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Kim Jong Un dead or in a coma? Trump wishes "all the best" - dictator is said to have been exchanged for Corona


The reports on the health of North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un are becoming more contradictory - now US President Trump is saying. 

The reports on the health of North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un are becoming more contradictory - now US President Trump is saying. 

  • According to media reports, the North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un is seriously ill. 
  • He is said to have undergone an operation on the cardiovascular system on April 12. 
  • For the time being, the reports could not be officially confirmed. 

Update from 9.53 a.m .: For more than two weeks there has been speculation: could Kim Jong Un * be seriously ill - or even dead? And the follow-up question is already: Who could become the successor to North Korea's ruler ?

Kim is said to have three children - who are much too young. Kim's sister Kim Yo Jong, on the other hand, is one of his closest advisors, who recently also published political statements in her own name. The 32-year-old is a changing member of the Politburo of the Workers' Party . However, the communist country is socially conservative and has never had a female leadership .

Dead or in a coma? Rumors about Kim are already speculating about successors

The Focus, however, quotes the North Korea expert Robert Collins with a different assessment. Accordingly, Kim Yo Jong is considered a top contender for the successors. Just two weeks ago, Kim Jong Un had promoted her to a higher position in the ruling Labor Party leadership. This reinforces the impression "that she has been preparing for the successor Kim Jong Uns for years". 

North Korea's ruler has not been seen for weeks - Kim is said to fear coronavirus

Meanwhile, the Reuters news agency reports that the corona pandemic * is the reason for the lack of public appearances by Kim Jong Uns. The minister of the South Korean Ministry of Unification, Kim Yeon-chul, said on Tuesday that North Korea had no confirmed Sars-CoV-2 * infections. However, since the country has taken strict steps to prevent the virus from breaking out, it is “not uncommon” that Kim Jong Un is currently not participating in any ceremonies.

South Korea: Kim Jong Un isn't dead, he's just trying to avoid coronavirus

- New York Post (@nypost) April 28, 2020

Speculations about Kim Jong's health: Trump suggests

April 28 update : At a press conference at the White House on Monday evening, US President Donald Trump * said he hoped that North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un was doing well. He has a "very good idea" about how Kim is doing, "but I can't talk about it now," Trump said. "I just wish him all the best. I hope he's fine, ”he continued. He later said, looking at Kim, "Nobody knows where he is."

Kim Jong Un dead or in a coma? South Korea engages in speculation

April 27 update : where is Kim Jong Un - and in what health condition? The North Korean ruler was last seen at a party meeting on  April 11,  according to

The Japanese newspaper Shukan Gendai  wants to know the reason for this, continues: Kim is therefore in a coma after an unsuccessful operation . Previously, the death of the ruler was already rumored (see update from April 26) .

Kim Jong Un in a coma? South Korea with a statement

South Korea has now countered the speculation. Kim is alive and well, said South Korean government security advisor Moon Chung In , told CNN on Sunday . Kim has been in the holiday town of Wonsan in the east of North Korea for two weeks . The presentation fits with media reports, according to which current satellite images showed Kim's "250 meter long, bulletproof luxury train" (quote ) on the east coast, with which he travels. South Korea has not found any "suspicious movements" in North Korea.

Speculations about Kim Jong Un's death: According to media report, secret services turned on

A week ago, the Daily NK web portal  reported that Kim had undergone an urgent surgery on the cardiovascular system . The portal is mainly operated by defectors from North Korea. CNN, in turn, cited an unidentified U.S. government official saying that Washington is investigating intelligence information about a supposedly very poor state of Kim after an operation.

Puzzle of Kim Jong Un: Tweet about the dictator's death causes excitement

April 26 update : Speculation about the alleged death of the North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un does not stop . Now several US media, including the Hollywood celebrity portal TMZ, have taken up  a post on Weibo , the Chinese equivalent of Twitte r . On Weibo, the niece of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi  , citing a "very reliable source", said that the ruler had passed away. The announcement caused a sensation on the Internet.

N. Korea Dictator Kim Jong-un Reportedly Dead After Botched Heart Surgery

- TMZ (@TMZ) April 25, 2020

North Korea: Kim Jong Un critically ill? Trump speaks out

However, TMZ restricts that Kim Jong's death has not been confirmed to us. Among other things, reports from reports of unnamed insiders that China has sent a senior delegation with government officials and medical professionals to North Korea. A few days ago, US President Donald Trump *  described reports on the allegedly critical condition of Kim Jong Uns on CNN as "probably wrong".

Ruler Kim Jong Un seriously ill? Reports of "serious danger" - South Korea doubts

Update 7.24 a.m .:  The South Korean government has not confirmed reports that North Korea's ruler Kim Jong Un may be in poor health. "We have nothing to confirm," said a spokesman for South Korean President Moon Jae In on Tuesday. His government found "no special movement" within North Korea.

Moon Chung In, the South Korean president's security adviser, also told AFP that he had no up-to-date information about Kim's health . Both the South Korean Ministry of Unification, which is responsible for relations between the two Korean states, and the Ministry of Defense declined to comment on the reports.

The web portal "Daily NK" reported that Kim underwent an urgent cardiovascular surgery this month. He is currently recovering from a villa intervention in North Phyongan Province. "Excessive smoking, obesity and fatigue" were the immediate reasons for the operation, the paper quoted an unidentified source from North Korea. "Daily NK" is mainly operated by defectors from North Korea .

The US news channel CNN quoted an unidentified US government official saying that Washington was investigating intelligence information that Kim was "in serious danger" after an operation.

The speculation surrounding Kim had been sparked by the fact that he had not been sighted at his grandfather Kim Il Sung's birthday celebrations on April 15. The founder's birthday is the most important day in the country's political calendar. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the celebrations had taken place on a much smaller scale than usual.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump wants to meet with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo - previously the two had exchanged views on how to deal with the Corona crisis.

North Korea: Kim Jong Un in critical condition?

First report from April 21, 2020:

Pyongyang - Kim Jong Uns * Absence of a ceremony to commemorate former head of state Kim Il Sung on April 15 last sparked speculation about his health. According to media reports, the North Korean ruler is said to be seriously ill. However, these reports from South Korea have not yet been confirmed. There is no evidence of "unusual activities in North Korea," said the Presidential Office in Seoul on Tuesday.

Kim Jong Un: is North Korea's ruler seriously ill? Absence raises questions

Reports had previously described Kim Jong Un * being in critical condition after surgery. There are intelligence reports that Kim is "in serious danger after an operation," the US news channel CNN reported, citing a government official. The online newspaper "Daily NK" in South Korea , which specializes in North Korea , reported that Kim was under treatment after an operation on the cardiovascular system on April 12. The Seoul Ministry of Unification said it could not comment on the reports at first and later said it could not confirm Kim's serious illness.

The isolated North Korea itself did not comment on the reports about Kim. Pyongyang controls information about the ruler and his family extremely tightly. On April 11, Kim Jong Un had held an important party meeting in Pyongyang . Kim's birthday was on January 8, and his age in South Korea is estimated to be 36 years. The ruler is known worldwide for his often irritating propaganda programs and possibly cruel treatment of his subordinates. For example, he is alleged to have accused General Piranhas of eating. Only last year he had given himself the title of "Supreme Representative of the Whole Korean People". 

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