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After long tinkering: junior high school develops a fawn rescuer on the combine harvester


Erik Meier knows combine harvesters. He helps harvesting in the field himself. A situation when mowing makes him ponder - and become an inventor.

Erik Meier knows combine harvesters. He helps harvesting in the field himself. A situation when mowing makes him ponder - and become an inventor.

  • How can animals be saved from a harvester mower?
  • That is what eleven-year-old Erik Meier from Ingenried had to worry about in the run-up to the “Jugend forscht” competition.
  • The junior high school student is one of 68 young people who - accompanied by teachers and the Hoerbiger company as a sponsoring company - dare to think of new ways.

Schongau / Ingenried– Erik Meier helps combine harvests in the field. Two meters before the mower, two small fawns suddenly jump out of the grass. It's a matter of seconds. The fawns were lucky. "If we hadn't seen any traces in the grass, they would have been covered over."

A moment that should keep Erik Meier busy for a long time. When the eleven-year-old pupil from Ingenried applied for the elective subject “Jugend forscht” at the Pfaffenwinkel secondary school, he already had an idea in his head: he wanted to save animals that could be undetected by the mower of a harvesting machine or killed or killed.

Fawn is picked up and transported online

After long tinkering with his supervisor, the fawn rescue system has been developed: a frame with a net that is attached in front of the tractor mower. The sensor in the system is a thermal imager. “The animal recognizes it and then the frame moves down,” explains Erik, how the whole thing should work. And the fawn? "This is recorded during the journey and transported on the network."

It is not yet clear whether the system really works

Does that really work? "I don't know yet," Erik explains frankly. "I don't have my own tractor." Because Erik isn't a farmer himself, as you might expect. Rather, his big hobby is helping out with a farmer from Ingenried on the farm. He helps milk. Rides along when mowing. "I would love to do the job myself," dreams the young researcher.

1:32 scale model

At school and at home, he first developed his dreams of the Kitz protection network using a model - a 1:32 scale Sico tractor. The flagship model with which Erik Meier will start at the competition in the “Voralpenland” region this coming Tuesday: he still has to tinker with it. “But that happens relatively quickly.” An inventor knows that the path from the idea to the model is what has to be mastered.

The important thing is: "It was really fun."

Erik has already taken the first big step. He dared to put an idea on paper, do the math, tinker. From thought to model. Does he think there are good chances? “Mittelgut”, says the eleven-year-old, is modest. The important thing is: "It was really fun." In the district, one can already look forward to such innovative young farmers.

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Source: merkur

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