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Bachelor 2020: The home dates are pending - Is this candidate Sebastian's secret favorite?


There are fewer and fewer female candidates for the Bachelor. Only five are left who can hope for the last rose. Does Sebastian already have a favorite? The live ticker.

There are fewer and fewer female candidates for the Bachelor. Only five are left who can hope for the last rose. Does Sebastian already have a favorite? The live ticker.

  • "The Bachelor" * follows in episode seven.
  • Five candidates are still left.
  • The home dates are coming up for four candidates .

Update at 7:37 p.m .: The Batida de Coco is cold with passion fruit juice and the ice cubes are also ready. So you can start right away with the " Bachelor" .

Bachelor 2020: Is this candidate Sebastian's secret favorite?

Update at 17:52: At first she was his little sister, but now she could be Sebastian's secret favorite . The language is from Desiree . But does she still have a chance to pass Diana and Wio ? In today's episode Sebastian seems to be particularly taken with her. Desiree also comes from Munich like Sebastian himself, which he says is great. In addition, "Desiree has the right values" - whatever that may be. Only the kiss is still missing - but with Sebastian, as we know, that can be caught up very quickly. Or maybe not, at least a few Twitter users would like that .

When the Basti Desiree gives the last rose (preferably without any kiss!), He is my hero! #Bachelor # Bachelor2020

- Trashley (@EuleTrash) February 13, 2020

However, it could be difficult for Natali and Leah . Natali sees Sebastian as a buddy . Even if the two have already exchanged kisses, the two keep stalling. Leah, on the other hand, Sebastian is currently too "closed". "Leah still has a lot of work to do," the "Bachelor" also says about her. That doesn't sound very promising.

"The Bachelor" 2020: A candidate has a secret

Update at 3:43 p.m .: Last week, Jenny T. , who actually works as a zookeeper, had to go. Now it comes to light that the blonde, who has been rather shy in the bachelor season so far, has a completely different side, because she has a very special side job: Jenny works as a stripper at night *.

Update at 2.10 p.m .: Tonight the Bachelor gets to know the families of the candidates . Sebastian Preuss is allowed to go home to the candidates. But with the family of a single lady, there is a scene that should shake the head of many fans in view of the bachelor's past in prison: Bachelor Sebastian Preuss does not seem to tell a candidate's brother the whole truth about his past *.

Update at 1 p.m. While Bachelor Sebastian Preuss is slowly entering the final phase, a candidate who has not been around for a while is causing a stir. Ex-Bachelor candidate Michele raced through the streets of Munich * at 195 km / h. Although she was only sitting in the passenger seat, a video that documents the frenzy is not cool for some fans.

Bachelor 2020: the home dates are coming up - does a candidate voluntarily throw in the towel beforehand?

Tulum - It will soon be back to Germany for Sebastian Preuss * and the other remaining candidates - and that means: The home dates are already in the queue. But which four candidates can present their family's “Bachelor”? And which candidate has to go back to Germany without a date *?

Bachelor 2020: Will a candidate voluntarily drop out before the home dates?

Before this serious decision is made, there are of course dates in Mexico again. And maybe more kisses ? Wouldn't be anything new with Mister "Knutschelor" *, because proximity is important and those who don't kiss fly - see Linda *.

But Sebastian hasn't actually kissed all the candidates . Desiree is the only remaining candidate for the last rose that has not yet worked. And that is exactly what raises questions for her. (Shouldn't it be any different?) Desiree has to ask: "Am I ready to introduce Sebastian to my families ?" Because " the physical" is important and is missing from them. Therefore Desiree has great doubts . Episode seven will show whether she actually goes voluntarily.

Check out this post on Instagram

A mega brave woman! The date was a little different, but still sensational and what I liked best was that I got to know @desireezurga_ from a completely different side. What kind of dates do you prefer, relaxed or a lot of palpitations and a higher heart rate? #flight #skydive @desireezurga_

A post shared by Sebastian Preuss (@sebastianpreuss) on Feb 13, 2020 at 7:50 am PST

Bachelor 2020: Sebastian receives a “kiss ban”

But Desiree is not the only one who still needs confirmation. Diana also lacks this. During a last group date , the two disappear into the pool next door and kiss, even though the other four candidates * are sitting next to them. Diana , who has been less disturbed by Sebastian's smooching campaigns so far, is still too much of his snogging . After the pool she wants to "kiss him " : "Today you don't need to kiss anyone else!"

But Sebastian would not be Sebastian if he said yes - because hello a date without kissing is not possible ! If you don't kiss, you fly ! Okay, the only kiss exception: you have to throw up shortly before - as Desiree fared after the bungee jumping date. "It doesn't have to be. Finished. The End. Out. I don't have to give a reason for that, ”Diana explains. But does the Basti really do that? Who knows. The money that the candidates receive for their participation * is therefore almost limitless.

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happy honey cake horse #bachelor #nightderrosen #sweet but photo: TVNOW

A post shared by DK (@dianakaloev) on Feb 14, 2020 at 2:03 pm PST

Bachelor 2020: Who can attend the dream dates?

In any case, one of the girls will no longer receive a rose before returning to Germany . Episode 7 shows who gets a home date . We have summarized for you when and how you can watch the bachelor episode *.

But an important question still arises before the home dates : Does the swan attack * come up? Unfortunately, we also have to wait for the episode.

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network


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