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[Wuhan Pneumonia · Latest] Government arranges free charter to pick up Diamond Princess 330 Hong Kong people back to Hong Kong


The outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan caused by the new coronavirus continues. There are no new confirmed cases in Hong Kong today, and 56 cases of infection remained. The HA will further reduce non-emergency and non-essential services next week.

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Written by: Mackay Chen, Chen Qi, Zhang Jiamin, Zheng Cuibi, Li Enci, Zheng Qiuling, Hou Cailin, Ouyang Dehao, Guo Qianwen, Liang Yingbao

2020-02-15 04:00

Last updated: 2020-02-15 23:57

The outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan caused by the new coronavirus continues. There are no new confirmed cases in Hong Kong today, and 56 cases of infection remained. The HA will further reduce non-emergency and non-essential services next week.




[23:52] The government announced that it is arranging charter flights to take Hong Kong people under quarantine on the Diamond Princess back to Hong Kong for free. Specific return dates and arrangements. Taking into account the relevant public health risks, the relevant persons will arrange to enter the quarantine center for quarantine for 14 days after arriving in Hong Kong.

[21:52] There were no new cases in Macau for 11 consecutive days. Basic government services will resume next Monday and bus trips will increase.

[21:15] The Department of Health stated that as of yesterday (14th), the Department of Health had issued a quarantine order to 6,625 people who arrived in Hong Kong from the Mainland, of which 6,325 were at home quarantine, 199 were at the hotel, and 101 were at the quarantine center. Of these compulsory quarantine persons, 5,888 were Hong Kong residents and 737 non-Hong Kong residents.

[Wuhan Pneumonia] Someone blocked the road after Tianshui encircled the night

Representatives of the Immigration Department visited Japanese and Chinese embassies to learn about the diagnosis of Hong Kong people. (Provided by the Immigration Department)

[17:53] The news indicates that the Hong Kong Government has researched and dispatched a Cathay Pacific charter plane to Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan, and picked up the Hong Kong people stranded on the Japanese Diamond Princess on February 19. The crew will wear protective clothing and will not directly contact passengers.

[Wuhan Pneumonia] Diamond Princess Carries 330 Hong Kong People: Government Contacts Cathay Pacific

Press conference of the Center for Health Protection on February 15. (Photo by Liao Yanxiong)

[16:30] Press Conference of the Center for Health Protection:

There are no new confirmed infection cases today. The number of confirmed cases remains 56. Local cases with more close contacts are infected and the onset time is longer; while imported cases have shorter onset times and fewer close contacts are infected.

[Wuhan Pneumonia] No more newly diagnosed after 6 days, Department of Health: Difficult to determine whether peaked

The HA's inventory of protective equipment such as masks, protective clothing, and eye masks is sufficient for one month, excluding supplies already allocated to the ward. Difficult procurement, some countries listed as strategic commodities can not be exported, and some countries can export procurement without timely shipment.

[Wuhan Pneumonia] Medical equipment is only enough for one month to delay 100,000 operations and inspections by the Hospital Authority

Public hospitals will further reduce non-emergency and non-essential services next week.

[14:55] The driver's family of an outsourced company in the Chaiwan Delivery Bureau of the Post was confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus. The test result of the outsourced driver of the post was negative, and it was determined not to be an infected case.

[Wuhan Pneumonia] Post Office: Chaiwan Delivery Bureau Outsources Test Results to Negative

[12:20] Residents of Room 07, Kangmei Building, Changkang Village, Tsing Yi, returned to their residences one after another. The first tourist bus carrying the quarantine resident of Room A07 of Kangmei Building arrived at the underground location of Kangmei Building. The residents wearing masks successively got out of the car and retrieved their luggage to go upstairs.

[10:10] A few days ago, some residents of Kangmei Building, Changkang Village suspected that the exhaust pipe of the toilet connection ditch leaked and spread poison, causing public concern. The Hong Kong Toilet Association recently visited public housing estates to inspect the condition of the pipes, and found that many hidden dangers, including the installation of some drainage pipes in the bathroom, are likely to cause damage; it is difficult to clean the space between the pipes, and the public may make changes due to exposed pipes . They recommend installing a protective partition wall and having inspection windows to make it easy to check for leaks.

101 residents of Unit A07, Kangmei Building, Changkang Village have completed quarantine, and all of them were negative to the new coronavirus. (Profile picture / Photo by Yu Junliang)

▼ Director of the Consumer Council Huang Fengxian teaches homemade masks ▼




[Wuhan pneumonia] New third patient's address exposed, "Star Meal" confirmed female Taikoofang post

[Wuhan Pneumonia] Asked by the government that Disney plans to use Disney's second phase for quarantine

[Wuhan Pneumonia] Chaiwan Delivery Bureau outsourced the driver's family and confirmed that the driver had shipped a pouch to Taikoo Shing

[Wuhan Pneumonia] Lin Zheng: 1.6 million donated masks will send vulnerable groups to the Hospital Authority to allocate 4.7 billion

[Wuhan Pneumonia] Cleaning company Tuen Mun will send free 2250 masks on Saturday

▼ Hong Kong's abnormal daily life under the epidemic ▼




Wuhan Pneumonia 01 Live 01 Video My Home News Madman

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