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Mayor election 2020 in the district of Freising: All candidates at a glance


The 2020 mayor election in the Freising district is the most important aspect of local elections for many citizens. Here is an overview of communities and candidates.

The 2020 mayor election in the Freising district is the most important aspect of local elections for many citizens. Here is an overview of communities and candidates.

  • Local elections will take place in the Freising district on March 15, 2020
  • A total of 24 new mayors are also elected
  • Here is an overview of all the mayor candidates from the Freising district

  • Freising district - On March 15, 2020, more than 100,000 people in the Freising district in Bavaria were called to elect the district administrator, the mayor and the municipal councils. Even if not all of the candidates have been determined, an exciting choice is already emerging in some communities. Especially since the current incumbents do not want to start again everywhere.

    Some plan to start another term, such as Anton Geier (UB) in Haag, who wants to be elected mayor for the fourth time in the 2020 local elections. In other cities and towns, however, the local elections will mark a turning point in exactly one year. In Zolling, for example, incumbent Max Riegler retires due to age. Who will be the successor? Who sends a candidate into the race anyway? Who is still wrestling with himself? An overview.

    All further information on the 2020 local elections in the Freising district can also be found on our topic page.

    Mayor election 2020: Allershausen

    Rupert Popp from the Free Voters will end May 24th 2020 after 24 years. In the final interview, he looks back on his time in the town hall. At least two candidates will strive to succeed him: his party friend and current Mayor Martin Vaas makes no secret of his ambitions.

    Manuel Mück was a candidate for mayor at the CSU in Allershausen. But that broke again after the municipal council member from Allershausen now steps into the ring as district administrator for the CSU. For the Christian Socialists, Marcus Klose now competes in Allershausen. No candidate had been found by mid-December, but when the CSU presented its local council list, they didn't want to give up hope. The SPD Allershausen sends Thorsten Klenke into the race. The comrades face a “lot of work”, but they are looking forward to the challenge.

    Martin Vaas (FW), Thorsten Klenke (SPD) and Marcus Klose (CSU) are running in Allershausen .

    Mayor election 2020: Attenkirchen

    The incumbent Martin Bormann (Citizens' Group) gives a clear yes to the question of whether he will resume. In addition, the candidate for the newly founded “Perspective Attenkirchen” is ready: 47-year-old Walter Schlott from Thalham will fight for the town hall chair on a common list with the Greens.

    The “WIR” group was also newly founded in Attenkirchen, which operates across all parties. The group introduced Mathias Kern as a candidate for mayor. The 37-year-old is also the chairman of the SPD Moosburg. In the event of a victory in Attenkirchen, he wanted to hand over this position. At the end of November, the 38-year-old was officially nominated for mayor. “One and all for Attenkirchen”, the motto of WIR, focused on Kern. "Running a church like Attenkirchen is a team game."

    Martin Bormann (Bürgerernahe Gruppe), Walter Schlott (GoL) and Mathias Kern (WIR) are running in Attenkirchen .

    Mayor election 2020: Au / Hallertau

    Karl Ecker from the Free Voters may again. But he does not want to. The 56-year-old, mayor of Auer since 1996, no longer competes. For this, his party colleague Hans Sailer, currently 2nd Mayor of Au, should apply for Ecker's successor.

    A challenger for Sailer is already certain: Barbara Prügl from the Greens, municipal councilor, deputy district administrator and, in 2014, Ecker's candidate. The CSU will decide in the coming weeks, according to local chairman Stefan Baur.

    At the end of November, Ecker held its last citizens' meeting in the market - after almost 24 years. He also emphasized that he did not quit because he no longer liked, "but because I can no longer". In the course of this, he addressed warning words to politics and society.

    In mid-December, the Free Voting Community Au officially introduced the man who is to succeed Ecker: Hans Sailer is in the race for the executive chair in the town hall.

    Shortly before the turn of the year, a third candidate for the race for the town hall chair registered in Au: CSU man Michael Hillebrand wants Au to "keep on the road to success".

    In Au , Hans Sailer (FW), Barbara Prügl (Greens) and Michael Hillebrand (CSU) are running.

    Mayor election 2020: Eching

    Even before his election in 2016, municipal leader Sebastian Thaler (non-party) had promised to limit his term of office to four years, so that the mayor and municipal council elections in Eching are synchronized again. And because “in just three and a half years you actually don't have a chance to reap the fruits of your work,” Thaler “can imagine, as things stand,” to run for 2020 as well. He would then let the local SPD, the Greens, the citizens of Eching and the Echinger Mitte put it up again. With Thomas Stüwe (54), nominated by the Free Voters, only one candidate has so far been chosen. Its maxim: "Strengthen community, bring everyone together".

    The Christian Socialists decided: They send Nora Kusch into the race. The 45-year-old legal assistant was elected with 24 out of 24 votes. According to Kusch, Eching needs "ideas and people who tackle and have visions". The woman, who has been living in Eching since 2007 and has been a member of the local board of directors, should, if she is elected, improve cooperation with her deputies, the municipal councilors and employees in the town hall. Because: "Eching first!", That was their premise.

    The FDP Eching presented its list for the 2020 local elections in early December. However, the Liberals do not nominate a candidate for mayor. You deliberately avoided it.

    Five parties and political groups support Mayor Sebastian Thaler. Three of them are now working together for the 2020 municipal council election. The citizens for Eching, Echinger Mitte and ÖDP send candidates into the race on a common list.

    Sebastian Thaler (independent), Thomas Stüwe (FW) and Nora Kusch (CSU) are running in Eching .

    Mayor election 2020: Fahrenzhausen

    Incumbent Heinrich Stadlbauer completes his first term in 2020. Now it should go on: For the Free Citizens List Fahrenzhausen, the incumbent city council head again. Overall, the FBL has a strong goal in mind: it also wants to remain the top dog in the 20-person body.

    At the moment the mayor of Fahrenzhausen has enough worries with the new town hall. This had caused a sensation in the community. Now there will probably be a referendum. Since the district of Kammerberg will not be running its own list in the 2020 local elections, it is not to be counted with a candidate for mayor from there.

    The first list has been on the table in Fahrenzhausen since the end of November. The Free Voting Group Unity nominated 20 applicants for the local council unanimously and with great harmony. They do not represent a candidate for mayor.

    In mid-January, the FDP association Ampertal / Glonn also spoke up. He sends three candidates into the race who want to move into the Fahrenzhausen municipal council.

    Mayor Heinrich Stadlbauer (Free Citizens List) is running again in Fahrenzhausen . There is no competitor.

    Mayor election 2020: City of Freising

    He made no secret of the fact that he would start again: Tobias Eschenbacher from the Freisinger Mitte (FSM), mayor of the large district town of Freising since 2012. He was unanimously selected by the FSM in mid-September.

    In July Susanne Günther, the city councilor in Freising, was elected OB candidate without a vote against.

    CSU local chairman Jürgen Mieskes was nominated in October in Freising Lindenkeller with 46 of the 52 votes cast (88.5 percent).

    The comrades of the Freising SPD have already selected an applicant. SPD City Councilor Peter Warlimont wants to become Mayor of Freising. Warlimont (54), who has been active in the Freising SPD for many years, has also been a member of the Freising City Council and District Council since 2014.

    "The party" Freising sent Sophie Hess into the OB race in mid-October. The goals of the computer science student, who she represents for the satirical party: "I would like to see Freising replace Munich as the capital." And: "A beer fountain is finally needed!"

    A "real" bike path concept, a "real" traffic concept, a "real" business management, a "real" childcare concept. That is what Jens Barschdorf (37) wants. He was nominated for the FDP's OB candidate with 17 out of 17 votes. And the Liberal City Council list also received a “yes” 17 times.

    The free voters of Freising will not elect a candidate for mayor. On the sidelines of the FW's nomination meeting for the city council list, the chairman of the FW district association, Benno Zierer, announced on request. They didn't want to put up a “show candidate”, especially since the incumbent Tobias Eschenbacher (FSM) is back and has largely implemented the important decisions.

    The Freisinger Linken recently met in the Altmühltal. Its aim is to increase the number of seats on the city and county councils. The focus is on the topic of social justice. The list for the city council was drawn up in mid-December. The core issues of the left: affordable housing, the strengthening of public transport and a cultural offer for all age groups and classes.

    The ÖDP wants to conquer the Freising town hall with a self-proclaimed climate fighter: Ulrich Vogl has been named OB candidate.

    Surprisingly, the AfD has nominated a candidate for the Freising OB election: it wants to conquer the town hall with an ex-soldier. Richard Paukner wants to "flatten" some things.

    At the beginning of February it was clear: In Freising there are now only seven applicants for the executive chair in the town hall. Sophie Hess from the party The party did not get the necessary votes.

    Tobias Eschenbacher (FSM), Susanne Günther (Greens), Jürgen Mieskes (CSU), Peter Warlimont (SPD), Ulrich Vogl (ÖDP), Jens Barschdorf (FDP) and Richard Paukner (AfD) are running in Freising .

    Mayor election 2020: Gammelsdorf

    After four terms, Paul Bauer's end: The Mayor of Gammelsdorf does not want to run a fifth time. "I had always intended to stop at this age," says the 66-year-old, who can look back on very successful years as the Gammelsdorfer town hall boss, as he again impressively presented in a town hall in March.

    Now, in his opinion, it was the youngsters' turn. "But with recommendations I keep out of it," says Bauer, who had won around 90 percent three times and most recently still had a decent election result of 82.5 percent. He certainly won't get bored after leaving the service: "I want to catch up with family time, be more there for my grandchildren and go on trips."

    The first applicants are already there: Raimunda Menzel wants to be the first woman to take over the mayor's office in Gammelsdorf next year for the ÜWG. The 53-year-old was already drawn to local politics in 1996: she was elected to the local council for two terms, then took a break for professional reasons. "I haven't been actively involved in the past few years, but I've always followed the events with great interest," emphasizes the 53-year-old.

    The BGG, on the other hand, sends Uwe Penner into the race for the Gammelsdorfer Rathaus. The 61-year-old wants to breathe new life into the community. A significantly stronger citizen participation should serve as an instrument. "As more and more shows, this is an essential element of democracy," explains Penner.

    Raimunda Menzel (ÜWG) and Uwe Penner (BGG) are running in Gammelsdorf .

    Mayor election 2020: Hague

    18 years have passed since Anton Geier - then 36 years old at the time - moved into the Hague City Hall. For three terms, the mayor, who is a member of the Independent Citizens Group (UB), has been the undisputed head of the town hall. In 2002 Monika Arzberger (Pro Haag) competed against vultures - but Geier then marched through the next two local elections without a candidate.

    At the age of 54 in August, he was not yet a bit tired of his duties, says the mayor, but with pleasure at work. He felt fit, the council was working constructively and harmoniously, and the mood in the community was good. "You just have to do it and like the people," knows the long-standing city council chief.

    For Anton Geier there is no reason not to compete next year - "not least because I just bought a new traditional jacket", as the mayor jokes. In addition, he had to "set up" his own grouping. Nothing else can be expected.

    Geier will have to prevail against at least one opposing candidate this year. The CSU has set up Benedikt Flexeder. The electronics journeyman, who is still quite young at the age of 29, feels ready to apply to become the Hague Mayor. Last year he ran for the European Parliament, but failed to move in. Now he is looking forward to taking responsibility.

    Anton Geier (UB) and Benedikt Flexeder (CSU) are running in Haag .

    Mayor election 2020: Hallbergmoos

    Hallbergmoos town councilor Harald Reents (CSU) said that he was not a mayor for just one term of office five years ago when he applied for the office. And he kept his promise and announced in mid-February: "Yes, I'm running again." He enjoyed his work and the good cooperation with the local council. He also wanted to continue initiated projects and continue to shape the future of the community.

    But who's up against Reents? It seems certain that "unity" will not put up a candidate. The Free Voters announce an interesting piece of news at the end of November: They are sending their own candidate for Mayor into the race: Thomas Henning. The surprising thing: he competes against his friend and incumbent Harald Reents. The free voters want to conquer the executive chair - and encourage all candidates to "push" vigorously.

    The Greens put together a list in their assembly that should make the council more feminine, more colorful and more citizen-oriented than before. The candidates see a need for action in many areas: School and community center construction, digitization, energy self-sufficiency, families, childcare, nature and the environment, growth retardation, poverty in old age and affordable (cooperative) housing were mentioned. At the beginning of the year, the Greens also announced a candidate: Sabina Brosch is the first woman in the history of the community to apply for the town hall chair. At the end of January, Sabina Brosch was officially nominated as a candidate for mayor.

    The SPD wants to conquer at least four seats in the Hallbergmoos council. The list that was drawn up in mid-December is almost half female - and, if you like, mostly a family affair.

    Harald Reents (CSU), Thomas Henning (FW) and Sabina Brosch (Greens) are running in Hallbergmoos .

    Mayor election 2020: Hörgertshausen

    "Six years are not enough for me": With these words, Hörgertshausen City Hall chief Michael Hobmaier (Free Voter Community) reaffirmed his renewed ambitions for the mayor's office. "I really enjoy it and there is still nothing to do with a term of office," says the 53-year-old.

    He describes himself as "very balanced", and he is also satisfied with the debate culture in the local council: "Discussions are important, there cannot always be a zero decision." After all, everyone has their own opinion. But: "We have a constructive cooperation." Hobmaier even calls the exchange with the administrative community of Walls "warm".

    And so the man, who had already spent half his life in the local council before being elected local leader, is optimistic about the second term. In any case, the citizens of Hörgertshausen can be satisfied. The community is growing and working economically sound. Last year, a budget was drawn up in Hörgertshausen, showing the future-oriented direction of the community. Everything was in the sign of the newly planned industrial area.

    A competitor announced at the end of November: In the nomination of the Free Voting Community Hörgertshausen, incumbent Michael Hobmaier prevailed. However, his deputy Gregor Wild announced his candidacy through the CSU.

    Michael Hobmaier (Free Voter Community) and Gregor Wild (CSU) are running in Hörgertshausen .

    Mayor election 2020: Hohenkammer

    The incumbent mayor in Hohenkammer, Johann Stegmair, is no longer running. “I will be 62 years old in 2020. After 24 years it is time for a new face. "

    Stegmair believes that one should stop at the time when some are still saying: "It's a shame that he doesn't continue." The municipality of Hohenkammer is currently in a very good position - in terms of administration, but also financially. “So it would be a good time to hand the book over to a younger one,” Stegmair philosophizes. "I looked at a lot of politicians who are still in office at the age of almost 70 and I don't think that's worth striving for - neither for me nor for the voters," he says with a wink. The CSU is now sending Franz Josef Müller into the race as Stegmair's successor.

    It has already been hinted at and is now official: 35-year-old Marina Brandstetter is applying for the Hohenkammer Citizens' Association (BvHo) as a candidate for the mayor's office. The assembly meeting was held in January.

    There are also ambitions from the ranks of the FDP: Susanne Hartmann is in the race for the town hall chair for the second time. The liberals' motto: "Continue the tried and tested, but also deal sensibly with the challenges of the future".

    The SPD nominated again in mid-January. The reason for this: At the turn of the year there was still an interested party for the municipal council list.

    In Hohenkammer , Franz Josef Müller (CSU), Susanne Hartmann (FDP) and Marina Brandstetter (citizens' association) are running.

    Mayor election 2020: Kirchdorf

    When asked if he would do it again, Kirchdorf's Mayor Uwe Gerlsbeck said: "Of course!" And he justified it this way: "Because it is beautiful, because it is a responsible task with many facets." Gerlsbeck was officially nominated at the end of January.

    He does not yet know whether there is an opposing candidate for the CSU man. He is Bavarian-diplomatic: "Look ma moi." In the past four election periods, only one candidate had ever entered the ring in Kirchdorf. Let's see if it stays that way.

    The Free Voting Community in Kirchdorf plans to provide at least four local councilors again in May. The credo of the 16 candidate strong list is "independent, competent, committed".

    Mayor Uwe Gerlsbeck (CSU) is running again in Kirchdorf . There is no competitor.

    Mayor election 2020: Kranzberg

    The decision was not easy for him. Kranzberg Mayor Hermann Hammerl (Free Voter Community) has faced a lot of political headwind in the past few months. Several of his requests were rejected by a political majority in the local council. It got really stormy in autumn, when his deputy Anton Westermeier resigned as mayor. Nevertheless, Hammerl came to the conclusion: "If there is no health problem and my group wants it, I will run again."

    In the end it was just the case that one could not please everyone. "If you take a direction and stick to it, you don't just make friends." But Hammerl still wants to continue on the path and complete ongoing large-scale projects - new land use plan, social housing, flood protection.

    In March, Hammerl plans to lead the Kranzberg Free Voting Community into the local elections - and then put a “strong team” on the committee.

    The CSU does not send any applicants into the race. CSU local association chairman Roland Haslbeck had said to the FT that he wanted to nominate a candidate. However, this is no longer the case: in mid-December, the CSU presented an open list of eleven men and five women. A candidate for mayor had not been nominated in the previous assembly meeting.

    However, Hammerl has brought a competitor in the fight for the chief position in the town hall to the pre-Christmas period: it is his own deputy. 2. Mayor Anton Hierhager (SPD) announced in December that he would run for mayor. He created an open SPD list on January 10, which also includes a green party. "I see myself as an independent candidate who asks for support," he said. He would be happy to explain his topics and positions to anyone interested. "Anyone who can identify with it is very welcome."

    The KGL (Kranzberger community list) goes into the election campaign with 16 candidates. A candidate for the mayor's office has not been found.

    Hermann Hammerl (Free Voter Community) and Anton Hierhager (SPD) are running in Kranzberg .

    Mayor election 2020: Langenbach

    “I want to continue - simply because I enjoy the mayor's office. I didn't run to be Mayor for just six years, ”says Susanne Hoyer. There is still so much to do. "We have to renovate the Dorfstrasse, for example, to think about what we want to do with the old station building or what should happen to the parking lot opposite the old host."

    In the meantime, she had also acted as a candidate for the successor to CSU district administrator Josef Hauner. But Hoyer did away with this rumor and confirmed her desire to continue to rule Langenbach.

    Since Susanne Hoyer will stand for the free voters, the CSU has now positioned its own applicant: Thomas Holst (42) is to conquer the town hall chair for the Christian Socialists. He was elected candidate with 11: 2 votes.

    The SPD Langenbach drew up its list in November. 16 candidates want to work for the community to develop further.

    The Langenbach Greens presented their list in early December. All citizens should feel good in Langenbach: This is what the Greens want to achieve for their community.

    The independent voters Langenbach made their list for the municipal council election in mid-January. Gisela Bernbeck puts female power on the UWL list, which includes 15 men next to her.

    It became official in mid-January: Susanne Hoyer wanted to defend the Langenbach town hall chair. On March 15, she will stand for the free voters.

    Susanne Hoyer (independent for FW) and Thomas Holst (CSU) are running in Langenbach .

    Mayor election 2020: Marzling

    They met twice as direct opponents in local elections: Dieter Werner (53) from the party-free citizens and Martin Ernst (53), the joint candidate of the CSU and FW. And twice, the Marzlingers elected Dieter Werner as mayor with around 60 percent.

    Martin Ernst (CSU / FW) is now competing for the third time, but Dieter Werner is no longer running. After stubborn health problems, he wants to be more considerate in the future, says the mayor. There are now 16 candidates on the open list of CSU and free voters who are ready for the election campaign.

    But Ernst got a competitor: Siegfried Kleidorfer (52). On Wednesday evening he was elected by 20 voters as mayor candidate for the party-free citizens Marzling (PBM).

    The SPD has put up a candidate at the last minute: Thomas Sellmeir is going into the race.

    Martin Ernst (CSU / FW), Siegfried Kleidorfer (party-free citizens) and Thomas Sellmeir (SPD) are running in Marzling .

    Mayor election 2020: walls

    In 2014 he made the leap from municipal council to mayor: Georg Krojer succeeded Alfons Kipfelsberger within walls and was visibly satisfied with his election result of almost 80 percent. It is not recognizable that anything has changed since then in the widespread approval in the community: At the most recent citizens' meeting, there was harmony between the local boss and his listeners.

    The city hall chief of walls was nominated unanimously in the assembly of free voters - and he goes to the local elections without opposing candidates.

    The CSU walls announced in the nomination meeting that no candidate for mayor. However, the goal is clear: Even after the 2020 local elections, the Christian Socialists want to provide at least half of the municipal council again.

    Mayor Georg Krojer (FW) is running again in the walls . There is no competitor.

    Mayor election 2020: City of Moosburg

    There is a change at the top of the town hall in the city of Moosburg. "I'm definitely going to quit," Mayor Anita Meinelt, who had been in office for 18 years, has long announced. But not because she has to retire because of her retirement age - "I'm still 65 on the day of the election!" Rather, she thinks that Moosburg - in the bacon belt of Munich and the airport - faces major challenges, which are fresh and above all new ideas have to be dealt with.

    The voters would decide whether their successor also comes from the CSU camp, Meinelt says. In any case, Georg Hadersdorfer is the chosen candidate of the Christian Socialists. At the end of June, he said at his line-up meeting: "I have carefully considered the step."


    After 18 years in the Moosburg town hall executive chair, Anita Meinelt (CSU) clears the way for a successor - or a successor.

    © Forster

    The Social Democrats, who lost the post of mayor to the CSU and Anita Meinelt in 2002 after Anton Neumaier's 18-year term, also send their own candidate into the race. With the 45-year-old Gunnar Marcus, the SPD wants to recapture the Moosburg town hall executive chair. He is a political newcomer and caused a feeling of optimism among his comrades at the constellation assembly.

    100 percent approval: Michael Stanglmaier from the Moosburg Greens received this when she was nominated as a candidate for mayor. The current 3rd mayor of Dreirosenstadt wants to “establish a culture of participation and a climate of appreciation and respect”.

    The ÖDP has already agreed on a candidate for mayor: Jörg Kästl. The city council has been on the committee for a term of office and had also applied for the post of head of the city in the past local elections.

    The free voters have already decided for many months who should take over from Anita Meinelt: Vice Mayor Josef Dollinger (60) is running for the third time in the 2020 municipal election as the top candidate for the FW. In 2014, he lost 44.2 percent to Meinelt in the runoff.

    A party that has never been represented on the Moosburg city council is also hoping this year: the FDP is sending 26-year-old Philipp Fincke into the running for mayor. He wanted to stir up local local politics with young ideas, as he emphasized when he was nominated.

    The independent Moosburg citizens, currently still represented in the Moosburg local parliament with two city councils, no longer want to run in the elections in March 2020. The number of UMB members was not sufficient for their own list, it was announced after long discussions and deliberations. There is therefore also no mayor candidate from the UMB.

    The situation is very different for the Moosburger Left: The group has not only drawn up applicants for the city council list, but also nominated a mayor candidate with the 24-year-old Stefan John.

    The AfD has now also nominated a candidate: Gerhard-Michael Welter wants to become Moosburg's mayor. One of his focal points: the "end of indoctrination in schools". How to bake cakes and prepare a healthy snack should be learned in daycare centers and schools instead of gender language with "64 different genders", according to the AfD applicant.

    When it comes to campaigning, there are strict guidelines for the local elections in March. The city wants to prevent wild growth of posters. However, you don't want to get involved in one point.

    This time, a group called "FRESH" could bring a fresh breeze to the Moosburg local elections: a group of young people has now drawn up its own city council list.

    In Moosburg , Georg Hadersdorfer (CSU), Gunnar Marcus (SPD), Michael Stanglmaier (Greens), Jörg Kästl (ÖDP), Josef Dollinger (FW), Philipp Fincke (FDP), Stefan John (Linke) and Gerhard-Michael Welter ( AFD).

    Mayor election 2020: Nandlstadt

    The local CSU has already decided on the race for the town hall: 32 out of 35 CSU members spoke in favor of Franz Mayer (56). In 2014, Mayer said that he had been offered the candidacy for the town hall chair, which he also refused due to his only four years of experience on the committee.

    A direct competitor of Mayers comes from his own party: Jens-Uwe Klein. The incumbent 2nd mayor wants to run as mayor himself with his newly founded "Interest Group Nandlstadt". Klein does not bring a list of market councils together, but he does want to go into the race as town hall boss.For this he needs 120 signatures by February 3rd. Criticism from the ranks of the CSU hailed for this request. In retrospect, local chairman Rainer-Klier then tried to smooth the waves and clarify a few points about the Causa Klein. He accused the party colleague of spreading half-truths.

    The second deputy of Mayor Jakob Hartl, Gerhard Betz, is meanwhile also planning a candidacy for the city council for his UWN. "Nandlstadt needs a mayor who keeps the tried and tested and is also open to new developments, new technologies and new ideas," is his credo.

    At the end of November, Nandlstadt's CSU, led by Mayor candidate Franz Mayer, called for the lineup. In order to enable non-partisan involvement in the market council, an open CSU election list was chosen. The big surprise: there is also an SPD member running with Markus Kurkowiak.

    The deadline for submitting nominations ended on January 23. Only shortly before, Nandlstadt's City Hall chief Jakob Hartl (Citizens List) officially let the cat out of the bag: he does not run again - at least not as mayor.

    Gerhard Betz (UWN), Franz Mayer (CSU) and Jens-Uwe Klein (IGN) are running in Nandlstadt if they receive the required signatures by February 3.

    Mayor election 2020: Neufahrn

    Quitting after a term of office is out of the question for city hall chief Franz Heilmeier (Greens). "Yes, I want to continue," he clarifies. He explains: "Firstly, I like doing it, secondly, I feel very comfortable in the town council and in the town hall." In addition, "he says," a lot has improved "over the five years of his tenure. Also and especially as far as the business location Neufahrn is concerned.

    The development of the Nova business park on the former Avon site has shown what potential the location has. "After six years, only half the work would be done," says Heilmeier. In addition, the municipal council will be increased from 24 to 30 members in the next legislative period. An additional motivation, as Heilmeier lets through.

    But the competition never sleeps: the free voters have now nominated Norbert Manhart (50), a former party colleague of Heilmeier. "A leader", as FW local director Manfred Holzer emphasizes.

    The SPD relies on a youngster: The 27-year-old Maximilian Heumann should bring a breath of fresh air to the town hall. For local director Beate Frommhold-Buhl, it is simply “a stroke of luck”. The SPD has big plans in Neufahrn: It wants to double its previous faction strength.

    The electoral group "Bosch as mayor" has now appointed a candidate: Marc Bosch was selected as a candidate for mayor with three people and three votes. The first step has been taken, but the real task still follows: From December 17 to the end of January, 190 people have to go to the town hall and sign there for him. On January 31, the last possible day, Bosch announced via Facebook that it had received the necessary votes.

    The citizens of Neufahrn are motivated to campaign. From your point of view, your list is a good mix of women and men of different generations and professions, and there is no separate candidate for mayor.

    The ÖDP has now also nominated a candidate: In the Hotel Gumberger, the Neufahrner ÖDP has now nominated its candidates for the 2020 local elections. Felix Bergauer is number one on the municipal council list and at the same time as a candidate for mayor.

    The secret, which has long been none, has now been officially revealed: The CSU Neufahrn sends Ozan Iyibas into the race for the town hall chair. The 37-year-old was hoisted onto the candidate's sign with 32 out of 32 votes.

    In Neufahrn , Franz Heilmeier (Greens), Norbert Manhart (FW), Felix Bergauer (ÖDP), Ozan Iyibas (CSU), Maximilian Heumann (SPD) and Marc Bosch (Bosch electoral group as mayor) are running .

    Mayor election 2020: Paunzhausen

    Even Johann Daniel is ready. The FW man makes no secret of the fact that he wants to be elected to the executive chair in the Paunzhausen town hall for the third time. "I will run for office again, of course." And again, like in previous years, he will act as honorary mayor, says Daniel. He has never heard of a candidate from the ranks of the Citizens List (BL), says Daniel. And: "It would be nice if it stayed that way." In addition, the mayor of Paunzhausen still has a lot to do. The developments in his community are rather unpleasant, as Daniel documented in a citizens' meeting some time ago. Together Daniel wants to work on a small upswing again.

    The CSU Paunzhausen sends a candidate into the race for the mayor's office: Philipp Stadler (28) was chosen on Thursday to be the man who should challenge Mayor Johann Daniel. Stadler emphasizes, however, that this is "not a candidacy against someone, but for the community".

    Johann Daniel (FW) and Philipp Stadler (CSU) are running in Paunzhausen .

    Mayor election 2020: Rudelzhausen

    The incumbent in Rudelzhausen, Konrad Schickaneder (CSU), has been employed by the municipality of Rudelzhausen for the 30th year: Twelve years as managing director, and he will also be completing the 18 years as mayor in election year 2020. "I am no longer running!" His decision has been made. Because: In 2020 he was 62 years old: "It is time to stop." And who could follow? The CSU had not yet committed itself to any candidate, it was initially said. In order to create an incentive, the mayor of Rudelzhausen has already tried to relieve the future mayor by creating a position as treasurer. In the meantime, however, a desired successor from the ranks of the CSU has been presented: Robert Forster, 35 years old and in the municipal council since 2016, is to succeed Schickaneder, the Christian Socialists hope. At the official presentation at the end of November, the 35-year-old forster, policeman and hobby beekeeper, made his statement on local politics clear with a statement.

    The free voters Rudelzhausen send Michael Krumbucher into the race. He has been a member of the municipal council since 2002, even as the third mayor for a few years.

    In the citizen list, a top candidate was also agreed: Wieland Scheer would like to become mayor in Rudelzhausen.

    The “Committed Citizens” met in mid-January for the assembly meeting. A separate applicant for the mayor's office was not chosen - but the EB made a clear recommendation for FW candidate Michael Krumbucher.

    Robert Forster (CSU), Michael Krumbucher (FW) and Wieland Scheer (citizen list) are running in Rudelzhausen .

    Mayoral election 2020: Wang


    Even if there is no age limit for honorary mayors like the Wanger local manager Hans Eichinger: The 77-year-old does not want to strive for a third after two terms.

    © Forster

    Even if there is no age limit for honorary mayors like the Wanger local manager Hans Eichinger: The 77-year-old does not want to strive for a third after two terms. "I decided against it for family reasons," says Eichinger, who was confirmed in the past election with 96 percent of the vote.

    In addition to private motives, other circumstances would make it easy for him to say goodbye to the city hall executive chair: "I don't want to hide that a lot of things annoy me," says Eichinger. "Above all, the actions of authorities that start any actions without any consultation and communication." His allusion relates to the Freising State Building Authority.

    The Mayor of Wangen cites the exciting issues of Ligeder Berg and Mauerner Bach as specific cases. On the bike path between Moosburg and the walls, he also complained of "lack of commitment" from a higher level. Eichinger is frustrated: “After a 40-year career in public service, I'm used to a lot. But you cannot believe how lazily the mills grind. ”

    Until recently, Eichinger was a full-time university professor, on January 18 he held his last lecture and thus now ended his teaching position. He does not want to make a recommendation for a successor, "I'm very careful," as he says. He lets only know this much: "I hope that it will be a courageous and competent person who gets along well with the citizens and the authorities."

    Meanwhile, four candidates have thrown their hat into the ring: In Wang candidate Mark Stober (FW Wang), Herbert Mayerthaler (FW Volkmannsdorferau), Josef Schwaiger (FWG Inzkofen) and Peter Koeltz (CSU).

    Mayor election 2020: Wolfersdorf

    Mayor Sebastian Mair stops. Not because he has to, but because after four full terms in office he believes it is time to clear the field, said the Mayor of Wolfsburg. "I could run again because the age limit has been increased to 67," Mair clarifies. He would be 65 on election day. Mair is satisfied. He had achieved a lot in his 24 mayor years.

    The Mayor of Wolfsburg, Mair, cites examples of the expansion of the kindergarten and the expansion of the school, the modernization of the sewage treatment plant and the construction of the school gymnasium, as well as one or the other construction area. It remains to be seen who will take over. Mair assumes that someone from the local council decides to run for office.

    It is very likely that there is a mayor in the district: Anita Wölfle (Wolfersdorf electorate) is the only candidate in Wolfersdorf.

    Anita Wölfle (WW) is running in Wolfersdorf . There is no second applicant.

    Mayoral election 2020: Zolling

    He was deputy for twelve years, most recently twelve years as mayor of Zolling: Max Riegler (CSU). 2020 is over, "then I'm out of the race," says Riegler, who will be 66 in June. He leaves “age-related”, as he says. 30 years of dedicated work for the municipality in a responsible position is also enough. When asked if he already had a successor, the mayor smiles: "If it were that easy ...".


    Max Riegler leaves “age-related”, as he says. Riegler turns 66 in June.

    © Archives

    The Independent Citizens Zolling (UBZ) chose Helmut Priller as candidate for mayor.

    The candidate for the mayor's office is already clear at the non-partisan voters' group (ÜWG) in Zolling: Georg Völkl, chairman of the group and currently the municipal council. Now the ÜWG has also drawn up its list.

    CSU candidate Markus Staudt is also in the race for the Rathaus armchair. He wants to break up old structures with new ideas in Zolling. Local chairman Maximilian Falkner describes the 44-year-old industrial engineer as "a stroke of luck for the local association and the community of Zolling".

    Helmut Priller (UBZ), Georg Völkl (ÜWG) and Markus Staudt (CSU) are running in Zolling .

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