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Another political signal from Alberto Fernández: "I have the peace of mind of having Cristina by my side"


The President showed himself to Máximo Kirchner, who praised his "political and moral authority."

02/19/2020 - 12:39

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On the birthday of Cristina Kirchner's 67th birthday, President Alberto Fernández showed up with the head of the Deputies bloc of the Front of All, Máximo Kirchner, at an event in Ezeiza and highlighted the "tranquility" that generates sharing the same "priority "with the vice president. "What worries us the most is what they are the worst," said Fernández.

It was within the framework of his visit to the National Recreation Center (Cerena) “Néstor Kirchner”, where an act that was closed for the press was improvised and was not transmitted as usual with public presidential activity.

"Argentina is not for a few," the head of state started his speech after listening to Máximo K. And he focused on "what (the Pope) Francisco calls the theory of discarding" that some sectors support. "It is something that I detest. No one is disposable in the society in which we live, we are all necessary. We all have to have a place and rights in society," he said.

And he questioned those who "very loose-bodied say 'the problem is that in Argentina there are plenty of people'". " I say that there is no one left in Argentina . We all need it," he insisted.

In that line, Alberto F. said that his " first obligation is with those who have the urgency , those who go hungry and have no job, those who earn a low salary." And he explained that "only by shaking hands with those who have fallen to the bottom of poverty, we will be the society we deserve."

Received by local mayor Alejandro Granados , the head of state was also accompanied by ministers Eduardo "Wado" of Pedro (Interior) and Daniel Arroyo (Social Development).

After the questions he received for the adjustment suffered by medium and high pensions, the head of state admitted that the effort is placed "on those who are worse." "I keep thinking about the retirees who have worked all their lives and it costs them day by day in the Argentina of the present. With much effort, we are improving the situation of those who are worse. And we do it with the peace of mind of doing what that we promised. There is no greater lack of ethics in politics than to lie to people . And they can criticize me for my mistakes but never for having lied to them, "he said.

And he continued: "I said that I was coming to worry about those who are worse, to put more equality in society and I will continue to do so. And I have the peace of mind of having Cristina by my side , accompanying me with that same decision."

It was a nod to Máximo K. , who minutes before had asked the militancy "to understand, help and accompany every gesture that is taking place from the Government to gradually improve and step by step the quality of life of the Argentines that over the years of Mauricio Macri was very damaged. " "Let's be fully aware and help Alberto and Cristina," he said .

The deputy also got into the "fight with external creditors and the International Monetary Fund". There he praised the "political and moral authority of the President , who when he was chief of staff and worked every day with Nestor, received a country in default and in two years he was paid US $ 10 billion to the Fund and we told him bye."

In line with Cristina's approach, and in front of Alberto, Máximo K. urged the IMF to "understand" the situation in Argentina. "The will is to make us responsible for Argentina but they will have to understand those who lent irresponsibly to the macrismo during the last 4 years, that the priority of the new Government is the people. And that only with the people working and producing can we generate the income enough to face the debt Macri left . "

The President's sayings represent a gesture towards Cristina, after the meeting they had after the last trip of the vice to Cuba and the video known on Tuesday, in which Fernández endorsed the theory of "lawfare", which uses Kirchnerism to victimize to former officials imprisoned for corruption .

Source: clarin

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