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Influencer faked Bali vacation in a bizarre way: The reaction of her Instagram followers surprises her


Influencer and youtuber Natalia Taylor deliberately duped her followers: she was creating a complete Bali luxury vacation - and was actually in a completely different place.

Influencer and youtuber Natalia Taylor deliberately duped her followers: she was creating a complete Bali luxury vacation - and was actually in a completely different place.

  • Influencer Natlalia Taylor ventured an experiment on Instagram .
  • She pretended to be in Bali .
  • Her photos were actually taken in the Ikea around the corner . But does someone discover the fake ?

Not everything on the Internet is what it seems. Everyone can pretend to be someone or something that they are not. Instagram in particular is fueling these clichés and is representative of the beautiful illusory world of the Internet . The American influencer Natalia Taylor made fun of it and outright duped her followers on Instagram , pretending to be on a luxury Bali vacation . The real highlight behind it - she was at Ikea !

Instagram fake: So much Bali is in Ikea for Natalia Taylor

"Can you fake it, til you make it?" - Natalia Taylor wanted to find out. After all, there are always influencers who like to post fake photos , such as Casey Sosnowski, who was supposed to be hiking. In order to make her fake credible, Natalia diligently posts photos and stories on Instagram. These were just shot at Ikea. “Since I first entered an Ikea, I thought it was funny to do a photo shoot in one of the small rooms to see how real it looked. The small rooms are so nicely arranged that you could also think of them as a hotel or Airbnb. ”So let's go - make-up, hair, outfit ready, photographer at the start and off to Ikea for the Instagram experiment. Do your followers discover the fake?

Check out this post on Instagram

The queen has arrived #bali

A post shared by Natalia Taylor (@natalia__taylor) on Feb 6, 2020 at 2:51 pm PST

Instagram: Natalia leaves Ikea signs in the picture as fake notes

The first “location” is quickly found in a nice little showroom and the shoot is done. Natalia removed the obvious classic info signs from Ikea in the foreground, but deliberately left a few in the background. These were deliberately seen in the mirror reflection. Natalia also deliberately left the small Ikea signs in other photos as references in the photo to give her followers the opportunity to unmask them . Natalia also filmed small “room tours” for her Instagram stories in the Ikea showrooms .

The next challenge: Don't let employees catch you , otherwise you could be thrown out! Therefore it is important to be quick. The other visitors looked slightly irritated, but did not allow themselves to be put off, even if Natalia and her photographer attracted attention. An Ikea employee even discovered the two, but actually reacted indifferently. Done - go home and get Photoshop .

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Tea isn't the only thing I drink ..

A post shared by Natalia Taylor (@natalia__taylor) on Feb 6, 2020 at 3:20 pm PST

Instagram fake: Natalia reuses other video material

For a greater “credibility” of her vacation , Natalia created Instagram stories from other photo and video material. To do this, she specifically searched for useful material on the Internet under #Bali and used it herself again. "I know that's not right," said Natalia , "but the point of this video is to show how easily you can make other people believe that you are who you are not." She even used images from friends who were in Bali . “I enjoy a high level of credibility with my followers . I never wanted to break that credibility. [...] You would never expect me to lie to you because you know I would never do it. ”And indeed: discovered the little “ Easter eggs ” that are supposed to expose their fake nobody!

Check out this post on Instagram

Where should I travel to next? ✨ Comment below and maybe I will;)

A post shared by Natalia Taylor (@natalia__taylor) on Feb 6, 2020 at 3:38 pm PST

Natalia Taylor feels like a liar because of her Instagram experiment

Natalia even thinks that her photos are really bad, especially the photos that are said to have been taken outdoors. “You can clearly see that they were not created outdoors. They look as if they were made at night, even though it is actually 7:00 a.m. in Bali. ”Even after the third photo in the Ikea bathtub with the classic Ikea bridge image in the background, nothing strikes their users. Just compliments and nice words . "It feels like I broke my followers' trust . All comments are nice, they praise my outfit, my make-up and that even though I'm just a liar! "

Hence Natalia's conclusion: “ Don't trust everything you see on the Internet . Sometimes people lie about who they are. And that is not even difficult. ”In fact, after a long time, a few users notice the Ikea signs in the photos . Most of them didn't notice them at all.

You can't just fall for Instagram photos, but also for advertisements and outfits. This even happens to influencers, or TV stars themselves, such as Kaitlyn Bristowe with her flip-flop dress.


Rubric list image: © Screenshoot Youtube @ Natalia Taylor

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