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Weather in Bavaria: Storm hit Munich, two S-Bahn lines closed - snow chaos in Franconia


Turbulent weather has dominated the Free State for weeks. The DWD and the Warnapp Katwarn have triggered warnings for all of Bavaria.

Turbulent weather has dominated the Free State for weeks. The DWD and the Warnapp Katwarn have triggered warnings for all of Bavaria.

  • The Free State has been dominated by turbulent weather for weeks.
  • The Warnapp Katwarn and the German Weather Service have triggered warnings for the whole of Bavaria and especially Munich.
  • We are talking about an extreme weather situation with severe weather and hurricane gusts.

Update from 8.11 a.m .: The storm low still affects traffic. The routes of the Werdenfelsbahn are particularly affected, said a spokesman for the Deutsche Bahn in Berlin on Friday. Accordingly, there are no trains between Munich and Murnau, Munich and Kochel, Murnau and Oberammergau and Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Grießen. Rail replacement traffic with buses has been set up between Murnau and Starnberg. The S6 of the Munich S-Bahn only runs to Starnberg.

In long-distance traffic, the route between Rosenheim and Salzburg and from Nuremberg to Treuchtlingen is restricted. It is still unclear how long the routes will be closed, the spokesman said. The train carries out exploratory trips on Friday morning. Commuters are informed about disruptions at

In Munich , the S-Bahn largely resume. However, the section of the S2 between Markt Schwaben and Erding is also closed. A replacement rail service with taxis has been set up. There are delays in the entire network, and partial failures can also occur.

Storm depression "Bianca" also brought snow, especially to Franconia. A car got off the road there - the fire department had problems getting there itself.

"Bianca" is raging in Bavaria: effects on traffic

Update from February 28, 6.30 a.m .: "Bianca" raged in the evening - and is still causing closures on individual railway lines in Bavaria. South of Tutzing, for example, the train traffic in the Werdenfels network has ceased. The Starnberg-Tutzing (S6) and Markt Schwaben-Erding (S2) sections of the Munich S-Bahn are closed. There is a rail replacement service with taxis .

S-Bahn trains are running on all other branches, but delays are to be expected. Operation on the nationally important connections Rosenheim-Salzburg and Nuremberg-Treuchtlingen is restricted according to Deutsche Bahn.

Storm damage can be complained of in many places. Trees fell in some places, including from Fürstenfeldbruck , the Mühldorf region in Upper Bavaria and the Miesbach district , our editorial team received reports. For this reason, there were several accidents in the area of ​​the police inspection in Bad Wiessee - in Gmund due to a failed traffic light system, on the B318 between Gmund and Bad Wiessee two cars drove in a fallen tree.

The situation in Franconia and the Upper Palatinate is different: heavy snowfall affected rail traffic here. Because of a truck that fell off the road in the event of snowfall, the Autobahn 71 in the direction of Schweinfurt was completely blocked at night. The semi-trailer threatened to slide down a slope after the incident on Thursday evening and had to be recovered, a police spokesman said.

Weather in Bavaria: rail traffic severely affected

Update from February 27th, 23.07 clock: As the S-Bahn Munich announced late in the evening, the operation of the S-Bahn Munich on the outer branches was suspended until further notice due to the storm depth "Bianca". A shuttle service could be set up on the main route.

Update of February 27: The storm that raged in Bavaria on Thursday evening also severely affected rail traffic. A spokesman for the Deutsche Bahn confirmed that an IC train had to stop in Nuremberg from Leutershausen in Central Franconia.

The passengers had to wait at least one hour on the train. The onward journey was made from a tree that had crashed into the tracks.

In addition, long-distance traffic between Offenburg and Freiburg has been blocked. According to the railway, the reason was a tarpaulin that had reached the overhead line through the storm. Numerous trains had to be at various train stations in front of the closed section of the route during the evening - how many and how long is not clear.

Weather in Bavaria: "Katwarn" alarm - DWD warns of extreme weather conditions - Munich is particularly bad

Update from February 27th: In the evening it gets really uncomfortable in Bavaria and especially in the Bavarian capital Munich . Both the warning app " Katwarn " and the German Weather Service have warned of extreme weather conditions with severe weather and gale force gusts from the west. The gusts should have a speed of around 115 km / h.

Local thunderstorms can also occur. The German Weather Service puts the weather situation at warning level three out of four. Especially in Munich , people should watch out for falling branches , roof tiles or other objects. Staying outdoors should be avoided if possible.

Bavaria weather: storm low "Yulia" moves across Bavaria

Update from February 24: Storm depression "Yulia" kept Bavaria in suspense. In Upper Franconia alone, emergency services had to deploy around 90 missions by evening. On the A70 near Bamberg , a tree crashed onto the highway, nine cars were involved in the following collision.

In Middle Franconia , the emergency services had to set up overturned Dixi toilets and mobile traffic lights. There were approximately 60 weather-related missions in the Upper Palatinate. The entire Upper Palatinate was affected, the focus was in the district of Amberg-Sulzbach . It was mostly about fallen branches and fallen trees. To date, no one has been injured by the gusts.

In Munich, however , "Yulia" did little damage. According to the fire brigade , branches fell on the streets. In addition, the storm blew mobile toilets from their places and pushed fences and barriers on streets and sidewalks. There were 40 rather small missions.

Bavaria weather: hurricane gusts approaching

First report from February 23

Munich - stormy times in Bavaria . One low is chasing the next. The German Weather Service (DWD) has again issued numerous weather warnings for this Sunday. Especially on the edge of the Alps , it can get very uncomfortable with hurricane gusts .

Bavaria Weather: German Weather Service with warnings - hurricane gusts coming

The Upper Palatinate is also affected by stormy weather. The warnings last until Monday night. The rest of the Free State is also warned of gusts of wind. The gusts can sometimes reach speeds of up to 100 km / h. It is also rather uncomfortable in the rest of Germany. Many carnival clubs had to cancel their moves due to the weather .

Stormy weather in Bavaria: Carnival parades canceled - now also in Bavaria

After several clubs in North Rhine-Westphalia and Saxony had to cancel their carnival parades, a Bavarian move has now also taken place. As reports, the " Mühldorfer Gaudiwurm " was canceled. A spokesman for the police confirmed the portal. The news has already been announced on the Mühldorf city council's Facebook page.

Weather in Bavaria: Uncomfortable outlook for Sunday - and the days ahead

It's not just Sunday that should be uncomfortable in the Free State . It should remain rainy and windy in the following days. It is not yet possible to predict whether this will take place with the same intensity as today (February 23).

Severe weather warnings in Bavaria: All of the Free State affected - severe hurricane gusts

The weather warnings for the Free State stretch across Bavaria . From Franconia to Upper Bavaria , the weather situation is marked, the extreme south is most severely affected across the board. Here the hurricane-like gusts can reach speeds of up to 110 km / h. Even more caution is required in exposed locations: the gusts can reach speeds of a whopping 130 km / h.

Rubric list image: © Peter Loder

Source: merkur

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