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Voice of Propaganda: Election Broadcasts Again With Us | Israel today



The 23rd Knesset propaganda broadcasts are underway • Targeting has long since gone online, but contestants want to use every second of broadcast to rake in as many votes as possible • Special project

Likud: Highlighting achievements

In the election broadcasts, Likud will continue to reinforce the same messages repeated in recent weeks about which Netanyahu speaks at the party's conferences. The broadcasts will talk about Netanyahu's political, security, economic and social achievements, and the danger of the rise of Gantz's party supported by the joint list.

In the broadcast, Netanyahu is talking about having to go to Congress and face Obama, which might have hurt Israel's interests. He also mentions how he left the United States to face Trump, a close friend of his who cares for the interests of the State of Israel. They also mention that only Netanyahu can lead the century plan.

A Likud official says: "We will focus on the gap between Netanyahu as a world leader and the inexperienced Gantz who will not be able to execute the Century Plan, and will not be able to form a government without the joint list."

Blue and White: Target remains Netanyahu

The list of Benny Gantz will try to diversify this time and not rely solely on "just not Bibi" broadcasts, which have become the "language" of the list this past year. In white and blue, they want to send a message to the target audience, which they say is 60 and over, and will try to make promises to improve the health system.

The list will include excerpts from interviews by key Likud members who either supported Blue and White or decided not to vote Likud: Limor Livnat, Benny Begin, Dan Meridor and Meir Sheetrit. The goal is to position Blue White as the "new national camp." Yesterday, Israel Today reported that blue-and-white people are leading investment in Facebook and Instagram advertising, a huge gap across the rest of the parties. The advertising system of Blue and White is led by On Goldstein, one of the owners of the advertising firm "In the Deep of Consciousness".

Israel Our Home: Lieberman Against Everyone

As in the recent period, Israel's propaganda broadcasts also continue to go against Netanyahu. The last video the party released was following Lieberman's announcement that he was ready to sit down with Labor-Meretz Bridge. The Likud called them "left" and in the video, Israel House presented all of Netanyahu's photos with Arafat and Abu Mazen.

In the last day, even because of the polls that the party is losing a mandate, Lieberman is also attacking Gantz. And of course, don't forget the ultra-Orthodox who Lieberman claims are on the way to closing a plan with Gantz.

Work-Bridge-Meretz: Only the size of the block will be determined

The work-bridge-Meretz intends to give special emphasis to the political issue in the election propaganda campaign. This is in contrast to the 2019 campaigns, which focused mainly on social issues. Amir Peretz changed his approach and talks about the continued political path of the late Yitzhak Rabin.

The list is expected to clarify in the broadcasts that, contrary to the blue-and-white position, only the bloc is the one to determine who President Reuben Rivlin will entrust with the government train, so it is better to vote truth rather than the three chief of staff.

Right: Unity of Religious Zionism

Whatever doesn't make sense, time does - and so to the last line comes right in a completely different situation than in the previous two rounds.

The right-wing parties have learned lessons. Instead of deteriorating into pointless wars within the camp, the ultra-Orthodox and the liberals learned to sit together. The road there was traumatic, but at least since the closure of the Knesset list, all sides seem to align with each other.

The pageants of the list, Naphtali Bennett, his colleagues, Rafi Peretz and Bezalel Smutrich, show that he also understood the lack of taste in internal differentiation.

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Torah Judaism: "Sur evil and do good"

Torah Judaism first came out among the parties on the question of who would launch the propaganda broadcasts. And the evening will be the first to air its broadcasts that deal with what they call Lieberman's incitement against them.

Rabbi Shabtai Markovich, director of public relations, says: "We are going for 'evil and doing good.' We will talk about Lieberman's incitement, we will explain that voting for Lieberman means a fourth election and the word that comes out of it must not be believed."

SHS: David Ben-Gurion in the ultra-Orthodox service

Shas will launch election propaganda broadcasts in three videos on the issue of religion and state and Jewish state identity.

The video shows the heads of state, non-religious figures such as David Ben-Gurion at the state declaration event, Menachem Begin's speech on the importance of observing the Sabbath, and Mota Gore in the release of the Western Wall during the Six-Day War, congratulating the "we have lived" with the paratroopers at the Western Wall. The videos illustrate the importance of preserving Jewish character in the country.

The common list: promoting the moderns

On the joint list, the polls are satisfied with 15-13 mandates that will at least preserve the electoral power of the list. A senior official says: "We are ready, united with a strong and shared value base that allows us to appeal to more audiences on the left."

The list wants to attract voters from other sectors to strengthen and fulfill their commitments to the electorate, and to appeal to other audiences - apart from the voters in the Arab sector - this week launched a new joint campaign for the elections in languages: Hebrew, Russian, Amharic and Yiddish.

The campaign appeals to ultra-Orthodox and Russian and former USSR as well as members of the Ethiopian community and rests on the basis of common interests and a common slogan: "We will promote the rights of all the oppressed populations."

Jewish Power: "Save the Right"

In its election broadcasts, Jewish power will focus, primarily, on the party's central message: Jewish power - or elections for the fourth time. In the main election campaign, they will emphasize that breaking the deadlock in the block map will only be possible if Jewish power receives four seats. The national camp will benefit twice: both a fourth election campaign and a right-wing government will be avoided.

Yair Altman, Daniel Roth Avnery, Ariel Kahana, Yehuda Schlesinger, Daniel Sirioti and Yuri Yelon participated in the preparation

Source: israelhayom

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