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Rebecca Reusch: Expert has restored her last mobile phone video - so it can turn things around


February 18, 2020 is a sad date for the family of Rebecca Reusch: on that day her “Becci” disappeared a year ago. Now new videos of her have appeared.

February 18, 2020 is a sad date for the family of Rebecca Reusch: on that day her “Becci” disappeared a year ago. Now new videos of her have appeared.

  • Rebecca Reusch, then 15, has been missing since February 18, 2019.
  • The disappearance of the Berliner has been one of the most spectacular missing cases in recent years.
  • Now a new video by Rebecca Reusch appeared.

Update from February 14, 2020, 10.11 a.m .: One year after the disappearance of 15-year-old Rebecca Reusch, there are new developments for the first time in a long time. Her last sign of life was a WhatsApp voice message that she sent on the morning of her disappearance. Now more data could be saved from her cell phone.

As RTL reports, one of their technology experts, in collaboration with the family, was able to create a backup of their smartphone . The previously unpublished material was handed over to a police lawyer. Several photos and two videos were found in the data saved. Rebecca recorded the videos on the TikTok app. The popular Chinese video portal offers the possibility, as was once the case with the mini-playback show, to produce music clips to which you only have to move your lips and dance.

On Rebecca's videos you can see her dancing to a remix of the song "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls. It was nice for the family to see the videos and photos. You can see how much fun she would have always had, Mother Brigitte explained to RTL in tears. Rebecca's sister Vivien has mixed feelings about the videos: “It is definitely very valuable, you have so little of the past few days, you weren't prepared for it. You look at it with a laughing eye on one side and a crying one on the other, but I'm very glad that we have it now. ”

In the videos , the then 15-year-old wore torn jeans. According to her mother, it was the same pants that Rebecca had on the day she disappeared. She hopes people can recognize her daughter. "It won't be the clothes after a year. And it will not be the hair length anymore and it is still in puberty - I do not know what it could look like now ... But maybe through the movement, the dancing, although it is a bit choppy . “So now the turnaround could be possible in the case that her family still dreams of. A witness might come forward who recognizes Rebecca with the new recordings.

You can see the recordings here at

Rebecca Reusch: A year ago the 15-year-old student disappeared - "Where are you at?"

First report from February 12, 2020:

Berlin - "Where are you at?", "What happened to you?": Half a year after Rebecca Reusch's disappearance, her sister Vivien posted a touching message on Instagram. But the Berlin woman has still not shown up. Even a year after "Becci" was reported missing, there was no trace of the then 15-year-old girl. To this day, users who want to encourage the family keep coming back to Vivien's Instagram account: “I'm so sorry for you. I hope it will be found and then you can live in peace again, ”writes one user. "May Rebecca return home!" - "May Rebecca come back home!" Posted an apparently English-speaking Instagram user. But if you are realistic, you know that with each passing day, the hope that Rebecca will be found alive disappears a bit.

Rebecca Reusch: The weekend before her disappearance she spent with her older sister

Check out this post on Instagram

16 balloons for you. 16 years of Becci. Your friends and family launched 16 balloons for you today. There is no day when we don't think of you, pray for you. We miss you so much. The pain is so unbearable. Where are you? What happened to you I love you so much my twinnie. ❤♾ You are missing ...

A post shared by Vivien Reusch (@viiiivaaa__) on Sep 21, 2019 at 12:48 pm PDT

Review: Rebecca is seen alive for the last time in the morning of February 18, 2019. The student, who was 15 at the time, had spent the weekend with her older sister Jessica (then 27) and her husband Florian R. in their house in Berlin's Neukölln district. Jessica leaves the house at around 7 a.m. because she wants to take the children to the day care center - her husband claims that after a company party she goes to bed to sleep. At around 7.15 a.m., Jessica asks her husband to wake Rebecca up because the 15-year-old has to go to school. When Florian R. enters the living room, Rebecca is not there. Because Rebecca doesn't show up at school either, her family reports the girl to the police as missing. At the same time, the relatives start a search for “Becci” .Rebecca's parents also appear on television and comment on the fate of their daughter.

Rebecca: A few days after her disappearance, the homicide squad takes over - her brother-in-law is arrested

But the search was unsuccessful: on February 21, the police issued an official missing person report to Rebecca Reusch, two days later the murder commission took over the case. Then the bang: On February 28, the police temporarily arrested Rebecca's brother-in-law Florian R. - but only three days later he was released. But the brother-in-law remains in the sights of the investigators: On March 3rd, Florian R.'s handcuffs click again - but again this time he has to be released shortly afterwards due to lack of urgent suspicion.

Every hint counts! #findbecci

- DPolG Berlin (@DPolGBerlin) February 27, 2019

"Case number XY": Even a broadcast on the missing person case "Rebecca" does not bring the hoped-for success

The legendary ZDF program "Aktenzeichen XY" also tackles the "Rebecca" case - but here too the desired success is lacking. Rebecca's family not only suffers from their disappearance: hostilities keep coming up during the search, as Rebecca's mother Brigitte reports.

The chances of Rebecca reappearing alive are slim. But her family will continue to cling to every straw so as not to lose hope. Or as Rebecca's sister Vivien put it in her Instagram post: "There is no day we don't think about you, pray for you."


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