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Lieberman beats his hatred | Israel today



He has always been hostile to the Arabs • Willing to sit with the ultra-Orthodox • Strengthens the tone against Netanyahu • He has criticized Blue and White • Israeli House Our Hate Everyone Hates • Opinion

  • Lieberman // Photo: Joshua Yosef

In April last year, Avigdor Lieberman surprised him when he decided not to join the right-wing ultra-Orthodox bloc, demanding a liberal unity government. That did not happen, and Israel had to go to another election. In September, the election results were similar to their predecessors, and this time it seemed that he would join Gantz. But it became clear that if the unity government in which it hangs everything would not come up because of the blue-white and Likud disagreements, it would prefer not to form a narrow government, and that we go to another election, despite its promise that there will be no third round.

According to the polls, the deadline results are similar to the previous rounds. Almost equality of the blocs, and in joining Israel, we became one of them to form a narrow government.

But this time, Lieberman is aggravating his statements against Netanyahu, arguing that all he wants is not a victory in the elections but a more comfortable position in the debate to hold a plea bargain to avoid his trial. Lieberman is not happy that Gantz is appointing him with his future coalition members, and does not spare criticism from the Cockpit leader on various issues, particularly the fact that, behind the scenes, he is apparently forming a political partnership with the ultra-Orthodox parties.

Lieberman beats his hatred. On the one hand, he "understands Arabic" and his hostility to the Arabs is longstanding and deep. He is the father of the idea of ​​giving up the "Northern Triangle" and passing it on to the future Palestinian state with all the Arab citizens living there. He sees the government that is established with the aid of the joint list, even if it does not participate in it, as a mostly heresy. On the other hand, he is hostile to the ultra-Orthodox - a phenomenon that has been growing more and more recently with him - and is not prepared to sit with them in one government, certainly not before he completes the reforms he seeks to implement in the area of ​​religion-state relations in Israel. And there is also a third party - his harsh hostility to Benjamin Netanyahu. The man who was his distinguished patron years ago became his company bar, with the two blaming each other leftist, Rahmanna the clown.

The real question is whether Israel must await the judgment of a man who neither the right nor the left want to see, really, as a partner. This is absolutely not necessary. Even before we heard all his demands for participation in a future government, it is clear - from his past claims, that these are matters that no real liberal can get.

A fourth election round is a madman. The right and left will prevent it, even if it causes them to bite lips painfully. If it is not possible to form a narrow government (which I prefer over an artificial union), it will be necessary to release the man who beats his hatred, and to establish a broad government without it.

Source: israelhayom

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