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Merkel makes Corona decision: ban on contacts instead of curfew - but Bavaria does not follow


The corona crisis is completely changing public life in Germany. Is there even a curfew - as in Italy, Spain and France?

The corona crisis is completely changing public life in Germany. Is there even a curfew - as in Italy, Spain and France?

  • Corona crisis: Italy, France, Spain and Belgium have ordered curfews.
  • In Germany, there is as yet no nationwide curfew for citizens due to the corona virus * .
  • However, individual federal states are already imposing exit restrictions .
  • Here you will find the basic facts about the corona virus and the corona news from Germany. You can also find current case numbers in Germany as a map. The following recommendations for corona protective measures are currently available.

Update March 22, 7:10 p.m .: The ban on contact in Germany since Sunday evening resolved. After Armin Laschet announced the innovations for the state of North Rhine-Westphalia an hour before the Chancellor , Angela Merkel explained the rules that apply nationwide. Compliance with the new regulations is intended to slow the spread of the coronavirus *.

Contact ban instead of curfew: Merkel explains details of the new rule

An extensive ban on contact * was agreed, which prohibits the gathering of more than two people. This does not apply to core families, life partners, some professions as well as public transport and funerals. So it was decided against the much discussed curfew .

At her press conference, the Chancellor decided to go the path and was impressed by the majority of the citizens who understood that it was now important to them. Merkel is aware of the sacrifices that everyone has to make. "We have to do everything we can to prevent an uncontrolled increase in the number of cases and to keep our health system functioning," she explained the seriousness of the situation.

According to the new decision, citizens are encouraged to keep a minimum distance of at least 1.5 meters in public. This excludes the way to work, emergency care, important purchases, visits to the doctor, participation in meetings, required appointments and exams. Also help for others, sports such as jogging and individual exercise in the fresh air.

Contact ban instead of curfew: Merkel decides on nationwide regulations - Bavaria is opposed

Spending time in public space is only possible on your own and "with another person who does not live in the household or with members of your own household". Groups of people celebrating in public places, but also in apartments and private facilities are unacceptable , according to the Chancellor. "Violations of the contact restrictions should be monitored by the regulatory authorities and the police and sanctioned for violations."

From now on, catering businesses of all kinds are to be closed nationwide . The delivery and collection of take-away food for consumption at home remains permitted. In addition, hairdressers, cosmetic studios, massage practices, tattoo studios and similar service providers for personal hygiene have to close due to their physical proximity . The Chancellor appealed to the population to continue to take the situation seriously and to participate. "Please bring everyone along," said Merkel. "Show reason and heart ."

The Free State of Bavaria * remains the only federal state that will not implement the new regulation, as the German press agency learned from the Bavarian State Chancellery. In the state, the rules that were pronounced by Markus Söder on Friday continue to exist.

Curfews across Germany? Merkel makes decision - ban on contact decided

Update March 22, 3:54 pm: In the fight against the corona virus , the federal and state governments have apparently agreed to a contact ban in a conference call between Angela Merkel and the state premiers. That reports the dpa. Accordingly, gatherings of more than two people should be prohibited. Families and people living in a household should be excluded. Here you find all information.

Corona curfew in Germany: what would be the effects?

Update March 22, 11:03 am: Is there a curfew across Germany ? Chancellor Merkel will advise the Prime Ministers of the federal states on Sunday from 2 p.m. after Italy * and Spain have already decided on such a measure. Bavaria * has also decided on extensive exit restrictions. However, the effects of such a measure can only be read late from the infected numbers.

"The time from infection to the onset of the disease is between five days and two weeks. However, simulations and epidemiological models suggested that the effects of school and shop closures only take effect after three weeks at the earliest, " explains chief physician Clemens Wendtner from the clinic for Infectious Diseases * at Munich Clinic Schwabing: An end to the crisis is hardly foreseeable, but he believes that a period of several months until late summer is realistic.

Corona virus in Germany: doctors are preparing - "wave is already starting to swell"

Nevertheless, the infectious disease specialist remains confident that the German healthcare system can cope with the crisis. "We do everything so that we do not get conditions in Germany as we see them now in Italy. We have a certain time advantage over our Italian colleagues. ”

It is about two weeks, which would now be used to define pandemic zones and to upgrade equipment and personnel. Because the number of patients is increasing. "The wave is already swabbing," said Wendtner . "We are preparing for this scenario."

About 80 to 85 percent of patients would have mild illnesses or even almost no symptoms; they would be healthy at home. Of the remaining two thirds could be cared for at the infection station. The rest - about five percent of all patients - would need intensive care.

Curfews possible across Germany: Merkel advises - day of decision?

Update March 22, 7:12 a.m .: Angela Merkel's conference call with the Prime Ministers of the individual federal states begins on Sunday at 2 p.m. In the course of this it should be decided whether and which uniform measures are to be taken in Germany to further curb the rapid spread of the coronavirus. So far, different regulations have applied in all 16 federal states. Bavaria, Baden-Würtemberg and Saarland have so far advanced with their own measures - and thus also met with criticism. Angela Merkel herself is not considered to be in favor of a curfew, which she tries to prevent by all means and by appealing to the common sense of the people.

Curfews in Germany: SPD chairman wants unity during corona crisis

SPD chairman Norbert Walter-Borjans also demands a sense of proportion with regard to the exit restrictions, but wants uniform rules and an end to the patchwork of regulations.

"It remains: We have to extend the spread of the pandemic as far as possible so that there is sufficient treatment capacity available at all times," said Walter-Borjans of the dpa. "With all understanding for different problems from region to region, it would still make more sense to coordinate measures across borders than to give the public the impression that different rules apply in each country."

Update of March 21, 10:45 p.m .: curfew throughout Germany? These two federal states have taken the strictest measures so far:

BAVARIA: Since midnight, Friday to Saturday, far-reaching exit restrictions have applied throughout the Free State, with the help of which the spread of the coronavirus is to be curbed. Leaving your own home is only allowed for good reasons, such as going to work and making the necessary purchases, urgent visits to the doctor, but also sports and walks in the fresh air - but usually on your own.

All types of catering establishments must remain closed. Delivery services, take-away offers and drive-in counters are an exception.

A curfew across Germany? Strict measures in BaWü

BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG: Since midnight, Friday to Saturday, gatherings of people in public places with more than three people are no longer allowed. There are exceptions for families and couples.


Freiburg: Three police officers walk through the city center with a homeless person. The city of Freiburg has issued a so-called entry ban for public places until April 3 because of the corona pandemic.

© picture alliance / dpa / Patrick Seeger

Restaurants and restaurants are closed to guests. Take away food is still allowed. According to Interior Minister Thomas Strobl (CDU), violations of the new ban on establishment, for example, can be punished with fines of up to EUR 25,000 and even prison terms of several years.

Curfew? Now also exit restrictions in Saarland

Update of March 20, 6:32 p.m .: After Bavaria, Saarland has also issued exit restrictions in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic . From Saturday 00:00 you can only leave your own apartment if you have good reason to do so, announced Saarland Prime Minister Tobias Hans (CDU) on Friday in Saarbrücken.

This included the way to work, necessary shopping or visits to the doctor. “It is still possible to go for walks with the family, for example, at a distance from others. Nobody is locked up, ”he said. In addition, the restaurants in Saarland would be closed to guests. The delivery of food would still be allowed.

Corona in Munich: The fire service uses announcements to alert the population to the exit restriction. Does Greta Thunberg also have a coronavirus infection? On Instagram , she describes symptoms of illness.

Update from March 20, 2:46 p.m .: Meanwhile , a false report about an alleged curfew in Berlin is circulating in the Whatsapp messenger service . An apparently fake photo of the website of the State Office for Health and Social Affairs is being distributed, on which a ban on entering public places is announced from Monday. "This is indeed a hoax," the office wrote on Twitter on Friday .

The authority called for the information to be disseminated that the screenshot is fake . No curfew has been imposed in Berlin due to the spread of the coronavirus *.

Update of March 20, 1:43 p.m .: Saarland wants to close restaurants in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus and impose an exit restriction .

Prime Minister Tobias Hans (CDU) will propose this to the cabinet on Friday, the State Chancellery in Saarbrücken said.

Corona crisis: exit restrictions in Bavaria

Update of March 20, 12:40 pm: To curb the corona virus, Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) has announced "basic exit restrictions" for the entire Free State. Söder announced on Friday. "We are almost completely shutting down public life," said the head of government.

Söder imposes exit restrictions in Bavaria: "It is about protecting all of us"

As of Saturday, leaving your own apartment is only permitted if there are good reasons. These include the way to work, necessary shopping, visits to the doctor and pharmacy, help for others, visits from life partners, but also sports and exercise in the fresh air - but only on their own or with the people you live with. "We don't want to duck away. We now want to get through this crisis with you, ”said Bavaria's Prime Minister Söder at the press conference regarding the Corona crisis.

The decisions are not taken lightly. "It's about protecting all of us," says Söder. It is a character test for everyone. "The faster we take the measures and everyone joins in, the more likely it is that things will not be the same as in China and elsewhere."

Update from March 20, 11:51 am: Now virologist Alexander Kekulé has also spoken out on the much-discussed topic "curfews". He spoke out against the measure via Twitter : "A nationwide curfew would be epidemiologically unfounded, economically disastrous and a social catastrophe." There are less drastic, but equally effective means, said Kekulé.

A nationwide curfew would be epidemiologically unfounded, economically disastrous and a social catastrophe. There are less drastic but equally effective tools. #coronavirus #budenkoller

- Prof Alexander Kekulé, MD PhD (@AlexanderKekule) March 20, 2020

Update of March 20, 9:49 am: After Winfried Kretschmann, Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg, threatened with a curfew on Thursday, the Interior Minister of Baden-Württemberg Thomas Strobl was now threatening with curfews.

Meanwhile, Karl Lauterbach (SPD) said in an interview with ntv : "I am afraid that we will not be able to get past a curfew." From a medical point of view, it makes the most sense, Lauterbach continues. The current figures would also show that Germany needs very drastic containment of the virus.

First major city imposes curfew - Merkel confidant: "Saturday will be decisive for Germany"

Update of March 20, 8:41 a.m .: Is the curfew coming for all of Germany or not? After the first city had already ordered a curfew on Thursday, it now seems clear when the final decision could be made for the whole of Germany .

As head of the Chancellor's Office, Helge Braun, told Spiegel, Saturday will be the decisive day for deciding on a curfew throughout Germany. "We will look at the behavior of the population this weekend," explains Braun. "Saturday is a crucial day, which we have a particular eye on." Chancellor Merkel will then hold a conference call with the Prime Minister on Sunday evening.

Rita Soostmeyer and Oliver Behring, who run the Hotel Ribecca in Leeste, have been experiencing what a curfew feels like for several days, both of whom have been living in Mallorca for one and a half years, as reported by *.

First major city imposes a curfew on Corona: information about consultations with Merkel about nationwide ban leaked

Update of March 19, 9:39 p.m .: Freiburg has a curfew due to the corona pandemic . The city itself spoke of a ban on entering public places, which is to apply from March 21 to April 3. With this drastic measure, the spread of the corona virus should be contained, the city said on Thursday evening. The reason for this is the dramatic situation of the neighboring French region of Grand-Est, which also includes Alsace.

According to the city, the entry ban means that public places may no longer be entered. The house or apartment should only be left for urgent matters. Those who want to be outdoors should only do so alone, in pairs or with people who live in their own household. A minimum distance of 1.50 meters must be kept from all other people. But you can still go to work or the doctor and buy groceries. The current restrictions would initially apply for two weeks.

"We are aware that this serious decision will have significant restrictions on the life of Freiburg citizens," said Mayor Martin Horn. "But as things stand today, protecting the population must take precedence over all other considerations."

The city of #Freiburg has issued a two-week ban on entering public places. You can only leave the house in urgent matters. Stays outdoors are possible alone or in pairs.

- Badische Zeitung (@badischezeitung) March 19, 2020

Corona curfew in Germany? Information about consultations leaked with Merkel - Freiburg presents

9.10 p.m .: There is currently no formal legal curfew in the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany . Nevertheless, police units in the fight against corona disintegrate crowds - for example in the English Garden in Munich .

The officials rely on the Infection Protection Act - read what this means here *.

Curfew in Germany? BW Prime Minister Kretschmann warns

9:03 p.m .: According to the Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg Winfried Kretschmann (Greens), the Prime Ministers of the federal states will discuss with Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU ) on Sunday whether they need to tighten up the measures against the rapid spread of the coronavirus - to one general curfew .

At the conference call, "we will discuss whether the measures are effective, that is, whether people adhere to them, and the way forward will depend crucially on all of us," Kretschmann told SWR on Thursday.

It depends on the population whether more stringent measures like a curfew should be taken, Kretschmann warned. "We cannot say today whether we have to do this," he continued, adding: "But one thing is certain, if the population does not adhere to these measures, it will pretty much happen."

The crisis can only be "slowed down" if "everyone holds together" and "abides by the rules," said the Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg. That means, among other things, "no corona parties" , as they are still organized by young people, but also "no chats on the weekly market of pensioners", which he had also been told.

Everyone would now have to “seriously adhere to the requirements”, otherwise the regulations would become stricter, warned Kretschmann. "Then there is no way around it."

Merkel had appealed to citizens in a television speech on Wednesday to adhere to the requirements to combat the novel corona virus . It was "existential" to shut down public life as much as possible.

Corona curfew in Germany? Information leaked to consultations with Merkel

7:08 p.m .: Chancellor Angela Merkel and the state premiers want to discuss curfews in the corona crisis after a media report this Sunday. The SWR reported this on Thursday, citing Baden-Württemberg Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Greens). Several heads of government had threatened curfews on Thursday. "It depends on the population whether we need to take stricter measures," Kretschmann told the SWR. The background is that many Germans do not respond to calls to keep their distance from others.

Baden-Württemberg's Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann no longer rules out stricter measures

Update of March 19, 4:20 pm: Baden-Württemberg's Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Greens) also no longer ruled out stricter measures. "If not everyone changes their behavior fundamentally, then we cannot avoid tougher measures and sanctions," he warned in a special session of the Stuttgart state parliament. It cannot be that young people are now running to corona parties, says Kretschmann.

The Saarland Prime Minister Tobias Hans (CDU) called for a "quick and hard curfew" if citizens continue to obey requirements due to the corona crisis. "The situation is serious - everyone has to limit their lives," Hans told the newspapers of the Funke media group.

Update from March 19, 12.50 p.m .: The corona virus continues to spread rapidly in Germany. Yesterday in Upper Franconia showed that blocking exits can be an option in Germany. A curfew was imposed in Mitterteich due to the high number of infected people .

Since Thursday there has been a curfew in two Upper Franconian municipalities in the district of Wunsiedel . "The number of cases there has increased remarkably quickly and sharply," said a spokeswoman for the district office in Wunsiedel on Thursday. It was a precaution.

Corona crisis in Germany: Markus Söder with clear words regarding curfews

In an interview with the ARD daily topics, the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder emphasized that there will be no formal curfew. In his government declaration in the state parliament, however, he found clear words and. In an appeal, he said: “If many people do not restrict themselves voluntarily , then in the end only the Bavaria-wide curfew remains as the only instrument to react to it. Everyone has to be clear about that, ”he says.

First report from March 19, 11.09 a.m .: curfew is also an option in Germany: what that would mean exactly

Munich - Italy, France, Spain and Belgium - all of them have now imposed them: the curfew . In the corona crisis , this means in particular is intended to help stem the spread of the coronavirus pandemic .

Corona crisis in Germany: Bavaria has declared a disaster

For many citizens, it can not only be observed on social media, the term curfew alone means uncertainty. State of emergency in Germany because of Corona after Bavaria has already declared the disaster?

"There will be no formal curfew , but everyone should think again about what makes sense. Care is important, of course, but we must do everything we can to prevent the bad outbreak. Nobody can give a guarantee that it will work, but it is the only effective measure, "said Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder in an interview with the ARD daily topics with the note that" that can change day by day ".

On Wednesday evening (March 18th, 2020) Angela Merkel wants to address the citizens in a TV address and ask them to participate in the measures.

"There is no curfew per se in Germany"

But what would a curfew mean for the Germans? And what are the legal and political hurdles?

“There is no curfew per se in Germany . In my opinion, there is no legal regulation for this, ”explains a high-ranking lawyer in an interview with the Ippen Digital central editorial office :“ If things get as far in Germany - as now in France - then the federal government could / should enact a corresponding law. Or a regulation that should also be sufficient. "

Video: Police control dissolves party groups in Munich

Corona virus in Germany: There is no law for a curfew

Specifically, this means that the Bundestag and Bundesrat would have to pass a corresponding law in an urgent procedure in which a curfew would be regulated and defined in detail.

This is difficult during the corona pandemic * , however, because a meeting ban of over 100 people applies throughout Germany.

Corona crisis: vote


Because of the corona crisis: an empty subway in Munich.

© picture alliance / dpa / Matthias Balk

As * writes, there is at least one so-called exit ban . This prohibition stipulates that citizens should no longer be allowed to leave their house or apartment.

Which extreme legal scenarios are there without a formal legal curfew ? Paragraph 35 of the Basic Law, the German constitution, regulates the “maintenance or restoration of public security or order” in the event of natural disasters and particularly serious accidents.

Corona curfew: Bundeswehr in German cities?

The paragraph states, among other things, that in addition to the state police, the federal police and the armed forces can also be deployed domestically - since the horrors of the Third Reich, the latter scenario has been particularly sensitive in Germany .


Not intended for domestic use (actually): the German Bundeswehr.

© picture alliance / dpa / Marcel Kusch

"If the natural disaster or accident threatens the area of ​​more than one country, the Federal Government (...) can use units of the Federal Border Guard and the armed forces to support the police forces", it says in paragraph 3, paragraph 35.

Video: Coronavirus - Warning before taking iboprofen

The corona crisis presents Germany with legal challenges

In France and Belgium , the military has been helping to combat and counter terrorism in cities for years, while Spain has only mobilized 11,000 soldiers to support the rescue workers in the Corona crisis . For the Germans, army vehicles in their streets would be a completely new picture.

Whether this would go hand in hand with a curfew would first have to be clarified legally and legally. Like so much in the time of the corona virus .

Whatsapp fakenews and chain letters are a major problem during the Corona crisis. Now the company is taking action against the misinformation.


Angela Merkel quarantines herself. The Chancellor had contact with a doctor who had tested positive.

* and are part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network

List of rubric lists: © dpa / Markus Schreiber

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