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Dortmund: Lord Mayor Sierau leaves - these are the alternatives from September 13th


Local election in NRW is on September 13th. In Dortmund, OB Ullrich Sierau resigns after eleven years. We present the applicants for his successor.

Local election in NRW is on September 13th. In Dortmund, OB Ullrich Sierau resigns after eleven years. We present the applicants for his successor.

  • The potential successors for Ullrich Sierau (SPD) as mayor in Dortmund are almost certain.
  • Seven candidates are currently up for debate.
  • One of them will be the new mayor of the NRW municipal election on September 13, 2020.

Dortmund - The municipal elections in NRW will only take place on September 13 this year, but the candidates for a successor to the long-time mayor Ullrich Sierau (SPD) have already been determined in January. After eleven years in office, the SPD man resigns and makes room for these six new applicants, which * introduces:

Thomas Westphal (52), SPD:

Thomas Westphal is no stranger to Dortmund . Since 2013, the man with the SPD party book has been head of the City of Dortmund's business development agency. The 52-year-old is very familiar with the Westphalian metropolis. His mission statement for the next few years in Dortmund: work together to become better - but stay in Dortmund in the heart and soul. That was what Westphal said in September last year when he made his candidacy public.

Local election 2020 in Dortmund: Thomas Westphal (SPD) wants to inherit Ullrich Sierau

During his time as head of business development , Westphal was committed to the motto "Business and employment promotion as a unit". In recent years, he says, he has focused on the development of innovation and technology without losing sight of people with low qualifications. Probably his biggest project: the development and conversion of the storage street at the port of Dortmund.

In the future, Westphal wants to put the topic of living on his agenda: building apartments and keeping rents low is his motto.


Thomas Westphal (SPD) wants to become mayor of Dortmund.

© Lisa Krispin / RUHR24

Andreas Hollstein (56), CDU:

Probably the biggest competition for the SPD candidate and Dortmund expert Thomas Westphal does not come from Dortmund , but from Altena, around 30 kilometers away. Andreas Hollstein is the name of the man who runs for the CDU as a candidate for mayor.

Andreas Hollstein: As Mayor of Altena to Mayor in Dortmund

The 56-year-old is still the mayor of the city of Altena in the Sauerland . Hollstein became known throughout Germany in November 2017 after a 56-year-old man attacked and injured him with a knife. Previously, the attacker had made derogatory comments about the CDU politician's liberal refugee policy.

Andreas Hollstein wanted to build bridges in Dortmund and contribute his experience as long-time mayor (since 1999) of Altena.

Dortmund OB candidate Hollstein "experienced and dynamic"

Steffen Kanitz, chairman of the CDU district in Dortmund: "With Andreas Hollstein we have been able to win an experienced and dynamic candidate who will tackle the challenge and will successfully prepare Dortmund together with the citizens for the future."

In his application speech in November 2019, Hollstein made it clear that his candidacy would be about solving the many everyday problems of citizens as well as improving Dortmund's image . His undisguised view from the outside will help him do this.


Andreas Hollstein: as mayor of Altena as mayor in Dortmund?

© dpa

Daniela Schneckenburger (59), Greens:

The Greens in Dortmund also have their own candidate to succeed Ullrich Sierau. Instead of putting together a candidate together with the CDU , as was initially said, the Greens rely on Daniela Schneckenburger, Dortmund's current department for education.

Greens in Dortmund send Daniela Schneckenburger into the race

And that brings a lot of experience with it: The Dortmund-based councilor had already been there from 1994 to 2006. From 2000 group leader of the Greens in the Dortmund Council, from 2006 to 2010 state leader of the Greens in NRW. For five years, from 2010 to 2015, she was a member of the Landtag in Dortmund. Schneckenburger has been known as a department for school, youth and family at the city of Dortmund since 2015.

I want to offer the people in #Dortmund the opportunity to vote for a woman for the first time. That's why I told the members of my district association last night that I wanted to be a #Green # Mayor candidate for Dortmund! # Communal election2020 TS

- Daniela Schneckenburger (@dani_sch) January 10, 2020

The 59-year-old advertises as goals for her policy that she wants to bring " climate protection with economic success and future-proof job security in Dortmund" together. But not only climate change, the problem of increasing right-wing populism in Europe is a central issue for the Dortmund woman. Protecting local democracy and preserving Dortmund as a city of peaceful coexistence are also goals, she said in her application.


NRW Greens present election program

© picture alliance / dpa

Michael Kauch (52), FDP:

While the candidates from the SPD and CDU were already determined at the end of 2019, the Greens followed suit at the beginning of 2020. Only the FDP was missing from the list of major parties. But her candidate has also been determined since January 17: Michael Kauch will take part in the municipal election in autumn 2020 in Dortmund.

Local election 2020: FDP man Kauch wants to be OB from Dortmund

The 52-year-old already has some political experience. After joining the party in 1989, his FDP career was always on the up. He has been district chairman of the FDP since 1998 and from 2003 to 2013 he was a member of the German Bundestag . He is also currently on the federal executive board of the FDP. With his candidacy for mayor , he now hopes to make a difference at the local level and advance his hometown - similar to his party career.

"I know politics in government responsibility as well as the challenge of independence, new technologies and global markets. This is a good basis for local politics that thinks outside the box," said the 52-year-old OB candidate .

FDP man wants to improve local transport in Dortmund

The cornerstones he wants to work on are the expansion of local public transport, municipal climate protection and the infrastructure for new mobility. But the labor market as well as education and social policy should not fall behind: Michael Kauch pleads, among other things, for the privatization of daycare centers.


Michael Kauch: Energy transition also in the country

© picture alliance / dpa

Utz Kowalewski (49), The Left:

The party " Die Linke " sends Utz Kowalewski into the running for the election of Dortmund's new mayor . Born in Dortmund, he grew up in Scharnhorst and lived in the Dorstfeld district of Dortmund during his studies at the Ruhr University in Bochum.

2020 local elections: Left-wing candidate addresses the issues of climate and the environment

The chairman of the parliamentary group took up topics such as climate and the environment . "Dortmund has so far failed to meet its climate targets. It is urgent and, above all, to readjust quickly," said the 49-year-old. The politician also wants to create affordable housing in Dortmund and reduce the number of long-term unemployed.

Kowalewski brings experience with the city administration and with political processes . "I have more than ten years of experience in this area. And a very important pound: I know Dortmund and the people in Dortmund from the ff", the left-wing politician says confidently.

Ingolf Griese (66), non-partisan:

A non-party politician is also applying for the 2020 mayoral election in Dortmund for the post of mayor. His name: Ingolf Griese . "One of you" is the slogan of the 66-year-old Dortmund native who comes from a working-class family.

Local election 2020: Non-party Ingolf Griese knows his way around Dortmund

Griese sees himself as a "Dortmund expert", "competent" and "close to the citizen" - and that is also what he lacks in the previous policy in Dortmund and what he wants to change as the new mayor . The residents would have to be more involved in the decisions of the city and not, as before, pursue a policy that ignores the needs of Dortmund's citizens.

Meanwhile, on his Twitter channel, Griese shows himself to be on the offensive like many a president across the Atlantic.

Mayor candidate Twitter attacks for Dortmund

"The first from Altena doesn't know anything about what's going on in Dortmund; the second candidate, a youngster from the Dortmund Economic Development Agency, who made the football museum make about € 900,000 less every year ..." he says on Social -Media against the other two candidates of the 2020 OB election in Dortmund .

Bernd Schreyner, The Rights:

Bernd Schreyner, former AfD district spokesman for Dortmund, is at the start of the extreme right-wing splinter party " The Right ". Politics for "German interests" is committed to rights. No further details are known about his plans.

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network

Source: merkur

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