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There's a secret door on the plane - crew member unpacks


Did you know that there are hidden trap doors through which flight attendants can escape in an emergency? A crew member has now revealed where they are.

Did you know that there are hidden trap doors through which flight attendants can escape in an emergency? A crew member has now revealed where they are.

  • A Virgin Australia flight attendant has revealed a secret emergency exit.
  • Only the crew can use it.
  • You can find out where it is here.

In emergencies, passengers can use one of the emergency exits on board an aircraft. But what about the flight attendants? As a crew member of the airline Virgin Australia now reveals in a video, there is a special trap door for crew members through which they can escape. Find out where it can be found here.

Flight attendant reveals: In an emergency, crew members flee via this trap door

In a video shared by Virgin Australia's Facebook page, flight attendant Blair presents some hidden rooms that only crew members can see . Many travelers may already be aware that crew members have a few berths available on long-haul flights * where they can spend their breaks. On a Boeing 777, for example, these are located directly above Business and Economy Class and can be reached via stairs that are hidden behind an inconspicuous door on board. In such a machine, Blair now reveals how the crew members escape from their secret relaxation rooms in emergencies .

Part of the lying area in the berths can be opened like a chest. Below this, a staircase unfolds, which leads into the aircraft cabin in which the passengers are sitting . If the cabin crew is unable to use the main entrance to the berths in an emergency, they can escape through the trap door into the economy area of ​​the aircraft. So if you should wonder why there are luggage compartments in the cabin that don't have a handle, it could be that one of the secret trap doors is hidden behind them , as Blair explains.

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In a blog, Virgin Airlines reveals a few more details about how the rest areas of the crew * are structured in a Boeing 777-300ER . Accordingly, these are located at both ends of the machine, one above the business and one above the economy class. The pilots' bunks are above the business class, while the crew have their resting areas above the economy class. After the guests were provided with the main meal, some crew members had the opportunity to take a break in the relaxation areas. At the same time, it would always be ensured that enough crew members could take care of the passengers.

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