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Carmen Geiss poses more intimately than ever: she reports from the tub - and then blows away the foam


In her Insta "Corona Diary", Carmen Geiss is more intimate than ever: only covered with foam gives tips against the Corona koller from her bathtub.

In her Insta "Corona Diary", Carmen Geiss is more intimate than ever: only covered with foam gives tips against the Corona koller from her bathtub.

  • Carmen Geiss started a video diary on Instagram * during the Corona period .
  • She shares photos and videos from her current life every day.
  • In her story, she reports from the bathtub with tips against the Corona koller.

Update from March 31, 2020 : In times of Corona, the lives of some millionaire spouses also stand still. For the time being there is no longer anything to do with spa holidays, visits to the hairdresser and beauty treats. Now Carmen Geiss has to lend a hand to keep herself beautiful. How she does that was shown recently by her Insta story and her “Corona diary”. Unbelievably relaxed and intimate like never before, she presented herself from a very special place in the Geissens Villa: from her bathtub . Covered only with a few clouds of foam and with a beauty mask on her face, she turns to her fans - and also has a tip against the Corona koller in store.

Carmen Geiss intimate in the tub: she appeals to her fans

"You should also use the time to take care of yourself, " said Carmen. “We all don't know what we can do at home. We all always have stress and are running from right to left. ”Her appeal to her fans:“ Now is the time to think about yourself and take care of yourself. To do things that are really good for your body and soul. ” With her specific tips, she doesn't stay long behind the mountain: a face mask and a bubble bath help her to survive the time in quarantine at home and that To prevent corona koller. In the end, she says goodbye to her fans with a kiss on the air - instead of Bussi on the left, Bussi on the right in times of security clearance, this is certainly a good method - and then blows funny foam towards the camera - as relaxed as you know Carmen.

Corona: Carmen Geiss howls for luxury problems

Statement of origin from March 29, 2020 : Like many other Germans, the Geissens are currently sitting at home and have to pass the time in their four walls. It is understandable that one or the other quickly gets bored. This is how Carmen Geiss started her “personal Corona diary ” for her followers on Instagram. As she announced in the first entry on March 20, she wanted to “pass the time” for her followers. But with her latest post, some followers are speechless. Carmen Geiss howls for luxury problems in the corona crisis.

Carmen Geiss: Luxury blonde howls about her hair - she wants to go to the hairdresser

Carmen Geiss is in front of the camera and starts a new video entry for her "Corona diary". "So we have Sunday, the hair is sitting," she hesitates, "not," Carmen adds. "Oh my god, I need a hairdresser, shit," the blonde howls, grimaces and grabs her shaky hair in shock as she moves her face closer to the screen as if looking in a mirror.

She rests her face in her hands and pulls her tousled hair again and again. "Who can help me in this shitty Corona time?" She whines. "Gosh", Carmen Geiss can't stop touching her messy hair.

The video message ends with the statement: "There is guaranteed to be no filter on it" and the question for tips for this "boring Sunday".

Check out this post on Instagram

Have a beautiful Sunday!!

A post shared by Carmen Geiss (@ car Quantityiss_1965) on Mar 29, 2020 at 3:26 p.m. PDT

Carmen Geiss howls for luxury problems: fans are shocked by the corona crisis - "No other problems?"

"You're serious ...", Carmen Geiss followers seem shocked. "Yes, no hairdresser is really a big problem," mocks a user. Another writes: "OMG, no other problems?"

But the 54-year-old didn't mean the post very seriously. Her past entries in the "Corona Diary" were often peppered with irony and humor, like the gallows knitting for her Robert a few days ago, under which she commented: "We shouldn't lose our humor even in times of crisis!" True words. Many Instagram users see it the same way and understand the humor of the blonde.

"It looks natural with your hair, you should wear it more often," jokes one user about Carmen's "mop", as someone else calls it. Carmen has tied her hair up intentionally for the video to create the perfect fuzzy look.

In the end, a fan has a special idea for the hair chaos on Carmen's head: “Let Robert do your hair. Then we have something to laugh about again - in the Corona period, ”he comments. Well, that would be an idea for the next video post in the "Corona Diary".

Recently Carmen Geiss got her followers crazy with a crazy theory about Corona.

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