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The 5 things you should know this February 17: Key week in court for Weinstein and Stone


The coronavirus shows no signs of reduction and has already claimed its first fatality in Europe. The jury of the Weinstein case begins to deliberate. Trump's former adviser Roger Stone will know his sentence. AND…

The coronavirus shows no signs of reduction and has already claimed its first fatality in Europe. The jury of the Weinstein case begins to deliberate. Trump's former adviser Roger Stone will know his sentence. Parliamentary elections in Iran. Also, Elton John has pneumonia. This is what you should know to start the day. First the truth.


More than 71,000 cases of coronaviruses in the world

Until the night of this Sunday the confirmed cases of coronavirus worldwide exceeded 71,200, according to data from the health authority of Hubei, the Chinese province where the outbreak originated. For its part, the number of deaths exceeds 1,700, including 4 people outside of mainland China. On Saturday, the coronavirus claimed its first victim in Europe; an 80-year-old Chinese tourist, French Health Minister Agnes Buzyn reported. And heading to the US There are two charter flights with American passengers on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, quarantined in Japan for having hundreds of confirmed cases.


Political tension continues in El Salvador

Supporters of the government of the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, came to Congress and in the middle of harangues and wearing black crosses they asked legislators to approve US $ 109,000,000 in 15 days for the third tranche of the security plan that drives The Executive The deputies planned to continue the discussion of the authorization of the millionaire loan on Monday, but by an interpellation against government officials, it was postponed. The crisis began last Sunday when President Bukele entered the legislative headquarters amid a strong military and police deployment to demand loan approval.

Bukele followers demand that Congress approve money 2:30


Parliamentary elections in Iran

Iranians go to the polls to elect their legislators on Friday, in a vote seen as evidence of the political bloc led by President Hassan Rouhani and the country's Shiite theocracy. The election comes when the regime has faced protests at home and tensions between Tehran and Washington remain high since the incidents in January.


Decisive phase in Harvey Weinstein's trial

The members of the jury in the sexual assault trial of the movie magnate are expected to start deliberating on Tuesday, after weeks of arguments and testimonies. Weinstein is charged with five charges and, if found guilty, could spend the rest of his life in prison. Weinstein has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

The trial against Weinstein enters a decisive stage 1:33


Judgment for Roger Stone

The former campaign advisor (and personal friend) of Donald Trump, Roger Stone, will know his fate this Thursday, when he receives federal sentence for having been convicted of witness obstruction and five charges of lying to investigators in the course of the prosecutor's investigation Robert Mueller special about Russia. The sentence comes after four federal prosecutors withdrew from the case after requesting a penalty of between 7 and 9 years for Stone, a request that was denied and reduced by senior Justice Department officials. The change came after Trump described the request as "very unfair."

Does Roger Stone receive help from President Trump? 2:53

At coffee time

The benefits of being single

The number of men and women who have never married, are divorced or live alone has increased over the years. We tell you several benefits of singleness, according to research.

To recline or not the seat in an airplane? A matter that divides

The case of a woman who reclined her seat in an airplane and the man sitting behind her began to repeatedly hit the backrest opened a debate about what should be done and not on a trip.

Elton John, diagnosed with pneumonia in full tour

After the diagnosis, the 72-year-old British singer said he felt "disgusted and distressed" and thanked the fans who attended his concert in Auckland, New Zealand.

Elton John's thanks to his fans 0:41

Health! Lower the price of wine

Well, at least in the US The reason? Excess grapes in California and lower demand for wine among consumers. The price reduction can even last up to three years.

Celebrity of the 'reality show' dies

Caroline Flack, 40, was found dead on Saturday in her East London apartment. She was the presenter of the successful British program Love Island.

The day's figure


According to the Pan American Health Organization, at least 155,000 cases of severe dengue have been confirmed in Latin America in 2020. Honduras is the most affected country in the continent.

Honduras, the country most hit by severe dengue 4:02

The date of the day

"They won't move an apex"

Juan Guaidó said it while communicating the balance of his international tour and spoke about the capture of his uncle by the regime of Nicolás Maduro.

And to finish…

He helped capture a robbery suspect with his shopping cart

It happened in the parking lot of a Home Depot store in Peachtree City, Georgia, USA.

Help catch a suspect with a shopping cart 1:02

Source: cnnespanol

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