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Researchers with a daunting prognosis: "Coronavirus vaccine will be late"


The corona virus has now claimed hundreds of lives. A researcher warned that a vaccine would not come in time.

The corona virus has now claimed hundreds of lives. A researcher warned that a vaccine would not come in time.

  • A novel lung disease has claimed hundreds of lives.
  • The corona virus * broke out in China, and people in Germany have already been infected.
  • Meanwhile, there is good news from Australia that gives hope to patients

Update of February 7: In the meantime, the coronavirus in China has claimed 636 lives - a cure for the dangerous lung disease is not yet in sight. In an interview with Der Spiegel, Jeremy Farrar, director of the Wellcome Trust foundation, warned emphatically that the virus would not disappear after a short time like the previous lung disease SARS. Instead, it is possible that the coronavirus, which spreads much faster than SARS, remains a constant threat like the flu.

According to the British disease expert, it is likely that a vaccine against the novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV will not come in time. He believes that the global spread of the disease can no longer be prevented "and if we are unlucky, it will never succeed," the researcher said in an interview.

Coronavirus drug found? China reports "breakthrough" - WHO immediately disagrees

Update from February 5, 3:21 pm: More than 24,000 people in China are now infected with the corona virus. In addition, there are at least 180 cases outside the country, most recently on a cruise ship off Japan. Contrary to reports to the contrary, the World Health Organization ( WHO ) has now confirmed that there is still no medicine for the disease. Even more: According to the daily news, a WHO spokesman in Geneva said that there is "no known effective therapy" against the coronavirus .

A Chinese TV station previously reported that university researchers had found an effective drug against the virus . As a result, a "breakthrough" had been reported at the English broadcaster Sky - News . The WHO now contradicted this.

According to information from Russia, it would also be some time before an antidote to the coronavirus was available. "It takes at least eight to ten months for a vaccine; we are still in the initial phase without clinical tests," the daily news quotes the Russian health minister Mikhail Muraschko.

Meanwhile, German virologists made a disturbing discovery regarding the transmission of the coronavirus. In addition, an initial assumption turned out to be wrong.

Q: How dangerous is the # 2019nCoV?

- World Health Organization (WHO) (@WHO) February 4, 2020

Coronavirus: antidote found? Unusual drug cocktail is said to have cured woman

Update from February 2, 5.42 p.m .: Is this finally the breakthrough in trying to cure the corona virus ? Thai authorities reported on Sunday that the virus was successfully treated. The picture reports about it . According to this, a woman from China infected with the coronavirus was treated with a mixture of flu and HIV drugs . The condition of the woman has improved drastically as a result. The virus was then no longer detectable within 48 hours after the drug cocktail was given.

The woman was administered a mixture of the active ingredients used in HIV diseases ritonavir and lopinavir, as well as the flu drug oseltamivir, the report said, referring to the Thai Ministry of Health in Bangkok.

The Chinese government is now under attack due to shortcomings in handling and initial cover-up related to the corona virus. After the death of a doctor who had warned in December, China is now launching a coronavirus crisis management investigation.

Coronavirus remedies: researchers report breakthrough - virus isolated

Update from February 2, 5:05 pm: Italian researchers have isolated the corona virus according to media reports. “This is important news internationally. It means there are more ways to understand and study it to contain it, ”said Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza on Sunday. The results of the scientists from the National Institute for Infectious Diseases Lazzaro Spallanzani in Rome would be made available to the international community for further research.

Video: What we know about the corona virus

The special institute in Rome also carries out investigations in the event of a suspected corona in Italy. There are two confirmed cases of Chinese tourists in the Mediterranean country who are infected with the virus from their home country. The researchers themselves said the Ansa news agency said they could have isolated the virus for the two patients less than 48 hours after diagnosis. Australian researchers had already bred the corona virus in the laboratory a few days ago.

Coronavirus Vaccination: Researchers Report "Breakthrough" - Anti-Ebola Drugs As A Rescue?

Update from February 2, 11:52 a.m .: The novel corona virus behind the lung disease from China could spread to the digestive system in addition to droplet infection. Chinese researchers have also found the virus in stool and rectal swabs after finding that some patients have diarrhea instead of the usual fever, the official Xinhua news agency reported on Sunday.

Update from February 1, 7:59 p.m .: Another case of coronavirus infection in Germany has now been confirmed. It is said that the sick person is an employee of the Webasto company who lives in Munich.

Update of January 31, 2020, 9:16 pm: An anti-Ebola agent developed by the pharmaceutical company Gilead could bring a breakthrough for the fight against the corona virus . The drug is said to have been shown to be effective in animal experiments against the pathogen of SARS , which has similarities to the currently spreading virus .

In cooperation with the Chinese health authorities , the drug will be made available to a small group of infected people, as reported by

Coronavirus vaccination: Health insurance companies cover the costs of a rapid test

Update from January 31, 2020, 7:16 p.m .: If you want to know if you have the corona virus , you can have a test done. As the Ministry of Health announced today, this will also be paid by the health insurance. The regulation would come into effect on Saturday, February 1st. Likewise, there is also an extended reporting obligation with regard to the virus. Suspected cases of the corona virus must now be reported, and not as previously only confirmed cases.

The Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) emphasized that the costs of tests are only borne by those patients who, according to the Robert Koch Institute, belong to the risk group. The criteria include a recent stay in China and symptoms of lung disease .

Coronavirus vaccination: Researchers are looking for a vaccine around the world

Update of January 31, 2020, 12:31 p.m .: The Tübingen biotech company CureVac should play a leading role in the search for a vaccine against the coronavirus. The company receives additional funds for this. Through the international vaccine initiative CEPI (Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations), in which Germany is also involved, CureVac will receive $ 8.3 million "for accelerated vaccine development and production as well as clinical studies" , it said on Friday in a joint message from both sides and the Federal Ministry of Research in Berlin.

"We are currently developing a vaccine that could be quickly tested in human clinical trials after successful preclinical studies," said CureVac board member Mariola Fotin-Mleczek on Friday. This should succeed within 16 weeks. “The corona virus worries many people these days. The development of a vaccine is an extremely important contribution to contain the disease, ”said Federal Research Minister Anja Karliczek (CDU).

Research institutes around the world are looking intensively for a vaccine against the new corona virus. Several scientists are also working on this in Germany, for example at the German Center for Infection Research (DZIF). Stephan Becker, Director of the Virology Institute at Philipps University Marburg and coordinator of the emerging infectious diseases research department at the DZIF, estimates that it takes at least a year until it is clear whether a remedy works and is safe.

Meanwhile, the corona virus broke the transfer of a cult kicker on Deadline Day.

Coronavirus antidote: Researchers reported "breakthrough" - but experts have bad news

Update of January 31, 2020, 12:05 p.m .: Five infected people in Germany , almost 9,700 infected people in China . The number of people suffering from coronavirus is increasing rapidly. Although researchers have already made some progress in developing a possible vaccine, the use of such a vaccine could be a long time coming.

As the Chinese epidemiologist Li Lanjun told Xinhua, a waiting period of around three months must be expected.

Coronavirus cure: researchers report “breakthrough” in antidotes

Update of January 29, 2020, 11.50 a.m .: Australian researchers have made a breakthrough in the corona virus. You are already working on an antidote. But even without a cure , the mortality rate will "certainly continue to decrease" thanks to life-sustaining devices and the efforts of medical personnel. The renowned Chinese scientist Zhong Nanshan said.

In Germany, however, alternative healing methods against the virus are also recommended. The website explains that the founder of homeopathy , Samuel Hahnemann, had already successfully treated epidemics and pandemics. The blog reports that even the Indian Ministry of Health recommends Ayush to prevent the coronavirus homeopathy.

On Twitter, opponents of homeopathy criticize the recommendation of alternative remedies. The Twitter account "Homeopathy harms!" Writes about a repost by a supposed doctor who recommends homeopathic remedies: "Homeopathy for #Coronavirus? In case someone actually questioned the hubris of the homeopath. Look at @jensspahn. Is that 'so okay'? "


Coronavirus: Researchers achieve “major breakthrough” - new hope for patients

First message from January 29, 2020: Canberra - The corona virus has now received worldwide attention. The new type of lung disease from China has now claimed more than 100 lives, while the number of infected people is increasing rapidly.

Corona virus: Scientists achieve breakthrough in Australia

There have also been confirmed cases of corona virus in Germany. In Starnberg, Upper Bavaria, a man has become infected; a total of four people in Bavaria * now carry the corona virus.

But now there is hope for all patients: Australian scientists have bred the deadly corona virus in the laboratory . This was announced by the Peter Doherty Institute for Infections and Immunity in Melbourne on Wednesday.

Researchers successfully breed corona virus

The virus was taken from an infected patient and successfully bred. An antidote can now be worked on in cooperation with other institutes and the World Health Organization WHO. Julian Druce, head of the virus laboratory, spoke of a "major breakthrough".

Doherty Institute scientists first to grow and share novel #coronavirus. Announcement here: @UniMelbMDHS @TheRMH @uommedia

- Doherty Institute (@TheDohertyInst) January 28, 2020

What are the symptoms * and how do you get infected *? We have put together more information for you.

The corona virus is currently also severely affecting cruises. Many cruises are canceled. Other lines refuse to do so.

The corona virus has arrived in the state capital. Four cases are known. Many citizens are now afraid ( *). As reported by * , the first people in Schleswig-Holstein were isolated by the corona virus .

The fear of the corona virus continues to spread. A taxi driver even threw a coughing passenger out of the car. The video showed the escalation in the car.

The number of Bavarians infected with the corona virus is increasing: two more cases were confirmed at the weekend. But there is also good news. ( *)

An Instagram video with a possible corona virus background irritates many viewers.

The Webasto company has decided to remain closed until February 11th. Local gastronomy in Stockdorf feels the lack of about a thousand employees enormously.

The corona virus has been in the headlines worldwide for weeks. Now the fear of a rapid spread is spreading in Italy. The conditions are already dramatic. Austria even stopped rail traffic to the neighboring country * for fear of the corona virus.

* / / are part of the Germany-wide Ippen-Digital editors network

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