-up), Luisa (Upper Bavarian runner-up), Nele Bäck (third at the Upper Bavarian championship), Anna Papen (third at the Upper Bavarian championship), Jonathan Schottenheim (Bavarian runner-up).

TSV Penzberg Athletics: Colin Klein (third in Bavarian championship), Corinna Braun (Bavarian champion), Lucas Herbeck (Bavarian runner-up), Sharon Müller (third in Bavarian championship), Matthias Bauer (Bavarian champion), Michael Speinle (Bavarian champion), Markus Brennauer (fourth in the German championship), Hanna Ackermann (Bavarian champion), Michaela Kölbl (Bavarian vice champion), Marvin Bertram (fifth in the German championship), Hugo Mann (German champion), Tom Jäger (fifth in the German championship), Andreas Kölbl (Bavarian champion), Raffieu Deen Johnson (Bavarian runner-up), Luk Jäger (German champion), Julia Rath (German champion), Nick Jäger (third at European championship).

1. FC Penzberg: Futsal Bayern League champion; Toto Cup winner Kreis Zugspitz; Samir Azizi, Benedikt Buchner, Sean Erten, Anastasios Fytanidis, Marco Hiry, Johannes Huber, Maxi Kalus, Denny Krämer, Sabir Neziri, Samir Neziri, Maxi Panholzer, David Salcher, Josef Siegert Jr., Sandro Volz, Christian Wiedenhofer, Marco Wirtl, Moritz Wolff, Suheil Amadodin, Davor Antunovic, Franz Fischer, Mustafa Menzil, Sandu Poplacean.

Tennis club Penzberg: Samuel Gampenrieder (fifth in Germany tournament, player in the talent pool Bayern Süd), Marco Oniteros (victories in international tournaments, player in the talent pool Bayern Süd), Maxi Ontiveros (third in southern German tournament, inclusion in the talent pool Bayern Süd).

AMC Penzberg: Dennis Helfer (fourth at German championship).

Others: Christa Reitmeier (third in German championship with tennis club Stockdorf), Louis Nauthon (German basketball champion with Bayern Munich), Sofie Disl (second in tournament with ice hockey U18 national team), Martin Sauerbrey (fourth in twelve-hour mountain bike) European Championship).

Honor for long-standing association officials in Penzberg

For 50 years: Helmut Schmidtner (AMC Penzberg), Alfred Wiendl (1. FC Penzberg). For 45 years: Hans Spiske (AMC Penzberg). For 40 years: Peter Demmel (Georgian club "D'Rosserer"), Thilo Vorreiter (Skiclub Penzberg), Josef Felix (AMC Penzberg), Franz Reitmeier (1. FC Penzberg). For 35 years: Gerhard Mrotzek (TSV Penzberg), Alois Deisenberger (Georgian Association "D'Rosserer"), Georg Buchner (Georgian Association "D'Rosserer"). For 30 years: Helmut Waxenberger (Georgian club "D'Rosserer"), Annelies Plep (Noah's Ark), Inge Krämer (1. FC Penzberg). For 25 years: Annelies Wild (Georgian association "D'Rosserer"). For 20 years: Claudia Führmann (Glück-Auf Choir Penzberg) Herrmann Wallrapp (Georgiverein "D'Rosserer"), Karin Sonnenstuhl (TSV Penzberg), Melanie Jäger (TSV Penzberg).

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