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Ten corona dead in retirement home: management sounds the alarm - other facilities affected


Ten people died in a Würzburg retirement home as a result of the coronavirus. The line sounds the alarm. Those responsible go public.

Ten people died in a Würzburg retirement home as a result of the coronavirus. The line sounds the alarm. Those responsible go public.

  • Ten people died in a Würzburg retirement home as a result of the coronavirus.
  • Those responsible held a press conference on Wednesday (March 25).
  • Here you will find our guide to reporting and the Corona News from Germany *. You can also find current case numbers in Germany as a map. The following recommendations for corona protective measures * are currently available.

Update from 13:38: 29 out of 149 residents have tested positive, said Würzburg Mayor Christian Schuchardt (CDU) . He is also the chairman of the board of trustees of the Würzburg Citizens' Hospital, to which the facility belongs. 33 of the 86 employees test positive. Requested paramedics of the Bundeswehr are not available as temporary help, said Schuchardt on Wednesday in the city.

In the meantime, Corona cases in retirement homes have also become known in the Fürth district. Four residents from a facility in Roßtal were brought to a hospital. Nursing staff were also affected there, the district announced on Wednesday. In another facility in Langenzenn , a resident had been tested positive.

The topic is likely to be the subject of the ProSieben show “Coronavirus: Germany is asking” from 8:15 pm tonight. Markus Söder is one of the guests. We report in the live ticker.

Coronavirus in Würzburg retirement home: residents are tested

Update from 11.30 a.m .: In Bavaria, 7289 people have now tested positive for the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus . There are 41 deaths, said State Secretary Gerhard Eck (CSU) in Würzburg on Wednesday morning. There were ten deaths in a Würzburg retirement home. How the virus spread there is still unclear.

All residents and employees of the St. Nikolaus facility for the elderly are now tested for the corona virus. The test capacities arrived on Tuesday, the tests had started immediately, said Würzburg Mayor Christian Schuchardt (CDU) on Wednesday. Schuchardt is also Chairman of the Foundation Council of the Würzburg Citizens' Hospital, to which the St. Nikolaus Home belongs.

Corona virus in Würzburg: Bundeswehr cannot help senior home

In the meantime, foundation director Annette Noffz is also being tested for a possible infection, as Schuchardt said. A replacement of employees by Bundeswehr medical personnel, as originally intended, is not possible. The Bundeswehr personnel are not available, said Schuchardt.

No decision has yet been made as to whether resident residents who tested positive for the corona virus should be accommodated elsewhere in the future. The discussion was about placing them in successively empty facilities.

Corona in nursing home: Numerous employees also infected

Despite protective clothing and specifications, employees would have to get close to the residents to bring food, give medication or carry out cleaning, as OB Christian Schuchardt explained at the press conference. Therefore, minimum clearances cannot be maintained there.

29 of 149 residents have now been tested positive. Everyone was very old and had previous illnesses. Numerous employees also tested positive.

Corona in retirement home: the press conference for reading

Update 10.56 a.m .: The press conference has ended. "Please stay healthy," is the conclusion.

Update 10.48 a.m .: There are now 7289 confirmed cases in Bavaria . Many would already implement the measures well and adhere to the government's guidelines. However, some have not yet recognized the seriousness of the situation.

Update 10:41 am: "We still expect the increase," says Ertl with regard to new coronavirus infections . Many large clinics currently have capacity available, so it is justified to show solidarity with Europe and to accept patients from other countries. "That would not completely relieve other countries," says Ertl, but it is a good signal for Europe .

Corona virus in Bavaria: "The biggest problems are with protective clothing"

Update 10:39 am: "It is not the case that you are protected as a younger person from a severe course of the corona," emphasizes Ertl. Younger people would also need some ventilation.

"The biggest problems are with protective clothing when it comes to the material," Ertl explains when asked . The masks are particularly valuable. "The solution that I see is now being implemented by the Bavarian state government," said Ertl. There is an exchange between the Bavarian clinics , this is now being coordinated.

Coronavirus in Würzburg: 27 clinic employees tested positive

Update 10.35 a.m .: 27 employees have now been tested positive. That is a positive value, considering that there are over 6000 employees. Fortunately, unprotected contact did not lead to any infection, says Ertl.

Update 10.33 a.m .: The clinic is equipped with material for up to ten days. It is still coming. “What will it be like if conditions similar to what I received today from Strasbourg come about?” Asks Ertl. An hourly ventilation patient had to be admitted there. This is a big challenge for a hospital.

"The burden on the staff is high," says Ertl. Now wait for the "Corona flood" . There would also be a staff that takes care of psychological stress on employees, patients or staff.

Coronavirus in Würzburg: Numerous intensive care beds still available in hospital

Update 10.30 a.m .: Unnecessary operations will be postponed. “But an important message to the population: everything that is medically necessary is done. A patient who needs medical measures will not suffer from it at the expense of Covid , ”assures Ertl.

There are still 40 percent free beds in the intensive care units, says Ertl. A total of 160 free beds could be created through reorganization.

Update 10:28: "We separate Covid patients in front of the door in the emergency room if there is suspicion. We are now much more sharpened, in the beginning we were already suffering from Covid patients, ”says Ertl. This put staff at risk of becoming infected.

Update 10:23 am: Now Professor Georg Ertl , the medical director of the Würzburg University Hospital, speaks. The most important thing now was to narrow the epidemic. The test center can carry out up to 200 tests per day - provided the smear materials are available. A new delivery had recently arrived.

Corona virus in Würzburg nursing home: People offer themselves as helpers

Update 10:21: Numerous people who want to help have registered. But "there is no point in getting helpers who cannot work that way yet," says Löw. However, additional people are needed, he confirms. But it "makes no sense that I have helpers who don't know what to do," he explains.

Update 10.18 a.m .: Many aspects speak for an evacuation, many against, according to the head of the Minister of Health. Separating infected and non-infected is ideal. But the question is how to do it. Because you do not have hospital equipment, but nursing home equipment, these are other structures. "It is extremely difficult," said Löw. "It's not that easy to do."

Update 10.13 a.m .: According to Mayor Christian Schuchardt, the head of the Würzburg Health Department now speaks. All dead had severe previous illnesses. "We have targeted tests, but are resource-oriented," explains Johann Löw.

Corona virus in Würzburg nursing home: OB insures supply of materials

Update 10.05 a.m .: The entire nursing home is currently being tested, says Schuchardt.

Update 10:04 am: "We will ensure that enough material and protective equipment will be available," Schuchardt assures. Earlier, chief physician Michael Schwab had warned that the material would only last a few days.

Update 9.58 a.m .: "It could have hit any other facility," said OB Schuchardt. It was bad luck that it hit this retirement home. It is not yet clear how the corona virus got into the care facility, whether through relatives, employees or otherwise.

Coronavirus in Würzburg nursing home: minimum distances cannot be maintained

Update 9.55 a.m .: Despite protective clothing and specifications, employees would have to come close to the residents to bring food, give medication or carry out cleaning, as it is said. For this reason, minimum clearances cannot be maintained there, said Mayor Christian Schuchardt.

After the disaster in Bavaria was declared, new measures for the facility were defined. For example, chief physician Michael Schwab was permanently seconded to the facility.

Update 9.51 a.m .: Another patient died last Monday, the press conference said. 29 of the 149 residents tested positive. There are now 10 deaths to complain about. Everyone was very old and had previous illnesses.

42 specialists and 44 assistants worked in the facility, 33 of which were tested positive.

Corona virus in Bavaria: Nine dead in old people's home - management triggers alarm

First report from March 25, 9.40 a.m.

Würzburg - Nine people died in a retirement home in Würzburg as a result of the coronavirus . The Würzburg University Hospital has taken the home under protection. "The wave of infections hit the geriatric care facility when Covid-19 was still a rarity in Germany," says a statement on Saturday evening. All hygienically necessary measures would be taken - "but of course the fight of the doctors and nursing staff against the illness in a nursing home is much more difficult than in the clinics equipped with medical and nursing specialists for infectious diseases around the clock".

But the situation is still more than difficult - the retirement home is still waiting for urgently needed protective equipment and staff support. The Bürgerspital Foundation, to which the home belongs, is now alarming the Bavarian Radio (BR) . The protective equipment in stock was “only a few days”. Chief physician Michael Schwab from the Bürgerspital Foundation said that supplies are currently stuck. No new protective equipment had arrived in the past few days, although "every conceivable source was tapped".

Nine Coronatote in Würzburg nursing home: management triggers alarm

"The employees definitely reach their limits," said Elisabeth Richter, Senior Manager of the Senior Citizens' Facilities at the Bürgerspital Foundation , told the BR . 40 nurses are still in quarantine at home. So far, "no external support has arrived," said Schwab. All existing nursing staff work “absolutely at the limit”. The chief physician is impressed by how the staff manage to "keep things in order despite the circumstances". But he warns: “Our staff will not be able to do this for long. We are now at a point where we have to allow time out to take a breath. ”

Corona virus in Würzburg nursing home: Responsible persons go public

The people responsible want to go public today. In addition to the medical director of the Würzburg University Hospital, Professor Georg Ertl, Würzburg's Mayor Christian Schuchardt (CDU) and District Administrator Eberhard Nuß (CSU) will also take a stand.

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