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"The Masked Singer" 2020: Did the rabbit deceive everyone? Apparently there is a completely different celebrity in the costume


"The Masked Singer" 2020: The fans are particularly in love with a sweet mask: Many viewers love the rabbit. Who could be in the costume?

"The Masked Singer" 2020: The fans are particularly in love with a sweet mask: Many viewers love the rabbit. Who could be in the costume?

  • The final of the second season of The Masked Singer * is coming.
  • The show came up with ten new costumes .
  • Including: the romantic and fluffy rabbit .

Update, April 27: In the  "The Masked Singer" semi-final , the rabbit left the rate team speechless: were Ruth Moschner and Rea Garvey and the guest judges on the wrong track all the time? In the fifth episode, the jury suspected either comedian Martina Hill or ZDF presenter Andrea Kiewel under the cute rabbit costume. The audience agreed: According to, Martina Hill is still the top tip of the viewers. Guest judge Conchita Wurst, on the other hand, thought TV star Enie van de Meiklokjes under the mask.

But Hasis' live indication at the end of the show suggests that none of these answers are correct. Because the letter puzzle, which the rabbit presented, resulted: "You are all brilliantly wrong!" Obviously an allusion to the Sat.1 show  "Ingeniously wrong". 

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The ignorance of the advice team drives Hasi to high performance! How do you decode the live indication? #MaskedSinger Hans Max

A post shared by The Masked Singer Germany (@ masked.singer.germany) on Apr 27, 2020 at 12:30 pm PDT

The Instagram community provides new suggestions directly: "It's Hugo Egon Balder, " writes a user with a smiley smile under the picture. "So ... now I'm really excited. Anette Frier? ”Suspects another user. There is also speculation on Twitter:

"You are all brilliantly wrong"
Is it Hella senses ???? #TheMaskedSinger

- paula - philina (@paulaxba) April 21, 2020

Update April 21: The rabbits almost always have the same names on the web: Jella Hase, Sonja Zietlow, Martina Hill and Blümchen . But a new name is also added. Let's dance star Ekaterina Lenova is suspected. But is that really the case? The semi-final of "The Masked Singer" may provide some information. 

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Okay, now we can say yes: the # MaskedSinger break was only because Hasi was busy over Easter!

A post shared by The Masked Singer Germany (@ masked.singer.germany) on Apr 19, 2020 at 9:00 p.m. PDT

"The Masked Singer": Who is the Hare?

Update April 15 : After it was speculated in the last episode whether moderator Sonja Zietlow could hide under the rabbit costume, four completely different names come into play. After the appearance of the rabbit, who gave "Big Spender" by Shirley Bassey, Rea Garvey's enthusiasm is great and he found the performance very successful. Who is the jury guessing? Ruth Moschner thinks of comedian  Martina Hill again . Bülent Ceylan went in the direction of sports and suspected the swimmer and multiple gold medalist  Franziska van Almsick . Rea Garvey  was visibly without ideas and ended up tapping on Natascha Ochsenknecht

 "The Masked Singer" goes jungle - is moderator Sonja Zietlow behind the mask?

Update April 14th: As of today, Germany is again in a guilty fever! Because of three corona cases in the team, "The Masked Singer" has been paused for two weeks. Now it goes on, ProSieben will broadcast the fourth episode of TMS on April 14th from 8:15 p.m.

After many fans have bet on flowers in “rabbit costume” in the past few weeks , others are betting on someone else entirely. Is jungle camp presenter Sonja Zietlow hiding behind the mask? Some fans are sure and have their say on Instagram: "Why doesn't anyone think of Sonja Zietlow? 'My name is rabbit' - her husband's name is rabbit; Stars on the doors - jungle camp; Music from Doctor Bob in the second evidence film; Sun / sunflowers - allusion to first names ", or also:" Sonja, really very good idea ". Easter is over, maybe the rabbit will have to leave his hiding place soon. You can also follow the fourth episode of "The Masked Singer" in our live ticker *.

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Also in season 2 of #MaskedSinger @martinahillofficial is a hot tip from you! Is she really one of the undercover stars this time?

A post shared by The Masked Singer Germany (@ masked.singer.germany) on Mar 21, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. PDT

Update April 6th: Rate fans will also have to do without this week, because  "The Masked Singer" is still taking a break. Instead of TMS, ProSieben will show “The Amazing Spider-Man. 

Rate fans have to be patient - "The Masked Singer" takes a break

Update from March 30, 2020: Sad news for all rate fans: Because of two coronavirus cases in the "The Masked Singer" team, the ProSieben Show * is suspended for two weeks. The next episode is scheduled to air on April 14, 2020, the actual final day of the popular rate show. As a small replacement for the fans of  "The Masked Singer" , ProSieben brings the first episode of the first season instead of the fourth episode of the new season. 

Is Blümchen the rabbit on "The Masked Singer"?

Update from March 25: Ruth Moschner actually believed in flowers in the rabbit costume yesterday . Rea Garvey decided on Enie van de Meiklokjes based on the evidence in the preview film, in which "delicacies" were shown , because she moderated backschows. Guest judge Luke Mockridge tapped Nora Tschirner due to the fear of heights shown

"The Masked Singer !: Could Flowers Be The Bunny?

Update from March 23:  Collien Ulmen-Fernandes, Diana Amft, Martina Hill, Laura Müller, Sarah Lombardi, Daniela Katzenberger and other celebrity women have already been brought into play when it comes to wearing the rabbit costume at “The Masked Singer " unmask. But has a celebrity betrayed herself on "Beat the Star" now  ? Ex-teen starBlümchen laughed very conspicuously when asked about “The Masked Singer” moderator * on the TV show - and for no apparent reason. Even Elton , who was already a guest in the rate team of "The Masked Singer" , could hardly keep himself from laughing. Blümchen's attempts to save the situation and her reason for wanting to watch the show did not seem credible.

Read also: Insgtagram users can't believe their eyes when they saw Sarah Lombardi's story.

But why should Blümchen be the rabbit? On the one hand, the appearance of the costume speaks for this : a dress completely embroidered with roses adorns the cute bunny. On the other hand, there is a heart garland in the evidence clue , which could be an allusion to Blümchen's hit “Heart to Heart”. The jurors Ruth Moschner and Caroline Kebekus already had little flowers in mind. We will see on Tuesday in the third “The Masked Singer” episode * whether there are any other indications for florets as rabbits .

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A post shared by Jasmin Wagner (@jasminwagnerofficial) on Jan 18, 2020 at 3:04 am PST

"The Masked Singer" 2020: Who is the hare? The tips from the second episode

Update from March 17th: The rabbit always pays attention to the well-being of others and is again "sooo nervous". Who could that be? Will that be shown in the second appearance on "The Masked Singer" *? 

Rea thinks of Collien Ulmen-Fernandes . Ruth Moschner thinks of Diana Amft . Elton thinks of Martina Hill . But the eggs seen in the player make the jury ponder. Another note from the rabbit: she likes every time of the day. 

What Ruth Moschner definitely excludes is Rebecca Mir , who is said to have betrayed herself on Instagram, because she is on "Red". During a break, she is even right next to the rabbit. With that, Rebecca is safe out.

Also Jella Haase would afterElton a way, since the hare itself says she would "Rabbit" hot.

"The Masked Singer" 2020: The rabbit - is Laura Müller under the costume?

Update March 11, 2020 14:50: Who hides well behind the costumes hare ? Here are the latest tips from Instagram fans and there is a lot of puzzling. Is it maybe Laura Müller, Sarah Lombardi, Stephanie Härtel, Daniela Katzenberger, Karoline Herfurth or Natascha Ochsenknecht? 

Update from March 10, 2020, 9:14 pm: In Show Eins the rabbit sang  "A night like this" by Caro Emerald. The advice team, consisting of Ruth Moschner, Rea Garvey and Carolin Kekebus, suspected model Franziska Knuppe , comedian Martina Hill or Wendler friend Laura Müller under the costume.

"The Masked Singer" 2020 (ProSieben): The rabbit - fans love new costumes

Message from March 9, 2020:

Munich - When the curtain falls for the second season of the successful music show "The Masked Singer" on Tuesday, March 10, fans can look forward to ten new and fantastic costumes . Among them are prominent singers, actors or athletes who try to kick each other out of the race with their singing talent. The highlight of the show :  the stars cannot be recognized under the brilliant  costumes of "The Masked Singer" - if at all, only by their voices . The advice team around Rea Garvey * will therefore have a lot of fun guessing the stars. Matthias Opdenhövel is again the moderator of "The Masked Singer" * this year  .

The ProSieben live show has come up with ten new costumes * for its second season . Among them are a few softer contemporaries compared to their opponents. The romantic and fluffy bunny is one of them.

"The Masked Singer" 2020: The romantic bowl - this is how the rabbit appears in the music show

Romantic and fluffy - that's how the character of one of the ten new costumes of the popular ProSieben live show "The Masked Singer" shows . The two character traits can also be seen in the rabbit . Its romantic side can be seen in around 2000 flowers, which, according to ProSieben , were attached to the costume in the finest handwork . Glasses live on his rabbit nose, which he drollly pushes up on an Instagram video. The sweet, long ears do the rest to emphasize his lovable flakiness. 

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Curtain up for our romantic, the rabbit! #MaskedSinger

A post shared by The Masked Singer Germany (@ masked.singer.germany) on Mar 6, 2020 at 3:00 PST

"The Masked Singer" 2020: Fans speculate on Instagram - which star is hiding in the cute rabbit costume?

The fans of the ProSieben live show are currently speculating on their Instagram account whether the rabbit costume on “The Masked Singer” hides  an equally delicate star character . With their suggestions, the commentators of the rabbit post have their sights on the entire German star landscape. Female celebrities in particular are suspected to be behind the mask .

A fan can imagine actress Nora Tschirner well under the costume of the rabbit . "But it could also be because I had to think of no-eared rabbits, wherever they did that with their glasses," the commentary continues. Whether presenter Sonya Kraus, singer Stefanie Heinzmann or entertainer Daniela Katzenberger - who actually considered Hare will occur or doe, which are the fans in the second season of  "The Masked Singer" experienced.

In any case, they agree on one thing: with its sweet and cute nature, the rabbit is already their favorite and has won their hearts. 

"The Masked Singer" 2020: These are the other costumes of the second season next to the rabbit

  • The goddess*
  • The Dragon*
  • The sloth*
  • The robot*
  • The chameleon*
  • A cockroach*
  • The Dalmatian *
  • The Wuschel *
  • The bat*
  • How and when you can watch all episodes of "The Masked Singer" can be found in our broadcasting schedule. 

    * is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network


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