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Pneumonia buy masks (February 19) Bonjour shopping mall sell masks disinfection gel There are online stores to sell in 3 periods


Wuhan pneumonia epidemic triggers mask purchases. HK01 organizes the latest information on the supply of masks in major stores such as HKTV Mall, Yitian Department Store, Watsons, Zhuo Yue and Salsa, and updates it regularly.

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Written by: Li Jialiang Lin Yong

2020-02-19 12:38

Last updated: 2020-02-19 12:38

Daily update of the latest mask purchase information, including information from different drugstores such as Bonjour, Japantown, Sasa. In addition, the latest situation of using app masks will be tracked.

Zhuo Yue

[Updated at 12:32 noon on February 19] Bonjour Express said that this month (February 19), "Joyatt Shopping Network" had 2,000 boxes of Japanese masks, disinfection gels, etc. on sale.

Angel Beauty Bar

[Updated at 10:20 AM on February 19th] Masks are available for sale at Angel Beauty Bar Lam Tin and Tuen Mun branches, starting at 12 noon and selling at 2 pm

3-layer medical protective mask (hanging head)

20 yuan 4 / piece (limited to 4 pieces per person)

ABB store address:

Shops 4Q and 8Q, 3 / F, Waldorf Garden Shopping Centre, 1 Tuen Lee Street, Tuen Mun, New Territories (100 packs of masks)

Shop 215, 2 / F, Kai Tin Shopping Centre, Kowloon (Hanging masks total 200 packs)

(Angel Beauty Bar)

Angel Beauty Bar Facebook: Click here


[Updated at 10:15 am on February 19th] LinkedMarts sold 3 masks in 3 sessions today (February 19th), all of which were picked up in Kwai Fong on the 21st or 22nd.

[11 am]

Vietnam three-layer mask

Group Cheers price for 2 people: 27 yuan / pack (10 pcs)

[2 pm]

Korean made three-dimensional KF 94 level 4 layer mask

Group cheers price for 2 people: 75 yuan / pack (5 pcs)

[8 pm]

Vietnam four-layer mask

Group Cheers price for 2 people: 30 yuan / pack (10 pcs)

Group Cheers Teaching: Click here



[Updated at 10:00 am on February 19th] Another batch of masks arrived at the branch in Japantown, and will be immediately available for sale at 5 branches (about 480 boxes each). The limit is 1 box per chip, 89 yuan per box

3-layer non-woven masks 40 pieces (individually packed) (women / small face size) (about 2,400 boxes in total)

Designated branch:

Shop G, 1st Floor, Aberdeen Centre, Phase 5, Hong Kong (Please wait in line from the back door stairs)

Shop 107, 1 / F, Lee Cheng Uk Shopping Centre, Lee Cheng Uk Estate, Kowloon

Shop 20, 1 / F, Qin Shi Shopping Centre, Qin Shi Village, Sha Tin, New Territories

Shop 107-108, Shan King Shopping Centre, Shan King Estate, Tuen Mun, New Territories

Shop 307-312, 3 / F, Yuen Long Plaza, 251 Castle Peak Road, Yuen Long, New Territories

(Japan Town)

Japantown Facebook: Click here


[Updated at 1:00 pm on February 18th] Haiweidian said upstairs that it had collected 200,000 adult 3-level masks (mainly from Indonesia) and shared them with members and other citizens upstairs. This Thursday (20th) starts at 10am It will be redeemed through Facebook. There are 100,000 members and non-members each. Each registered place can be redeemed for 5 and the registration method will be announced today (February 18).

Registration method: click here

As for membership, including purchases of 500 yuan or more, and purchase of 2 or more products.

Upstairs Facebook: Click here

---------------- I am the dividing line (the following is the previous mask purchase information) ---------------


[Updated at 5:35 pm on February 18th] Affordable 30 yuan pack (270 pieces) of Bai Yuan Quick Fit Masks (suitable for middle-aged children / fine-faced ladies) will be released and 20ml (6 + 1) Support) (a total of 300 pieces), each person is limited to 1 chip and 1 piece to buy, first come first served.

Product and designated branch details:

Bai Yuan Quick Fit Masks (suitable for middle children / fine face ladies) 30 pieces, 59 yuan

Yuen Long Branch (90 pieces)

Address: G / F & Penthouse, 130-132 Da Ma Road, Yuen Long, 1 / F & 2 / F, 128-138

North Point branch (90 items)

Address: Shop L9, G / F, Jianwei Garden Shopping Centre, North Point

Discovery Park Branch (90 pieces)

Address: Shops 2026 and 2028, 2 / F, Discovery Park, 398 Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan

Walch Mini Alcoholic Hand Rub 20ml (6 sticks, get 1 extra with rubber sleeve), 45 yuan

Kennedy Town Branch (100 pieces)

Address: 116-122 Belcher's Street, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

Tai Po branch (100 pieces)

Address: G / F & 1 / F, Lianfeng Building, No. 15-19, Darongli, No. 3-5, Baoxiang Street, Tai Po

Kwai Fong Metropolis Branch (100 pieces)

Address: Shop 339, 3 / F, Metropolis Plaza, 223 Xingfang Road, Kwai Fong

Affordable Facebook: Click here

Bonjour App

[Updated at 11:50 am on February 18th] The Zhuoyue App Online Store just launched the German N95 masks, Japanese children's masks and disinfectant hand wipes. They will still be available until 11:55, and you will be ready to buy soon. ↓↓↓ Click below to enlarge ↓↓↓


[Updated at 10:15 on the morning of February 18th] Another batch of masks arrived at the branch in Japantown. They will be distributed at 4 branches immediately (about 570 boxes per room). One person per chip. Each chip is limited to one box.

SARAYA three-layer non-woven masks 50 pieces in 1 box (about 2,280 boxes in total)

Designated branch:

Shop 214-215, West Wing, Xinghua New Town, Xinghua Village, Hong Kong (Proposal of Living)

Shop 634-637, 6th Floor, Tsz Wan Shan Shopping Centre, Kowloon

Shop 231, 2 / F, Kai Tin Shopping Centre, Lam Tin, Kowloon

Shop 3E-17, Level 3, Sunshine City Centre, Ma On Shan, New Territories

(Japan Town)

Japantown Facebook: Click here


[Updated at 10:10 am on February 18th] The mobile app Youduud has a "mask egg" redemption fundraising event today (February 18th), which will be uploaded to youduud in four rounds at 6:00, 7, 8 and 9 app, number of 400 "mask eggs" (a total of 20,000 masks)

Mask specifications:

SUMBOW Adult Medical 3 Layer Ear Mask

50 tablets / box (not individually packaged)

Price: 140 yuan / box (50 pieces)

Pickup area: Nanfeng Commercial Center, 19 Linle Street, Kowloon Bay

Pickup time: February 19th from 4pm to 8pm

Each person can only exchange one "mask egg" per month (the number for purchasing a mask, recalculated after 30 days)

Youduud Facebook: Click here

Zhuo Yue

[Updated at 10 am on February 18] Bonjour today (February 18) released 30 three-layer non-woven PM2.5 masks (individually packed), 8 boxes per 8️9️, one person per chip, each box is limited to 1 box 11 am

[Designated branch]

Shop G3, Phase 3, North Point (Total 480 boxes)

45 Haiphong Road, Tsim Sha Tsui (Total 480 boxes)

13 Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mong Kok (total of 480 boxes)

G / F, Phase 1, Mong Kok Centre (Total 480 boxes)

Shop L3-1, 3 / F, Lam Tin Sceneway Plaza (Total 480 boxes)

G / F, Tang Fat Building, 10 Tai Ho Road, Tsuen Wan (Total 480 boxes)

Shop 2198C, 2 / F, Phase One, Tuen Mun Town Plaza (Total 480 boxes)

81 Castle Peak Road, Yuen Long (total of 480 boxes)

Shop 511, 5 / F, Sheung Shui Plaza (Total 480 boxes)

Bonjour Facebook: Click here


[Updated at 7:15 pm on February 17th] Haiweidian said upstairs that it had collected 200,000 adult 3-level masks (mainly from Indonesia) to share with members and other citizens upstairs. This Thursday (20th) at 10am It will be redeemed via Facebook, with 100,000 members and non-members each, and 5 for each RMB 1 registered.

However, the actual registration method and details have not been disclosed upstairs. If necessary, you can pay attention to Facebook upstairs. As for membership, including purchases of 500 yuan or more, and purchase of 2 or more products.


Upstairs Facebook: Click here

SASA Salsa

[February 17, 6 pm] SASA launches Fitty mask made in Japan and ONNIONNI hand sanitizing gel .

Japan Fitty (Adult Standard) Three-layer Filter Silky Skin-Friendly Mask (7 Pack)

Price: 24.6 yuan / bag, limited to 1 package per person

Korea ONNIONNI Hand Sanitizing Gel 60ml

Price: 39 yuan / piece, limited to 3 pieces per person

Release Date: February 17

5 designated branches:

G / F & 1 / F, 108 Johnston Road, Wan Chai

Shops F35 to 38, 1 / F, Kornhill Plaza, 2 Kornhill Road, Quarry Bay

Shops 2057 to 2060, 2 / F, Phase 1, Tuen Mun Town Plaza, 1 Tuen Shing Street, Tuen Mun

G19 & 20, G / F, Jubaofang, Whampoa Garden, Hung Hom

Shop F108-110, 1 / F, PopCorn Phase 2, 9 Tong Chun Street, Tseung Kwan O

Drugstores such as Sasa and Japantown will try out ways to use the App to raise money. For a demonstration of how to raise money , click here. For other details, click here.

Sasa Facebook: Click here

Suning Suning

[Updated at 5:45 pm on February 17th] Suning Suning said that the 3M adult mask for sale today (February 17) has been sold out, and 3M will be sold at about 5:30 pm tomorrow (February 18). Nexcare medical masks for children (the actual sale time or delay due to the availability), 13 yuan per pack, one per person is limited to one pack, 5 per pack.

(Suning Suning)

↓↓↓ Suning Suning Online Shop Purchase Process, Quick Order Placement, and Free Shipping Experience (Click to enlarge picture) ↓↓↓




Suning Facebook: Click here

Vanguard Realty

[Updated at 2:10 pm on February 17th] Pioneer Real Estate, together with Junxi Family, Wansheng Construction and Xinghui Property, distributed 2500 Indonesian surgical surgical three-layer masks (DISPOSABLE SURGICAL MASK 3ply) and Korean natural antibacterials 500 pieces of agent.

Recipients can only choose one:

1. Indonesian surgical three-layer mask (1 pack of 5 pcs, quantity of 500 packs)

2. South Korea's natural antibacterial agent (number of 500)

Date: February 17

Time: 3:30 pm

Location: Outside Exit A of Sai Wan Ho MTR Station

1,000 chips will be distributed at that time, and 300 chips will be preferentially distributed to the elderly

(Leading Real Estate)


[Updated at 2:00 pm on February 17th] STTO Ztore will sell NASK Purified Air Sterilizing Masks (5 per pack) online at 3:00 pm. Each order is limited to 1 pack.

(Stott Ztore)

Ztore Facebook: Click here

Binder Automotive Services

[Updated at 9:45 am on February 17th] Binder Automotive Services will distribute 6,500 adult masks for free tomorrow (February 18th), of which 1500 (10 1 pack, 150 packs) will be handed over to Mr. Luo Tingde, North District Council Arrange for door-to-door distribution to elderly people in need. 5000 (10 1 pack, 500 packs) will be distributed next to the workshop of Binde Auto Service Inspection Center. Details are as follows:

Delivery address: G / F, Youchang Center, 15 Anju Street, Fanling

Date: February 18 (Tuesday)

Distribution time: 8:30 am

Delivery time: 9:30 am

Quota: 500, each person will be distributed into a population mask of 10 (1 pack), while stocks last.

(Binder car service)

[Sale at 12 noon on February 17th] Suning Suning online store 3M masks 13 yuan 5 "dilu cleaning products" on sale

Suning Suning online store will have 3M masks (1 pack of 5) and dew disinfectant, floor cleaner, universal disinfectant spray, wet paper towels, hand sanitizer and buried shower gel and other products will be replenished. It is expected to be noon 12 Start selling at any time (the actual selling time may be delayed due to the availability).

Online Shop

* Log in and fill in shipping information in advance, and place orders faster!
* Each product is limited to one per person. The number of products is limited, while stocks last.

↓↓↓ Suning Suning Online Shop Purchase Process, Quick Order Placement, and Free Shipping Experience (Click to enlarge picture) ↓↓↓




Suning Facebook: Click here

[Registration at 10:00 on February 17th] Regeneration will send 4000 masks to the grassroots and the elderly (500 sets)

The executive director of "Yonghui Logistics" donated 5,000 masks, some of which will be donated to the "Caring for Patients Foundation" and "Hong Kong Association of the Visually Impaired," and about 4,000 will be donated to grassroots elders and chronic patients Wait for the needy. Just call or WhatsApp regeneration will leave personal information and mail the mask to those in need.

Registration date: February 17, 2020 (Monday) Starts at 10:00 am Target: Seniors over 65 years of age, chronically ill patients and people in need Quota: 500 (8 masks each)
Registration method: Call or WhatsApp 5446 7672 to provide name, phone number, address and relevant qualification certificates. Regeneration club staff will contact the registrant as soon as possible and send a mask (limited to once per person, limited quota, while stocks last)

(Regeneration meeting FB)

G2 Beauty Group will send masks and rice on February 19th (registered)

[Updated registered full amount on the evening of February 16] G2 Beauty Group said that it donated 2,500 export masks and 500 bags of rice to 500 seniors over 65 years old in Hong Kong.

Distribution time: February 19, 2020, 2:30 pm Distribution location: Shop G10-G12, G / F, Phase 1, Shopping Centre, Metro City Phase 1, Tseung Kwan O Distribution method: Elders need to call in advance to reserve a mask, or register at the Hong Kong branch : Seniors over 65 years of age (name, phone and senior card number or ID number required)

Phone: 66209671/66209186/66209603/66203488

G2 Beauty Group Facebook: click here

[Updated at 1:30 pm on February 16] Bonjour

Although Joyo did not return the masks this afternoon (February 16), he returned other disinfectant products, such as disinfectant, alcohol hand lotion, etc. in the designated store.

Korea Medilox-s Natural Disinfectant (kill 99.9% bacteria in 30 seconds) 500ml
[$ 225 / piece, limited to 2 pieces per person]

Japan PRO SHARE Eye Mask 25pcs [$ 750 / box, one box limit per person]

Korea DM. Cell Multifunctional Disinfection Spray (99.9% Sterilization) 100ml
[$ 68 / piece, limited to 2 pieces per person]

Lifebuoy Hyaluronic Alcoholic Hand Rub (Sterilization 99.9%) 50ml
[$ 14 / piece, limited to 2 pieces per person]

Lexin alcohol hand rub 30ml
[$ 10 / piece, limited to 2 pieces per person]

Rhino-Strong clothing household disinfectant (sterilization 99.9%) 2300ml
[$ 78 / piece, limit 1 piece per person]

Rhino-Strong Disinfection Gel (Large) 300ml
[$ 48 / piece, limited to 1 piece per person]

[Designated Branch] G / F, Xinbao Plaza, No. 535, Lockhart Road, No. 535, Causeway Bay, G / F, No. 13 Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mong Kok, Shop No. L3-1, 3 / F, Lam Tin Sceneway Plaza, Shop No. 23A, Kwai Chung Plaza, G / F, No. 10 Tai Ho Road, Tsuen Wan Shop G10, G / F, V City, Tuen Mun Shop 511, 5 / F, Sheung Shui Plaza, 81 Castle Peak Road, Yuen Long * The above products will be returned at other branches on February 17 and February 18

Bonjour Facebook: Click here

[Updated at 12 noon on February 16th] Shield opened a position to sell 10,000 boxes of masks (already it has been arranged to go to Sheung Shui.

Date: February 16, 2020 (Sunday)
Time: 9 am-12 pm Target: Hong Kong citizens only Form: Line up, first come first served (10,000 cards)
* Hong Kong Identity Card must be presented to be awarded. Venue: 3 / F, Fengle Industry and Trade Center, 8 Leye Road, Anle Village, Fanling. Product: Shield Adult / Child / Child / Activated Carbon (50 individually wrapped masks)

The dragon has been lined up to Sheung Shui, and after finishing the dispatch, the official urged not to go any further. (Shield FB)

Opening price:

1. Shield 🛡 adult individually wrapped mask
HK $ 150 / box / 50 pcs

2.Shield 🛡 adult activated carbon individually wrapped mask
HK $ 200 / box / 50 pcs

3. Shield 🛡 children 5-12 years old
145x90mm individually packed masks HK $ 150 / box / 50 pcs

4.Shield 🛡 young children 0-5 years old
120x70mm individually packed masks HK $ 150 / box / 50 pcs

[Updated on February 16] Daily limited edition Indonesian masks are sold at Yuhua Online Store!
(Sale will be suspended from February 16)

[Updated at noon on February 16] ’s website traffic was much higher than expected, resulting in system failure and problems in the purchase process, so it was only decided to suspend mask sales.

When will it be available again? Or will it change the way of sale? To be officially announced.

The Yuhua Online Shop recently brought in Indonesia ’s Diapro masks, and has obtained BFE, PFE, and VFE 99% certification. It is considered safe and reliable. It is on sale at its online shop on time every day at 3 pm. The most important thing is that this time a box of 50 sells for only $ 69, which is the normal "conscience price" when the world is not fried.

Purchase experience (click here)

Tuen Mun UEFA Champions League sends children masks (400 sets) on February 16

All are distributed to school children for free, with 400 chips, while stocks last

Date: February 16 (Sunday)
Distribution time: 10:00 am
Champions League Pharmacy Address: Shop 35-36, Haiqufang, Tuen Mun Ferry Terminal

-Only for students in Tuen Mun District-Please bring a student handbook (if the parent is on your behalf, please bring along the proof of the address of the parent)
-Please bring your own compact bags (because the masks are not individually packaged)
-5 free for each schoolchild- 10 for special needs schoolchild * (certification required)

* According to the Education Bureau guidelines, students with special needs are hearing impaired / visually impaired / physically handicapped / mentally handicapped / emotional and behavioural problems / insufficient concentration / overactive / autism / communication difficulties / dyslexia

In order to reduce the inconvenience of school children wearing masks, the Champions League decides that children do not need to come to collect them in person, but can be handed over by parents or relatives but note:
-️ Parents please bring “Student Handbook” and “Parent Address Certificate”
-Each parent can only represent up to 2 schoolchildren (such as triplets or quadruplets, which will be handled as appropriate)

[Updated at 10 pm on February 15th] SASA Salsa mobile app to send chips (18,000 sets of masks opened in 89 branches)

Today, on February 16th, the Gulu App will be used to purchase masks. This time, Sa Sa successfully purchased about 18,000 packs of Japanese Fitty masks ($ 24.6 1 pack 7 pcs / size for children and children), which will be available at all Salsa branches! For the convenience of everyone, there will be a total of 8 lead time periods according to different regions, so that everyone can receive masks more effectively!

Product: Japan Fitty Three-layer Filter Silky Skin-friendly Mask Price: $ 24.6 / pack (7 packs)
Funding Date: February 16 (Sun)
Pick-up shop: Salsa branch selected when picking up (please refer to the attached picture)
Pick-up time: during the business hours of selected branches on February 16th * each designated branch has 210 cards

Distribution time:

Session 1: Wanchai branch at 9am

Period 2: 9:15 a.m.Central and Western District, East District, South Branch

Session 3: Yau Tsim Mong branch from 9.30 a.m.

Session 4: 9:45 a.m. Yau Tsim Mong District and Sham Shui Po District Branches

Session 5: Starts at 10:00 am Kowloon City District, Wong Tai Sin District, Kwun Tong District, Sai Kung Branch

Session 6: Shatin District, Tai Po District, Kwai Tsing District, Outlying Islands Branches starting at 10.15 a.m.

Session 7: 10:30 a.m.Beijing, Tsuen Wan, and Kwai Tsing branches

Session 8: Starting at 10.45am in Yuen Long District and Tuen Mun Branches

Drugstores such as Sasa and Japantown will try out ways to use the App to raise money. For a demonstration of how to raise money , click here. For other details, click here.

Sasa Facebook: Click here


[Updated at 11:15 on February 15th] Colourmix three-layer filter silky skin-friendly dust-proof masks (separate 7 packs) and then return the goods, 35 yuan a pack, will be distributed at 1 pm. Buy 2 packs today.

FITTY masks-Colormix designated branches:


1. G / F, 44-46 Sai Yeung Choi South Street, Mong Kok (600 packets)

2. Shop 139D, 1 / F, Newport Centre, 30 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui (600 packets)

3. Shop 3A, G / F, Henley Building, 68-80 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui (600 bags)

New Territories

1. G / F, No. 157 Castle Peak Road (Da Ma Road), Yuen Long (600 packets)

2. Shop C, G / F, Guohua Building, 142-148 Castle Peak Road, Yuen Long (600 packets)

3. G / F, No. 84 San Hong Street, Sheung Shui (600 packets) Hong Kong Island

1. G / F, 18 Russell Street, Causeway Bay (600 packets in total)

2. G / F, 523 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay (600 packets in total)

Colourmix Facebook: click here

Masks for sale at Tsuen Wan Youxin Japanese and Korean cosmeceuticals stores

Indonesian TG surgical Mask 1 pack / 50 pieces Price: $ 120
Sale time: 2 pm Address: G / F, No. 47 Zhong An Street, Tsuen Wan · Youxin Japanese and Korean medicine and cosmetics are limited to one pack

Kwai Chung Royal Sports Club 1000 Free Masks

The Royal Sports Association will distribute 1,000 masks on Saturday, February 15 to cheer up Hong Kong people

Date: Saturday, February 15 Distribution time: 2:30 p.m. Start address: Room 501, Block B, Galway Industrial Centre, 16-20 Yongjian Road, Kwai Chung

Distribution rules:
1. Each person can get 1 pack (with 5 masks), a total of 1,000, and the distribution will be carried out, while stocks last.
2. You must line up and collect chips in person;
3. The location will change depending on the actual situation of the road surface. Any changes will be announced on the special page;
4. The company reserves the right of final decision on this event.

Brand: Altamed

Category: Adults

Material: 3-layer ear-hung surgical mask; Bacterial filtration rate (BFE)> 95%, Micron particle filtration (PFE)> 95%
Origin: Indonesia Packaging: 1 pack of 5

Note: When the batch of masks arrived, 50 boxes of 1 box were not individually packaged. The volunteers wore masks and brand new gloves to pack the masks in tight bags.

Due to the limited number of masks, we may not be able to meet your needs, please forgive me.

Hour light scoool

[Updated at 3:45 pm on February 14th] Hour Scoool will distribute 10,000 masks to students for free tomorrow (February 15th) (must show a valid student ID, middle school or above, full-time or part-time), 2 pm Distribution, distribution at 3 pm.

Address: Room C, 1 / F, Block A, Mei Hing Industrial Building, 18 Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong

Hourlight scoool Facebook: Click here

Free clip

[Updated at 3:30 pm on February 14th] Free Clip will distribute 5,000 ordinary three-layer surgical masks to Hong Kong residents and "friends" for free tonight (February 14), at 6 pm and 7 pm Distribution, each person is limited to once, one packet each (3 packs)

Address: Shops 55,56-57, G / F, Tsuen Wan Huadu Centre, 170-184 Xiloujiao Road, Tsuen Wan

Free Clip Facebook: Click here

Tsuen Wan Youxin Japanese and Korean Cosmeceuticals

[Updated at 3:00 pm on February 14th] Tsuen Wan Youxin Japan and South Korea Cosmeceuticals gave away 100 boxes of Japanese Seiwa-pro three-layer independent packaging masks (20 per box) for the disabled, only for disabled people, available at 3:00 pm on mobile app Raise.

Tsuen Wan Friends Trust Japan and South Korea Cosmeceuticals said that they are welcome to collect them on behalf of people with disabilities (the original disability certificate must be presented when receiving).

Tsuen Wan Friends Trust Japan and South Korea Cosmeceutical Facebook: Click here


[Updated at 11 am on February 14th] Watsons launched the "Mask Online Waiting System" at 12 noon. Once a mask is released after registration, you will be notified. The sooner you register, the greater the chance.

Registration and 4 things to know: Click here

[Pneumonia masks] Watson's online waiting list to buy masks to teach you to register wrong at any time DQ

At 12:22 on February 14th, the journalists successfully updated the first round of registration, you can click the image below to enlarge the registration process

Watsons Facebook: click here

AbouThai AbouThai

[Updated at 6:45 pm] Abu Thai Life Department Store stated that at 7 pm, 200 boxes of masks (10,000 pieces in total) will be sold at Tsing Yi City branch to "flash Tsing Yi concentric epidemic".

Abu Thai Life Department Store pointed out that due to the small amount of goods and hoping that more people could benefit from it, they decided to arrange a colleague to unpack the boxes and sell them. The limit is 10 pieces per person and 1 yuan per piece.

(Abu Thai Lifestyle Department Store)

Abu Thai Lifestyle Store Facebook: Click Here


[Updated at 4 pm on February 13] LinkedMarts said that it will release all the last 500 packs of Vietnamese four-layer masks, which will be sold at 8 pm tonight and will be delivered on February 16.

Sale details:

Date: February 13

Time: 8pm

Group Cheers price for 2 persons: 30 yuan / pack (10 pcs), each account is limited to one pack

LinkedMarts Facebook: click here



[Updated at 10:45 am on February 13th] Wanning will sell surgical masks at designated branches today (February 13th), and some other non-designated branches also have very small quantities for sale, with a maximum of 10 per person Pack) or up to 1 box (10 or more).

Mannings will be distributed 45 minutes before the opening of each branch, while the masks will be sold out every day.

Designated branch: Click here

Mannings Facebook: Click here


[Updated at 10 am on February 13th] Japantown said that another batch of masks will arrive at the branch and will be distributed at 4 branches (about 360 boxes each).

Sale time: instant

Location: Designated 4 Japantown branches (limited to one box per chip.)

60 layers of three-layer non-woven masks (women / facet size) 1 box (about 1,440 boxes in total)

1. G / F & 1 / F, 476 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

2. G / F, 110 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

3.Shops 13A and 13B, 1 / F, Grand View Mall, 863 Lai Chi Kok Road, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon

4.Shop 123, 1 / F, Phase 2, Tianjinhui, Tseung Kwan O, New Territories

Japantown Facebook: Click here

Soda Mall

[Updated at 10:15 a.m. on February 13th] Soda Mall pointed out that due to the torrential rain and yellow rainstorm warnings, in order to take into account the safety of customers, it will be dispatched at 10:30 am.

[Updated at 10 am on February 13th] Soda Mall sells 12,500 Japanese brand Face Mask masks (2500 packs) today (February 13th), 500 chips will be distributed at 12 noon, each pack is limited to 5 packs of masks (each There are 5 packs), 12 yuan per pack.

Venue: Flagship store of Soda Mall boutique supermarket (round the sea, 23 Chong'an Street, Hung Hom. Underground on the east bank)

Soda Mall Facebook: Click here

(Soda Mall)

Club Like

[Updated at 6:15 PM on February 12th] Online shopping platform Club Like stated that 1,000 boxes of Blue Eagle children's masks will be returned on February 14th (Friday) and will be available at 11am on that day. Club Like members Limited, one box per account.

(Club Like Facebook)

Club Like Facebook: Click here

Drugstores such as Sasa and Japantown will try out ways to use the App to raise money. For a demonstration of how to raise money , click here. For other details, click here.

Angel Beauty Bar

[Updated at 10 am on February 12th] Angel Beauty Bar will release today (February 12th) high-quality 4-layer KF94 masks made in Korea and 3-layer medical protective masks delivered directly from Poland. It is also said that all branches will try online registration today. No need to line up outside the branch. Facebook online registration starts at 8 am and is available at 12 noon (just by registering your personal information online).

High quality 4-layer KF94 mask made in Korea: 29 yuan / 1

* About 1,000 shops in Mong Kok

Registration link:

* About 1,000 shops in Yuen Long

Registration link:

* A total of about 1,000 stores in Lam Tin

Registration link:

* About 1,000 shops in Tuen Mun

Registration link:

Direct 3-layer medical protective masks from Poland: $ 20 4 / pack of 1 (limit of 4 per person)

Distribution at Tuen Mun branch starting at 11 am (about 125 packets in total)

ABB store address:

Shops C and D, G / F, 205C-E, Fa Yuen Street, Kowloon

Shops 4Q and 8Q, Level 3, Waldorf Garden Shopping Centre, 1 Tuen Lee Street, Tuen Mun, New Territories

G / F, 169 Castle Peak Road, Yuen Long, New Territories

Shop 215, 2 / F, Kai Tin Shopping Centre, Kowloon

Angel Beauty Bar Facebook: Click here

Missionary Waterfront Hall

[Updated at 11:30 am on February 11th] The Xuandaohui Beach Hall at Tsuen Wan Waterfront Gardens stated that 8400 masks will be distributed this afternoon (February 11), and each citizen who has received a number will receive a pack of 10 Masks.

Details are as follows:

Target: Priority gift for medical staff (work permit required), persons without masks (please do not deprive those in need of the gift)

Date: February 11

Distribution time: 2 pm

Distribution order: 1. Medical staff 2. Other needs

Location: G / F, Shop 133, 1-7 Yee Hong Street, Riviera Gardens, Tsuen Wan

Face mask time: 3 pm

Jianda Solar

[Updated at 10:15 on the morning of February 11] Jianda Solar stated that 100,000 masks were purchased from Turkey. The first batch of new masks arrived in Hong Kong will be distributed free of charge in 3 stages.

The first stage:

Reserve 5,000 masks to give to the old customers first. The old customers only need to leave the registered phone number and name in the pm inbox. The staff will arrange the settlement after checking the information. Each old customer will receive 10 masks.

Phase 2: 15,000 masks

They will be distributed free of charge at the Exhibition Hall of Kam Tin Road, Yuen Long, 8 per person, while stocks last.

Date: February 11

Time: 1pm

Venue: G / F, 81B Kam Tin Road, Yuen Long, New Territories (opposite Kam Tin Post Office)

PS must present Hong Kong identity document

The third stage: (to be determined)

The remaining masks will arrive in Hong Kong in the short term and will be distributed in various districts in mobile form, details to be announced.

PS must present Hong Kong identity document, seniors over 65 are preferred.

Jianda Solar Facebook: Click here

HGC Global Telecommunications

[Updated at 1 pm on February 10] HGC Global Telecom said that it successfully collected 50,000 masks from other places and will arrive in Hong Kong one after another. It is expected that the first batch of 10,000 masks will be sent today (February 10) for free. as follows:

Date: February 10th (Monday)

Mask type: Indonesia Sensi 3-layer ear-hung surgical mask (for adults); 95% BFE; 95% block 0.3um particles

Distribution time: 1:30 pm

Face mask time: 2 pm

Location: 234 Portland Street, Mong Kok

Distribution rules: Each person can get 1 pack (with 10 masks), for a total of 1,000 places

HGC Global Telecom also said that it has reserved a batch of masks to be distributed to the elderly on another day, and is planning to distribute it in the future. It calls for attention to Facebook's announcement.

HGC Global Telecom Facebook: Click here

(HGC Facebook)

Galaxy Engineering Group

[Updated at 10:30 am on February 10th] Galaxy Engineering Group said that starting today (February 10) at 1:30 pm, 10,000 masks will be distributed free of charge in Tai Kok Tsui, with a limit of 5 per person for a total of 2,000 places ; If the queue is too long, 2,000 chips will be distributed.

Galaxy Engineering Group Facebook: Click here

(Galaxy Engineering Group Facebook)

HKTV mall

[Updated at 3:45 pm on February 7th] HKTVmall said that the opening time of the new round of Ultra Ready masks has changed, and it will be unified to 7pm.


February 8 (Sat) at 7 pm

Size: L Adult (17.5cm x 9cm)

Quantity: 6000 boxes


HKTV mall Facebook: click here

OK Convenience Store

[Updated at 12:45 noon on February 7.] OK Convenience Store said that it will distribute a total of 100,000 masks to seniors aged 65 or above free of charge to assist the elderly in epidemic prevention. The distribution will start at 1 pm, and seniors can receive free masks in person No. 1 and 5 masks with limit.

The following 20 designated branches each have 1,000 places, and will be distributed by funds, while stocks last.

Hong Kong

H1 & H2, G / F, Block 1, Hong Shan Garden, Hong Kong

Shop 14, G / F, Ai Tung Shopping Centre, Shaukeiwan

G / F, 7 Wah Fu Commercial Centre, Hong Kong

Kowloon District

Wong Tai Sin Lung Poon Court Shop 101

G / F, Shin Ming Court Carpark Building, Tseung Kwan O

Shop G06, G / F, Xianglong Bay Plaza, 38 Xinmatou Street, Ma Tau Kok

Kwun Tong Shop 239, G / F, Hei Yi Building, Garden Building, 239 Ngau Tau Kok Road, Kwun Tong

Shops 3 and 4 at Jiayi Building, Jiawei Village, Hung Hom

Shop G04, G / F, So Uk Shopping Centre, So Uk Estate, Sham Shui Po

(Shop B, G / F, Road Hing House, 34 Jordan Road, Kowloon, with patio and some platforms)

Shop 32-33, G / F, Fu Wing Garden, Hoi Road, Sai Hoi, Mong Kok

New Territories

Shop A2, G / F, Tsuen Shing Building, 185-187 Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan

Shop 2, G / F, Kam Tai Shopping Centre, Kam Tai Court, Ma On Shan, Sha Tin

No. 301-2, Caihua Building, Shui Choi Yuen Estate

13-16 Cooked Food Market, Butterfly Estate, Tuen Mun

Shop M009, Jing Ping Building, Long Ping Estate, Yuen Long

Shop LG12, LG1, Tin Yiu Plaza, Tin Shui Wai, Yuen Long

No. 1 Store, Yuntoutang Village Shopping Center, Tai Po

No. 6 Underground, Tsing Yi Village Car Park Building.


G / F & Penthouse, 34-5 Hoi Ping Street, Cheung Chau

OK Convenience Store Facebook: Click here

ESeven Kidz Europe, America and Japan Entrance Quality Product Store

[Up to 7 pm on February 6th] ESeven Kidz Europe, the United States and Japan imported high-quality product stores said that tomorrow (February 7th) will be divided into two sessions in the morning and afternoon, a total of 650 chips and Japanese-made three-layer masks, each People are limited to 2 packs (7 packs per pack), 20 yuan per pack, and must hold a Hong Kong identity card.

Line up: Next to Shin Kong Congee Shop and Mi Kee Restaurant, 44 Bowring Street, Jordan

The first stage: 300 chips

Time: Line up at 8.30am, fundraising at 9am, sale at 9.30am

Second stage: 350 chips

Time: Line up at 3:30 pm, fundraising at 4 pm, sale at 4:30 pm

ESeven Kidz Europe, the United States and Japan imported quality product store Facebook: click here

Fujin International Holdings

Fujin International Holdings purchased masks from Dubai and returned to Hong Kong by air. Each box (50 tablets) is priced at 80 yuan. Today and tomorrow (5-6) today and tomorrow (February 5-6) will provide a total of 11,000 boxes of medical care. Three layers of masks.

The chips will be distributed at 11:00 a.m. and will be available for sale at about 12:00 noon. Each person is limited to two boxes. A Hong Kong identity card must be presented.

Fujin International Holdings Facebook: Click here

(Photo by Golden Chess)


Affordable said that masks and hand sanitizers have been sold out in all stores and online stores, and will continue to collect anti-epidemic products in various places, and news will be announced as soon as possible.

Affordable Facebook: Click here


AEON masks are currently out of stock. There is no news on the official Facebook page.

AEON Facebook: Click here

Yitian Department Store

There is no new news from Yitian Department Store, but earlier said that masks arrived at the branch for sale in early February, but the volume is limited, and each person is limited to 2 packs.

Yitian Department Store Facebook: Click here

123 by Ella

123 by Ella has no new news, you can continue to pay attention to Facebook page

123 by Ella Facebook: Click here

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