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[Financial Budget. Depth] Waiting for a "Pay Money Artifact"-the rain will change to the end of the rain in time


The Financial Secretary, Chen Maobo, released the Budget yesterday (February 26), and in the "10,000 thx" initiative proposed by various parties, he "as good as the good" and distributed cash to the whole people. However, this cost 71 billion yuan to everyone


Written by: Huang Yunna and Hao Ziyu

2020-02-27 21:53

Last updated: 2020-02-27 21:54

The Financial Secretary, Chen Maobo, released the Budget yesterday (February 26), and in the "10,000 thx" initiative proposed by various parties, he "as good as the good" and distributed cash to the whole people. However, this time it cost 71 billion yuan to send 10,000 yuan of "timely rain" to each permanent resident, but it "distributed" many places that "shocked" Hong Kong people-7 million of 7.5 million Hong Kong people Adults, but this data is very different from other government statistics; it is said that we must "send money" to cope with the difficulties, but citizens must tighten their trousers until the end of the year to "handle money." The rich man's "artificial rainfall" can be delayed, but can the poor people's livelihood wait? While everyone is looking forward to "saving money", don't be dazzled by this pleasure. The urgent task is to think about how to build a quick and accurate "money for sending money".

The original meaning of the "cash distribution plan" was to "relieve the people's plight" and "stimulate consumption", and the "distribution" had indeed created many contradictions.

Since "relieving the people's plight" is to be described as "quick", Chen Maobo said that after the Budget is passed by the Legislative Council, applications will not be accepted until July at the earliest, and government sources say citizens are expected In November, "bags of money fall into bags." Why is this "just-in-time rain" delayed until it becomes "delayed rain"? Chen Maobo said that because up to 7 million permanent residents aged 18 or above benefited, the authorities needed to meet to study specific details, including protecting personal data, allowing banks to modify computer systems to interface with government systems, etc., so they could not send money early. This explanation came from the mouth of the SAR government, which is "the world's first in terms of governance efficiency." It really shocked many people-first of all, in Hong Kong, which has only 7.5 million Hong Kong people, there are 7 million adults? Secondly, after spending 8 months and 14 months in 2011 and 2018, respectively, to "quickly send money to the turtles", they did not learn any lessons?

After Chen Maobo announced the distribution of money in the budget, the popularity rose by 16.9 points. (Photo / Photo by Zhang Haowei)

Many people are slow, with 7 million adults among 7.5 million Hong Kong people?

"Hong Kong 01" has inquired many government departments about the data source. The Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau said that anyone who holds a Hong Kong permanent resident identity card or a Certificate of Exemption issued by the Personnel Registry under the Personnel Registration Regulations is eligible for "Hong Kong Permanent Resident" The Immigration Department stated that the calculation method of "7 million" is not the same as that of the Census and Statistics Department. It also emphasized that the data was calculated strictly through prescription, but the algorithm file could not be provided for the time being.

By 2017, 14% of the nearly 7.4 million Hong Kong people are still minors. Where is the 7 million adults in Chen Maobo's mouth? (Profile picture / Photo by Gao Zhongming)

Eligibility becomes doubtful-"Overseas immigrants" have a share but "new immigrants" have no share!

As for Chen Maobo's comment that "spending money" also has the effect of "stimulating local consumption", but in this "spending money" plan, it includes "permanent residents" who "very live in Hong Kong" and "residents" "Hong Kong" is excluded. So, how many "permanent residents" who "very live in Hong Kong" can get 10,000 yuan to "stimulate local consumption"?

According to the government's definition, "residents" are Hong Kong permanent residents who have stayed in Hong Kong for at least three months before or six months after the statistical time and Hong Kong non-permanent residents who are in Hong Kong at the statistical time; "mobile residents" refer to the statistical time Hong Kong permanent residents who stayed in Hong Kong for one to three months within the first six months or later-according to government data for 2019, there were approximately 7.25 million (97%) permanent residents in the total population at the end of 2018, with another 3 % Are mobile residents. Based on this ratio, there are 210,000 "permanent residents" who are "non-residents" in the so-called 7 million eligible persons of the Immigration Department. It is worth noting that this statistics does not include Hong Kong permanent residents who have emigrated overseas for many years and have dual nationality.

The problem is that when overseas immigrants who "very live in Hong Kong" can also enjoy 10,000 yuan in cash to "stimulate local consumption", many new immigrants who "resident in Hong Kong" and work hard every day are not considered. "Eligible Persons". Can distant overseas immigrants be more "stimulating local consumption" than new local immigrants? When Chen Maobo attended a joint radio interview this morning (February 27), a new immigrant audience criticized his payment arrangement as discriminatory. Chen Maobo explained that the authorities are not unwilling to set limits, but the number of people involved is complicated and the procedures may be delayed. Government progress and extended cash to home time.

The epidemic is raging, citizens are spending less, the industry is depressed, and the catering industry is the first to bear the brunt. (Profile picture / Photo by Lin Zhenhua)

Solve slowly and easily-there is neither a central system nor a fair distribution!

The SAR Government, which has been rated as "the world's first in terms of governance efficiency," every time "paying money" is incredibly slow. This can't help but be suspicious-after the "Jiangsu Speed" money joke in 2011 and 2018, did the SAR Government learn any lessons, establish central data and improve administrative efficiency? In addition, it has been pointed out that the reason why the government adopted the “uniform equal distribution of money” instead of only distributing to lower-income people as in 2018 is due to the time required for qualification review and high administrative costs. — We are the “most advanced” economy. We have the “most efficient” civil servants, but why do we not have the “most precise” “money distribution system” that can help the most needy groups in the most appropriate way, and Isn't it a matter of saving money to save money?

Since 2008, the Macau government has implemented a "cash sharing plan" for the year, sending money to 700,000 permanent and non-permanent residents who are eligible. Basically, it can complete the process of automatic money transfer and mailing checks in about two months; The former includes registered recipients of Social Assistance Financial Assistance, teaching staff receiving direct allowances, and postgraduate student grants from Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (Student Welfare Fund). Retired civil servants and pensioners, the latter of which are distributed in batches by age. As for the "dividend sharing plan" or "shared growth bonus plan" launched by the Singapore authorities from 2001, the amount of money is divided according to the principle of "the more the poor, the less the rich", as long as eligible nationals have used the government electronic system Once you have registered your personal data, you do not need to repeat the application every year unless you update the information. All these are in stark contrast to Chen Maobo's claim that it will take three months to complete the connection of the computer system and protect the citizens' data.

The government has sent out 4,000 yuan in turmoil. Li Tingfeng, the director of the ADPL, has criticized the government for refusing electronic applications and arranging departures, wasting more than 300 million yuan in administrative costs. (Profile picture / Photo by Lin Ruoqin)

Privacy is important, but if you use this as an excuse for lazy government, and never reflect on how to establish a more accurate and effective central data system, you can only rely on consuming a lot of human and financial resources to run various policies. ——You can see the flow of money distribution. "Timely rain" has to be brewed for several months before it can land. I am afraid that those who really need this money have already "run out of food". How can they "cope with the difficulties" with the government? Furthermore, because of the lack of a system for effectively identifying those in need, it is necessary to "distribute money" on a "uniform and rich" basis, which is not in line with the justice of distribution and cannot solve the structural dilemma faced by the poor. It seems that after "spending money", there is still much to be reflected.

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