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[New Coronary Pneumonia · Latest] A total of 93 people have been diagnosed at the North Point Buddhist Church.


New Coronary Pneumonia (commonly known as Wuhan Pneumonia) caused by a new coronavirus is raging around the world. There have been more recent cases in Hong Kong. Today (27th) another confirmed case of a Buddhist temple was diagnosed by a 70 year old woman. The number of infections has increased to 92.

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Written by: Hu Jiaxin, Chen Qianting, Zheng Cuibi, and Mackay

2020-02-27 06:30

Last updated: 2020-02-27 22:36

New Coronary Pneumonia (commonly known as Wuhan Pneumonia) caused by a new coronavirus is raging around the world. There have been more recent cases in Hong Kong. Today (27th) another confirmed case of a Buddhist temple was diagnosed by a 70 year old woman. The number of infections has increased to 92.

▼ Many confirmed cases of Fuhuijingshe Buddha Hall in North Point ▼



[22:35] The Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health announced that as of 8 pm today (27th), the Centre is investigating two new confirmed cases of coronavirus disease in 2019. So far, a total of 93 confirmed cases have been diagnosed in Hong Kong.

The confirmed cases today are all related to the "Fuhui Jingshe" Buddhist case group. The first case involved a 70-year-old woman (the 92nd case). She had a long-term illness and was located in Block 4, Po Ying Garden, Tseung Kwan O. The patient developed cough and sputum since February 13 and sought medical treatment from the same private doctor on the same day and February 23. She called the centre hotline yesterday and was arranged to be admitted to the United Christian Hospital for treatment. The patient's respiratory tract sample confirmed a positive response to the coronavirus virus 2019 and is now stable. The patient did not travel outside during the incubation period, but visited the "Fuhui Jingshe" Buddha Hall daily on January 24, 25 and February 1-8. The son who lived with him was sent to the United Hospital for treatment because of symptoms. His daughter-in-law and grandson did not show symptoms and will be arranged for quarantine.

The second case was confirmed through the "Enhanced Laboratory Surveillance" programme for general outpatient and emergency department patients, involving a 89-year-old woman (case 93). The patient has a long-term patient and lives alone in Hongfu Building, 40-78 Kam Ping Street, North Point. The patient had an intermittent cough since February 25. She went to the General Outpatient Clinic of Mrs. Blackberry yesterday for medical treatment. Today, the patient's deep throat saliva sample confirmed positive for coronavirus virus 2019 and was arranged for admission to Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The treatment is stable. The patient did not travel outside during the incubation period, but visited the Fuhui Jingshe Buddha Hall several times on January 25 and February 1-12.

The Centre's epidemiological survey showed that a total of 14 patients were found in cases 92 and 93 and cases 64, 65, 70, 73, 74, 76, 77, 83, 84, 86, 89 and 91 previously announced Have visited the "Fuhui Jingshe" Buddha Hall in Meilun Building in January or February, or have a relationship with the confirmed person who visited the Buddha Hall. The center urges those who have visited the relevant Buddhist temples after January 25 to call the CHP hotline. If the person develops related symptoms, the center will arrange for admission to the hospital for treatment. The Centre will also send a letter today to remind private doctors of the latest situation.

[21:41] It is understood that there is another preliminary confirmed case of new pneumonia in Fuhui Jingshe, North Point. The patient is a 89-year-old woman who lives in Jinping Street, North Point, only a hundred meters away from the Meilun Building where the Buddhist temple is located. The patient had a cough but no fever and reportedly visited the relevant Buddhist temple from February 11 to 12. It is reported that she had sought medical treatment at a general outpatient clinic in North Point and returned the deep throat saliva sample for testing the next day. The virus was initially positive. The patient was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for isolation. She was the 14th person infected by the North Point Buddhist Church.

[17:15] Outbreaks occurred in many countries. Zhang Zhujun pointed out that he had noticed the situation in Italy and Iran, and senior government officials were meeting to discuss.

[16:55] Regarding the 85th confirmed case, that is, horse owner Zhou Qiao'er and Zhang Zhujun pointed out that she had a lot of trips, there were a lot of unclear memories, and she had to ask and verify the address. She had been to a wedding, poured tea at Zhuliyuan in the morning, signed papers at Bai Weishan at noon, and then ate meals in a Marriott hotel room.

[16:50] Two sisters of the Diamond Princess were diagnosed after returning to Hong Kong. Their parents were diagnosed as early as possible on the boat. Zhang Zhujun pointed out that the two sisters had moved to another room on February 5 after they knew their parents were diagnosed. By the 19th, they had left the 14th. They were not diagnosed as close contacts of their parents, so they could return to Hong Kong.

[16:42] He Wanxia:

The HA sent an email to some of its colleagues yesterday. The employees who were absent from February 3 to 7 will understand the reasons and follow up one by one. The human resources department should understand the reasons for the absence before considering further follow-up.

[16:55] The first patient diagnosed on January 22 from Wuhan was discharged on February 25. The clinical situation improved, and the sample was negative twice before being discharged. The Hospital Authority, He Wanxia, ​​pointed out that he had been referred to the Port Health Department of the Department of Health to help him arrange for his departure. Because the patient was relatively stable at the time of clinical discharge, no follow-up appointment was scheduled.

[16:31] Zhang Zhujun, Director of the Department of Infectious Diseases, Center for Health Protection:

A new confirmed case is a 70-year-old woman living in Po Ying Garden, Tseung Kwan O, which is the confirmed 92 case. On February 13th, she sputum and saw a doctor. On the 23rd, she saw the doctor again. After seeing the news that many people were diagnosed at Fuhui Jingshe Buddhist Temple in North Point, she called the Center for Health Protection and was diagnosed today.

From January 24th to 25th, and from February 1st to 8th, there is a Buddhist temple at Fuhui Jingshe in North Point from 9 to 12 in the morning. At other times, it is mainly at home.

The Center for Health Protection has contacted 221 people, and more than 20 people have been sent to hospital. Some people have tested negative. Several have confirmed the diagnosis. Others are still undergoing laboratory tests. At present, 35 people who have been to the Buddhist temple are under quarantine, and 160 people are under medical surveillance.

Zhang Zhujun pointed out that only early confirmed cases of Buddhist temples could be found. The earliest onset was February 8, but the source could not be found.

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[13:37] It is understood that there is one more confirmed case related to Fuhui Jingshe Buddhist Hall in Meilun Building, North Point. The patient is a 70-year-old woman. She is currently in the United Hospital. It is reported that she had sat next to a former diagnosed patient in a Buddhist temple.

▼ More than 70,000 people infected with pneumonia across the country have not passed down ▼




▼ Diagnosed horse owner Zhou Qiaoer recently visited ▼




[08:00] As of 8:00 on Thursday (27th), 78,203 confirmed cases nationwide with a total of 2,718 deaths, 2,491 suspected cases, and 30,101 cured cases; in Hubei, the hardest-hit area, a total of 65,187 confirmed deaths A total of 2615 people.

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The confirmed Swiss garden resident, owner Zhou Qiaoer, has been there recently.

▼ Hong Kong masks, panic buying, conflict, winter under the epidemic ▼




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